Adjustable Inline Skates: Awesome Appearance & Excellent Performance

The adjustable inline skates by XinoSports are one of the top rated skates for children.

adjustable inline skates for kids

Is your child always occupied with computer games or glued to T.V? Is he gaining weight because of being stuck with those boring old indoor games? Do not worry anymore! We are here to tell you about an awesome pair of inline skates, which would drag your child out for a leisurely sport. Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids by XinoSports looks extremely stylish, along with illuminating front wheels. These are sure to attract the attention of the youngsters and develop their interest in the sport. It features a latest, most stylish design along with safe and durable structure. It is a perfect pair for both young boys and girls. The colors, design, and the lights add to the already high aesthetic appeal of this product. It will also make a perfect birthday gift for a child who has a passion for inline skating. Let us have a detailed look on the promising features of this product.

Illuminating front wheels:

Our pair of skates has a fantastic feature which will be absolutely loved by the children. We present the featured illuminating front wheels. These do not only look fabulous, but also make it safe for your child to skate at evening or night time. In this way, you can also spot your child even from a distance. The wheels emit red, blue and green colored lights. These do not require any batteries to work. The wheels light up as the child skates and bring excitement and enjoyment to the sport and in the dull lives of your children. The classic combination of black and blue looks even better in the illumination of the wheels. They are an engaging pair of skates and provide fun-filled leisurely pastime for the kids. With the lights sparkling all over in the streets, these pair of skates will surely become the hot new favorite for your child.

Fully adjustable sizes:

These skates by XinoSports have fully adjustable sizes to ensure that the skates last for longer times and need not be replaced soon. A high quality reinforced ankle support makes them comfortable because of soft padding. It also makes them easily adjustable. These fully feature the safety and comfort of the user and prevent any injuries in case of accidents. It also has a high quality and long lasting aluminum frame which can bear the strains of everyday sporting. It has high-performance ABEC-7 bearings for wheels. The combination of all these features plus the skilled craftsmanship results in optimum performance on the road and an ultimate leisurely experience.


The adjustable inline skates by XinoSoft are an excellent product with a set of awesome features which makes them even more desirable and wanted, both by kids and their parents as well.

  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Package Height: 4.6 x 13.8 x 15.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.45 pounds
  • Size: Youth Big Kid Medium – 1-4
  • High quality, durable aluminum frame
  • Polyurethane wheels 70 mm with lights
  • High-performance ABEC-7 bearings
  • Brightly colored light emitting wheels
  • Comes with ankle straps and soft padding


The adjustable inline skates by Xino Sports are a desirable product and have many prospects to offer to its potential customers.

  • More visible and safer to skate with illuminating wheels
  • Easily adjustable with reinforced ankle support
  • Adjustability of sizes make it long lasting and durable
  • Adds to the fun and leisure of sport
  • Prevents from any injuries and sprains in case of accidents
  • Has a high aesthetic appeal
  • Durable aluminum frame can easily bear the strains of everyday use and prevent any breakage or damage to the skates themselves
  • Provides all the features of a good quality skates in reasonable price.


Although many prospects, the inline skates by Xino Sports also have a few drawbacks. It is our responsibility to make our readers aware of them so that they can make a fair decision.

  • The buckle which holds the top strap sometimes does not work
  • After a few rides, these skates might lose a wheel or two
  • Sometimes the light may become too dim and do not shine with full brightness


Despite some minor flaws, I would like to review the product as one of the best, because it is the best regarding performance, construction, and comfort. The added feature of the illuminating wheels adds to the demand, and it is this feature because of which it is highly rated by the children who have used it. The size adjustability gains it even more plus points because then they can be used by growing children. The padding on the base is soft and provides the comfort to the rider unlike another skate, which often causes discomfort after a few rides. These are the reasons the product has received positive reviews and high ratings by current customers. They are recommended by professionals.

How to Buy?

Well, by now you will surely want to purchase these skates for your child. Here is a quick link from where you can get them, at the most affordable price:


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