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JBM Adult / Child 3 in 1 Protective Gear: Your Ultimate Protective Partner

The JBM 3 in 1 protective gear set comprises of kneepads, wrist pads and elbow pads, for ultimate protection

JBM Adult

No doubt, outdoor sports are one of the greatest health promoting activity, but let me tell you that assuring safety and protection during an extreme sport is the priority. No kind of sport can be ranked safe unless appropriate measures are taken for the player’s ultimate safety from accidents and consequent injuries. So the outdoor players, are you in search of a reliable gear to protect you from injury or sprains? I guess you are in the right place. We are here to tell you about the JBM Adult / Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set which is a complete kit, designed especially for regular players.  Unlike most other kits, this one is not only restricted for use by merely skaters or bicyclers, rather it is a product which is universal and versatile in nature. It suits skateboarding needs as well as those of roller skating, cycling, biking and riding a BMX bicycle scooter. The color design and performance all combined in one sleek kit comes at a very reasonable price, and ought to suit many users.

Design and aesthetic appeal

This multi-sport gearing kit includes the very flexible elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads. All these are adjustable and flexible, and suit their purposes of security and protection in the extreme sports. Because of the flexibility, the pads fit on any shape and hence can be used by different individuals. Designed with skilled craftsmanship, it also excels in its aesthetic appeal, and features an attractive combination of black and pink. However, other color choices are also available. The sizing option offers the consumer to select the product in either a Youth or an Adult size. All the pads are wider than the traditional dimensions to ensure the additional coverage. This minimizes the chances of even the minor sprains and scratches and provides complete protection.

Impact resistance and protection

All the elbow, wrist and knee pads are truly impact resistant. It is because the entire protective gear is compost of durable and rugged PP and PE materials. Along with a comfortable and breathable polyester sleeve to wear, the pads allow both comfort and protection during a multitude of extreme sports. The polyester construction and impact resistance allow the gearing to be suitable for extreme sports like skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycle or bike riding, BMX bike riding and relevant outdoor activities. It is suitable for amateur or professional level players. The package includes a pair of elbow pad, a pair of knee pads and a pair of wrist pads.


Our JBM Adult / Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 In 1 Protective Gear Set has some of the most desirable features:

Item specifics

  • Age: adult
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester, PP plastic and PE foam


  • Adults: Elbow (min 9.5″ max 13.5″)
  • Knee (min 12.5″ max 17″)
  • Youth / Child: Elbow (min 6″ max 9″)
  • Knee (min 8″ max 15″)

Suitable Sport:

  • Skateboard Skateboarding
  • Roller Rollerblade
  • Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling
  • BMX bike
  • Outdoor activities
  • Other extreme sports

Suitable User:

  • Professional/amateur athlete
  • Unisex


  • 1 Pair of Elbow pad
  • 1 Pair of Kneepad
  • 1 Pair of Wrist pad


With all these features, our gearing kit offers following pros:

  • A good amount of adjustability hence a long lasting product
  • The plastic protectors on wrist pads serve great in case of forward falls.
  • The pads stay in their places without coming off even during intense movements
  • Stronger and sturdier than many other brands
  • Wider and thicker straps to offer additional protection
  • More offering for comparatively less price
  • Pleasantly light weight and do not make the player feel constrained


Nothing is supposed to be perfect in all terms, so let us have a look at a few cons, so as to complete our review.

  • The color options are a little too girlish
  • Some users have developed rashes after wearing the pads, probability because of skin sensitivity

However, as we come towards the conclusion, we can see that the features and prospects are far too great than the consequences. The JBM Adult / Child 3 In 1 Protective Gear Set can be your ultimate choice, if you are about to set on a path of safe and healthy sporting. The pads feature a durable and resilient material, perfect and adjustable sizing options and in combination with the skilled craftsmanship, offer safety in case of even the most serious accidents. The minor cons can be ignored if one wants to benefit from a 3 in 1 protective gear at such a reasonable price. In my opinion, it is a perfect choice and a must have by all those who have a passion for outdoor extreme sports.


inline skates protective gears are very important. These ensures your kid’s safety and what else would you need if your kid is all fine? and for beginners, JBM adult gear set is the best thing to buy. If you have made up your minds to purchase the 3 in 1 gear set. Let us ease you by proving you a one click link to this product.

8 Best Inline Skating Safety Gears For 2017

Skating has become a widely popular sport in recent times. It is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Since skating is possible everywhere where cycling, jogging or skateboarding is possible, chances of collision and injury increase. To prevent any undesirable incidents, a skater is required to undertake some safety measures. This includes the use of skates’ safety gears. During skating, the most commonly injured body parts include arms, and hands, and a few scratches may result in other areas. Skate’s safety gear includes a helmet, kneepads, elbow pads and sometimes gloves also. These provide a firm grip on the respective body parts and helps prevent injury.

The following are some of our selected Skates’ safety gear equipment to choose from.

1- YIMAN Safety Protective Gear S,M,L Size Keen, Elbow, Wrist 6pcs Set Protective Pads

inline skating safety gears

One of the top most Skates safety gear include this set of YIMAN safety protective gear. The set includes 6 pieces of protective pads for elbows, knees and palms. It is a top rated product because of the following awesome features and specifications:

  • YIMAN protective gears are made of high hardness & wear-resisting PVC and wet absorption cotton. It brings the user all-round and perfect protection.
  • Reduce endurance burden which is caused by excessive damage to your knees, elbows and palms.
  • Adjustable straps of protective gears make you comfortable in sports.
  • Kneepads and elbow pads are fixed elastic straps, hence these are adjustable
  • Suitable for cycling, BMX, biking, inline skate, skateboarding, self-balancing scooter etc.

2- Triple Eight Certified Helmet


The sturdy and rigid certified helmet from the Triple Eight producers is a top rated product. It is used by skaters of all levels for the protection of head. It is one of the top skates’ safety equipment, and is widely purchased. The features include:

  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets and ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards
  • Complies with CE EN 1078 – Helmets for pedal cyclists, skateboarders, & roller skaters
  • Ideal for biking, skateboarding, long boarding, inline skating (roller blading), and roller skating
  • Polystyrene Liner

3- Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet with Mini Visor


Transverse Vigilis is an expensive yet the most demanded product. It serves multiple purposes and optimum security from the injuries. The helmet is crafted out of high quality material and offers following benefits:

  • 2-in-1 ultimate lightweight sports helmet includes two sets of inner pads and removable ear flaps!
  • Easily personalize the fit to your head with the adjustable dial on the back of the helmet for a safer fit, Safety certified: CE EN 1077:2007 (Ski Helmets); CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 (Bicycle Helmets)
  • Equipped with fleece snow cap and earmuffs to keep you warm, dry and protected and 14 vents to regulate your body temperature
  • Converts into a bike/skate helmet by swapping out the fleece cap and earmuffs for the included traditional helmet foam padding

4- Triple 8 Saver Series Wrist savers/Knee savers/Elbow savers


Although it is much expensive than many other brands available, It is still widely purchased. This is because it includes complete set of paddings, which offer protection without restricting movements.

Triple Eight’s Knee saver Knee Pads, Elbow saver Elbow Pads, and Wrist saver Wrist Guards

Knee pads and elbow pads are made of high grade durable fabrics, EVA foam padding

Polycarbonate full coverage caps to provide superior protection without restricting movement

Wrist guards offer great support and protection with high density impact-resistant molded ABS splints

5- PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Kids Roller Skates with Knee Pads – Junior Size 6-12


Not only it features a nominal price and is affordable by many users, it offers a complete package of skates plus skates’ safety gear. The specifications are as follows:

  • Adjustable roller skates and knee pad set that grows with your child
  • Convenient thumb screws allow for 2-in. adjustment from Junior Size 6-12 with no tools required
  • Toe brakes included on both skates for easy slowing or stopping
  • Impact-resistant PVC knee caps ensure extra protection plus easy size adjusting
  • Recommended for ages 3 through 6 years; weight capacity of 45 lbs.

6- Adult / Youth Protective Gear, Knee Pads Elbow Pads and wrist Pads


This set of Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads from SKL make an impact resistant and durable set on inline skating safety gear. It is a highly rated product in a very reasonable price. It is so because of its following features.

  • PERFECT SET -Wrist guard, knee pads and elbow pads included ,
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The adjustable straps could be flexible to different sizes of knee elbow and wrist, the knee pads elbow pads with wrist guards could offer custom flexibility what the user desire, they could choose to hold its tightly to keep their position.
  • USED OF MULTI-SPORTS: Skateboard, roller blading, riding a scooter, bicycle, Great for ice and roller skating.

7- Fvstar Knee Pads 6 in 1 Thicken Elbow Wrist Protective Gear


The cheapest but still the best, The Fvstar Knee pads protective gear set is an awesome set in an extremely low price. You can get it for your beginner’s skater, or can gift it to your son’s friend on his birthday. It has following amazing features:

  • Material High hardness PVC shell thickened soft sponge
  • Velcro strap design, slip-resistant and convenient, Adjustable straps of protective gears make you comfortable in sports
  • 2pcs Knee pads,2pcs Elbow pads,2pcs Waist pads good choice as birthday or Christmas gifts for your kids
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities; skateboard roller blading riding a scooter BMX cycling

8- Burton Impact Wrist Guard


Low price does not always means a poor quality. Take for example, the Burton Impact wrist guards, which offer these features in the lowest possible price:

  • 60%NBR 10% POLY 20% NY 10% PE
  • Imported
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Flexible Tapered Top Splints Soft Palm Pad Flexible Velcro Adjustment Unisex Sizing
  • Flexible Tapered Top Splints
  • Soft Palm Pad
  • Flexible Velcro Adjustment
  • Unisex Sizing


A number of different skating safety accessories are available in the market, within a wide range of price. However, before selecting any one, be sure of your needs and the sport for which you are to purchase this product. Skates’ safety gears are a necessity and not a luxury, especially when one has just started to learn the skating. They especially help when a skater loses balance and falls. Injuries are more likely to occur if one fells on a hard road. Therefore, helmet and all other gear is a must have before one starts his/ her skating experience.



Inline Skates Safety Gears and Accessories: Why is it Better to Use Them?

Inline skates safety gears and accessories play a vital role in having fun with friends.

Undoubtedly, inline skating is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable recreational activities that comes with a lot of noteworthy benefits. It is also a great fitness sport and a form of exercise that aims to completely tone the rider’s body. However, every sport must be accompanied with a set of protective and precautionary measures to make the best out of it without getting hurt. Similarly, inline skating comes with a particular assortment of gears and accessories that helps you avoid obstacles and prevents you from getting injured.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image source: evo

 The importance of skates safety gears?

From helmets and elbow pads to wrist guards and padded shorts, each protective accessory has its own significance without which the quality of skating would be compromised. Additionally, it is also important to get the right kind of skates to make sure they aid in providing the riders with the perfect skating experience.

Since inline skating is more about speed and the art of balance, the protective equipment proves to be real handy and useful. Many of the injuries that may result from over speeding or unbalancing are easily curtailed by these gears and tools. Adding to this, it will improve and enhance the overall enjoyment, security and safety of your skating experience.

Variety of gears and accessories used while skating

If you get to the bottom of it, there is a host of these gears that one should get when they purchase their favorite pair of skates.


Be it any sport, helmet is the first and foremost skating gear that one should get their hands on before starting the whole skating journey. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and useful protective gear a skater can have because of the numerous safety benefits associated with it. Wearing a helmet while skating protects your head and prevents any kind of head injuries. It is also recommended to purchase an inline skating helmet specifically or an aggressive skate helmet because they are designed a way that they fall lower to the base of the skull. This ensures maximum protection and safety in case you fall backward while skating.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image Source: Hoverboard-World

It is also necessary to position the chin strap properly so that the helmet is tightly secured. A loose helmet or one which is improperly fit may slip off while you are riding. So, not only the helmet but the way you wear it carries great significance in guaranteeing safety.

Knee pads

The next piece of equipment in line is the Knee pads.  These are part of the lower body protection which aims to cover and protect the knees since they are common injury points for inline skaters. The primary purpose of the knee pads is to prevent your knees from being scraped if and when you fall. However, over these years, their function has evolved and now they come with additional and advanced materials that provide maximum comfort to your knees while skating. These are basically soft pads with a hard shell-like exterior which protects the knees from getting deeply injured. Knee pads usually have two Velcro straps attached to them that allow the skaters to tightly fasten or secure them around their knees for greatest amount of safety.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image Source: 9a1

Elbow pads

The third and very important protective gear is the elbow pads. They are quite similar in nature to the knee pads except for their size. They also come with Velcro straps which are supposed to be fastened around the skaters’ elbows in order to prevent them from getting hurt in case the skaters take a fall. Elbow pads come under the upper body protection where they fittingly guard the stress points. These are meant to shield the skin and bones against rough pavements and from getting scraped.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image Source: AliExpress

Wrist guards

Since inline skating involves a lot of hand and arm movement, it is quite a requirement to also safeguard your wrists along with the elbows. In case of slips and falls, it is a natural instinct to reach behind and use your hands, wrists and arms to support your body from being thrown down with great force. This exerts a lot of the pressure and strain particularly on the wrists which might result in sprains and fractures. To avoid and prevent all that, these wrist guards keep the wrists straight and shields them from getting twisted or fractured.

Also, wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries faced by inline skaters, therefore, a simple addition of wrist guards to your wrists while skating can ease a lot of things. These also come in a variety of styles for example a soft padded guard with a harder covering, or a soft pad with plastic inserts. It all depends on the skaters’ needs and preferences.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image source: shein

Padded shorts

While this piece of clothing may not be as important as the above mentioned safety accessories, these are great and very handy for beginners who may experience trouble in the initial stages of skating. Their main aim or purpose is to offer protection to the thighs and hips area. In many cases, skaters may fall down on their backs which may cause pain and tenderness. These shorts are basically worn to prevent that from happening. The shorts are available with thin padding and thick padding. The thin ones are highly suitable for light skating on flat surfaces while the latter may be used for difficult maneuvering on risky terrains since the chances of tripping may be higher.

inline skates gears and accessories

Image Source: AliExpress

Among all the protective gears and accessories required for inline skating, the few ones mentioned above are the most basic and important of them all. These aim to provide safety and security during the time of skating and serve protection against injuries and pain. While skating experts who have a lot of experience than beginners may not feel the need to wear these, it is highly advised and recommended to be in protective clothing at all times during the course of skating. These are of utmost importance and shouldn’t be neglected.

The Health Benefits of Inline Skating: Live a healthy life with FUN

What makes inline skating a healthy sport?

Well, I was searching for a unique way to reduce weight but without getting bored or adapting a strict diet plan. And this is how I found inline skating a great way to have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I believe, almost every time when people wish to lose weight or tone their bodies, they automatically think of heading to the nearest gym or perhaps take medications for it. There are uncountable weight loss drinks and exercises, pills and supplements, and not to mention fitness programs that help you stay fit and healthy. However, there is one amazing way that is completely void of any side effects or chemicals which people tend to ignore or possibly don’t know about it. And this super effective method is physical activity or in simple words, Sports. What people often fail to realize is that even the basic activities like running, walking, cycling, etc. can aid in not just weight loss but they have brilliant health and mental benefits, too. 

inline skating

The gateway to a disease-free and healthy future

While the basic notion among people may be that sports can be very exhausting and tiring, but you know what, this exhaustion that protects you from so many illnesses. Research shows that engaging in physical activity on a regular basis is one of the most helpful and beneficial methods for prevention against numerous chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. Outdoor sports, in particular, are known to keep a person fit and healthy in the long run. They also increase a person’s leg strength and core strength, making them energetic and strong. Be it picking up a sport like basketball or jogging around your favorite park, each method has its benefits which ensure a healthy and stress-free future.

But I needed something different and off the way! 

and then I finally found a way and that was inline skating.

Is Inline Skating an effective outdoor sport?

Inline skating is a very effective exercise mechanism which can be very helpful given that you do it correctly. It is not just a way of maintaining fitness but also helps burn calories, makes your joints and bones powerful, and improves the link between your ability to balance with your body’s coordination.

Contrary to popular beliefs and opinions, inline skating is considered a great physical activity which is not only fun and enjoyable but also a wonderful fitness activity. This is one of the very few sports that teach a person how to balance and control their movements. Skating particularly works on your posterior muscles in a different manner than the other sports do. For instance, when you skate, your feet are being turned sideways to maintain your balance. In doing so, the extensor muscle of your hip is strengthened in a better way than when you run or even jog. Running around on the wheels also makes a person use their core and strength differently than in other kinds of sports.

best inline skates

Get in shape with inline skating

The main question that now arises here is how exactly does skating help to get in shape and stay fit for the many years to come. On the surface, it may simply seem like an act of working the feet and legs. However, while doing that, a lot of other things are happening simultaneously inside your bodies which guarantee fitness and create increased energy.

Exerts pressure on the arms and legs

Skating is an activity which makes you power through movement. As you try to balance on your feet and control how your body moves, your arms and core are working out strenuously. This, in turn, releases a lot of pressure and force which strengthens your muscles, especially the ones in your lower body. The combination of these tough muscles and better coordination directly affects how active you become.

Burns excessive amounts of calories and fat

If you skate for an hour each day, you can easily burn at least 300-600 calories on a regular basis. Although the exact numbers heavily depend on a person’s weight and their pace of skating, it works really well in reducing the calorie count, regardless. Because your muscles and several body parts are in constant motion and movement while skating, your calories are also consistently being shed off.

Improves stamina and endurance

As you constantly move your legs, arms and almost the whole of your body, with each straining movement your levels of energy and resistance keep building up. This happens because your muscles are being trained invariably and your body eventually gets used to the whole process. To an extent that you no longer feel exhausted or worn out as you keep skating more each day. This also makes the body and muscles more resilient, hence leading to great fitness overall.

inline skating

Builds muscle definition

Skating is more like a cardio exercise that is not just associated with fitness and weight loss but it helps increase your muscle definition to great extent. It helps tone up your muscles and firms up certain areas of your body like thighs, legs, calves, abs, glutes, etc. in the initial stages these parts of your body will go through a lot of strain. However, once your body adjusts to the changes, not only will you shed a few extra pounds but will become much leaner and refined.

How to choose the best inline skates?

Once you familiarize yourself with the endless benefits of inline skating in terms of fitness, the next important thing is to find the best inline skates for this very purpose. When it comes to outdoor sports, it is absolutely essential to get your hands on the best and top quality accessories and equipment to help achieve your target or objective. In the case of skating, your aim is to find a pair of skates that you really need to accomplish your fitness and health goals.

inline skating

Identify your needs

The market is full of varieties of skates which are meant for different kinds of skaters and different levels of skating. You need to figure out which pair of skates will fit your requirements best. They are categorized according to age, gender and usage so knowing these factors will help you purchase the best inline skates for yourself. Also, each design will have a distinctive brake system, wheel size, durometer, bearings, etc.

Fun or fitness?

Nowadays, there are inline skates available that are particularly meant for fitness purposes. These are integrated with features that target a person’s workout regime and have power boosting speed frames. On the other hand, there are recreational skates too which are solely for fun and enjoyment. While these also contribute towards helping people burn those calories and get in shape, their focal point is adventure and recreation.

inline skating

Decide your price range

The best inline skates may not necessarily be very expensive yet might provide high end performance. Therefore, determine your budget and buy those skates that fit in your price range. For skating, it is important to keep factors like quality, price, speed, etc under great consideration.

A skater’s guide to being a pro at skating to ensure long term health and fitness

Any sport, indoor or outdoor has some set of guidelines, precautions and rules that one needs to follow to make the most of the physical activity and training. When it comes to skating, besides choosing the correct pair of skates, there is a certain course of action that needs to be adopted.

Practice the art of balance and control

Aside from maintaining fitness, one major goal of skating is to teach people how to acquire stability and steadiness on the feet. Therefore, one needs to practice that by walking around in the skates and direct how your body responds to that. Once you achieve that, try to move on to the next level.

inline skating

Wear essential safety skating gear

Look for skates that come with good quality liners or else you will be uncomfortable every time you go for skating. Also, always protect yourself with kneepads, elbow pads, helmet and wrist guards when you skate. These ensure safety against injury, especially during the times when you might slip or fall down.

Use the right skating form

The most important starting point for inline skating is that your posture should be perfect. You should focus your weight on your heels and then power through with the help of your legs. You also need to keep swinging your arms backward and forward as per the requirements of the situation. The lower and faster you go, the more your leg muscles and core will work out.

Take the fitness factor a level higher

In order to make the most out of that one hour of skating each day, you need to crank things up. Try to drop your upper body by bending your knees to a good angle. This will increase the burn in your legs and will exert intense pressure. Once you get the hang of skating on flat and even surfaces, try moving to steep and slightly steep areas. This will help in additional physical workout and fitness that you may need.

Sports in general are very essential for your body in order to stay fit, active and healthy. They don’t only affect your physical health but also trigger your mental and emotional health. Inline skating, in particular is a very efficient and effective activity of maintaining overall health and fitness in the present and in the future, too.

6 Pro Tips to Buy the Best Inline Skates

Inline Skates Buying Guide

Inline skating is starting to gain worldwide popularity again as people are now looking for fun ways to stay fit and healthy without having to go to the gym and workout for hours every day. With a nice pair of inline skates, you can explore, stay fit, and bond with your family and friends. However, if you are a first time buyer, buying a pair of inline skates can be a bit tough because you have to consider your skill level, types of inline skates on the market, and many other factors. Below are some pro tips to buy the best inline skates whether it’s your first pair, or you’re looking to advance in skill level and need a new set.

Tip 1: Research Before Dashing to the Store

Before you head into the store to buy your pair of skates, learn everything you can about the brands and the skates being offered on the market. When you go to the store, you will be bombarded with sales pitches and may end up with the wrong pair that won’t match your needs.

Learn the function of notable inline skates’ parts and the acronyms used so you will not be confused about their purpose when determining which skates you pick.

Tip 2: What Level Are You and What Is Your Skating Type?

Aside from researching the terms involved with inline skates, it is also important to determine what you want for your skates. People have a variety of reasons as to why they skate, which also corresponds to a particular type of skates.

Some do it for fun, some do it for exercise, others even do it for competition. You also have to consider if you want to take your skates off the track, or even use them for commuting.

Let’s first talk about the types of skates you can purchase and what they are mostly good for.

  • Multi-purpose/recreational/fitness skates: These are the most common kind of skates on the market today. These skates are good for both indoor and outdoor skates, as well as common skating tricks that advanced skaters can try in these types of skates.
  • Hockey: If you will be going skating on a rink, competing in indoor hockey, or indoor skating, this type of skates is for you. These skates cannot handle the shock or intensity of outdoor skating.
  • 5-wheeler skates: If you want speed, 5-wheeler skates, or speed-skates as they are known, are the best. These skates are designed for faster speeds and fit perfectly on the feet.

Tip 3: How much Are You Willing to Spend?

Similar to any item, inline skates can be an investment depending on what you need, what level you are, and what your budget is. Of course, the most expensive pair doesn’t mean that they are for you. You also have to factor safety gear in your budget.

Do you think you have got much tips to buy the best inline skates? No, you also need a few more things before you make any decision.

Do you think you know the following tips to buy the best inline skates?

Tip 4: Know Your Size

When picking your skates, try out the half sizes to get the perfect fit. Although some skates use the usual foot sizes found in regular shoes, they may not be completely fit for your use. Make sure the skates are snug without hurting you once they are clasped on.

Tip 5: Only Buy the Essentials to Go Along with Your Skates

When buying your very own pair of skates, you also need to purchase the safety gear with it, especially if you are just a new skater. Get elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Also get socks which will help you prevent the onset of blisters and other complications.

Tip 6: Test Your Skates and Glide Away!

Once you have purchased your skates, make sure that everything is in order before rolling out. Make sure they are comfortable and the screws are set. If you see a problem, return your skates for a replacement. If you did not see a problem, practice with your skates before gliding away.

Now, we believe that whenever you go to buy your first pair, you will find these pro tips to buy the best inline skates helpful. You can order online to buy the best pair.

How to Use Inline Skates for Beginners? The Best Advice is Here

How to Use Inline Skates for Beginners

Although it has been around for a couple of decades, rollerblading, or inline skating, is still a popular sport, exercise, and activity worldwide. One does not have to be a professional skater to enjoy a good pair of inline skates on a fine and clear day.

However, if you just bought your first pair of inline skates and you have no formal training with skating of any kind, where should you start?

Let this mini-guide show you how to inline skate if you are a beginner:

Practice first in an empty, dry, and flat area.

Since you are a beginner, it is best you practice first in an area with no people so you don’t have any accidents bumping into people, or falling unexpectedly in hazards. Locate a nearby, empty lot, pathway, or road where you can practice. Make sure it is free of obstacles and remember to ask permission if it is private property.

Start with the basics: Standing and balancing.

While close to a wall, or asking someone to help you, practice how to stand with your inline skates. To do this, you have to separate your feet at least a few centimeters apart and point your feet in a V-position. It is also ideal if you have your knees bent so that you won’t immediately fall down.

You can also practice standing up with your skates by starting with your knees on the floor, and your body completely upright. With your hands on the floor, raise your right foot until the wheels are firmly under your foot. Then, bracing yourself by holding the wall, stand up on that foot until the wheels of your left are flat on the ground as well.

One small step for man.

When on skates for the first time, you have the sensation that you might slip and fall anytime. Try balancing your weight evenly to the extent that it won’t cause you to slip and take one step at a time.

Don’t do it too quickly, though, because you may end up unbalanced and go for a tumble. You can also try out walking with your skates while in the v-walk position. In this way, your feet are in a V position, toes pointed inward, and take one step at a time.

Glide slowly.

After you’ve mastered walking with your skates, it is time for you to learn how to glide. Push one foot forward and start gliding. The trick here is to put your foot forward, then shift some weight on that foot, and repeat the same process for the other foot. Remember to focus on your balance for each leg and learn where it feels comfortable.

Practice until you feel like you don’t have to balance yourself consciously. You can also try practicing gliding solely on one foot first until you feel like you can balance and glide with on that foot without problems.

Always use the brakes!

Stopping is an important trick to learn when it comes to skating because, while you can stop yourself by crashing into someone or an obstacle, its best to prevent the injury that comes along with that. Inline skates have brake pads, usually found on the back so you can stop the skates easily. You just have to lift the toe of the skates to stop.

You can also put one skate forward, lift the front part as you lean and let the brake pad stop you slowly. It is advisable that you slow yourself first before utilizing the break pad because they can get damaged if you use them immediately while going at high speed.

Keep practicing

As you learn how to balance and move along with your skates, you will learn the other tricks of inline skating. Take it slow, and make sure you are comfortable with skating before getting into advanced tricks. Always stay alert when it comes to obstacles, and stay safe as you practice.

Hopefully, you have found this min-guide helpful. Don’t forget to share your views.