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Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable Skates, Your Ultimate Skating Partner

Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable Skates might be the perfect choice for your young boys.

Inline skating is one of the most widely recognized and played sports. It is quite popular among young kids and even adults enjoy it a lot. However, optimum performance in this sport and agility is all dependent on the skates one is using. They should be of a perfect fit, compatible design and properly integrated wheels. Overall, it should provide comfort and ease to its user during the sport. Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable Inline Skate is an optimum quality skates which integrates all the above mentioned priorities. The unique and awesome features make it a lovable choice for the regular players. Intermediate level players can also use these skates to improve their riding performance and quality. A detailed review is therefore provided so that the potential buyers may have ease in making a decision.

Specs & Features:

The first feature which must be observed while purchasing any kind of skates is the comfort and the perfect fit. If these criteria are not met, no other feature can provide the desired performance. Also, those inline skates tend to perform best which have been designed to suit the needs of intermediate level players. They have all the features that may be required by beginner or professional users. Chicago Blazer adjustable skates have the following features and specifications:

  • Vented 2PC Outer Shell with easy adjustment to 4 sizes, adjustable and suitable to many players
  • Semi Soft Boot which results in additional ease and comfort
  • Power Straps which make the skates very easy and quick to wear up and secure the straps
  • Quick Release Buckle to provide a firm grip around the ankle to provide the feature of safety for beginners
  • 70 millimeter 82a Cast Urethane High Rebound Wheels to provide perfect rolling traction
  • Has an economical price, hence suits the users on a budget
  • Both outside and inner material is durable and resilient, hence the product lasts long
  • It can handle the rougher handling and bear the strains of regular play
  • 70mm,82a PUC Wheels with ABEC 3 Bearings
  • Comes in 2 sizes: MD(1-4) and LG(5-8)
  • Covered by 30 day warranty


When a product is launched in the market and bought by the consumers, they are also reviewed for their various benefits and consequences of use. No single product is perfect, this is why reviews are beneficial, because they guide the user and provide a useful comparison of the products available in the market. It is advised to go through the reviews very carefully before you purchase anything, so that one could have a clear idea of what he is going to buy. When we have studied the reviews of this product, following pros and cons have been observed.


Chicago blazer adjustable skates are a popular product and are widely purchased and used by skaters. The users which have been using the Chicago Blazer adjustable skates have stated following plus points of this product.

  • Users have found this a very useful product for self-practice and enjoying a leisurely sport.
  • The skates are extremely comfortable and have a high aesthetic appeal because of its jet black color.
  • They are adjustable and hence a number of different players can use the same skates.
  • These pair of skates are very durable and long lasting
  • Chicago blazer skates provide optimum performance and speedy skating each time it is used
  • It can be laced up quickly and easily because of high quality and featured straps.
  • The pair provides excellent fit on the feet and has perfect grasp to provide optimum performance.
  • The pair is assembled in such technical way so that the wheels and sole plates can be replaced as and when desired
  • The liner of these pair of skates provide enough space for the foot to provide the desired support to the sole
  • The liner has been designed out of good stuff and is not excessively puffy.
  • The featured rockers and anti-rockers of these skates are of premium quality to provide new and improved riding experience.
  • The use of these skates do not result in any kind of foot pain or other problems, which are commonly encountered by regular skaters.


The majority of the users are satisfied with the product they have purchased. It is necessary to observe the performance very carefully to check for all the prospects and consequences. However, there are some minor drawbacks.  These must be included in the review to provide a more clear guidance to the potential buyers.

  • Buckles tend to break with time and might also become loose
  • Some users have reported that the break doesn’t appear quite good
  • One of the users reports the loosening of nuts and screws which come out of the bull of the foot on the inside. It is also difficult to replace them
  • Some of the users are not really satisfied with the performance; they might be professional level users and demand some extra features.
  • No breaks are included in these pair of skates, hence it might become difficult in controlling
  • No extra provisions are made to include breaks after purchase
  • These are only designed for young boys


Bottom line:

Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable is overall a good product and is recommended for purchase. It is stated so because it is able to satisfy the needs of multiple users. The most important thing is that it provides the desired comfort and ease in use. This is one major point that gains this product the most positive reviews. It is a highly rated product by the current users. It suits beginners, enhances the skills of intermediate users and is fit for the professional level users. Although they are designed for young boys, however since the size is adjustable, it can also be used by the girls. All the money spent is worth because of the high quality specs and features invested in this product. Keeping in view all the specifications, it has been tested and verified by the professional players. It is recommended for use.


Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB: Go for a new experience in street skating

Skating is a highly fun activity, full of excitement and zest.

Rollerblade Men's Swindler RB Street Skate

Yes, it is fun, but do you know if the pair of the skate is not right, this activity can be a cause of any misshape? To avoid such situation, the skaters always search for the best skates that provide comfort and ease of use. Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB Street Skate is an excellent product that every street skate could desire to own. Its striking features and a good fit with amazing roller ability make it lovable for the players. For intermediate street skaters that want to improve and excel in skating Rollerblade, swindler is an elegant choice.

Specs & Features

For a luxurious and superb skating, the skate design and comfort is critical. Rollerblade Men’s Swindler is the best option because of its comfort and durability. For enjoying an incredible skating, you must consider its specification that is highly favorable for intermediate skaters. It offers the following features.

  • Superb comfort with excellent fit in feet. Durable and padded design provides ease of wearing.
  • Molded shell that gives support and tight hold to the foot and ankle with a feel of regular shoes.
  • These street skates are very easy and quick to wear and lace up.
  • Hardcore and durable manufacture of shell and upper of skate actually satisfy your requirements for a good skate.
  • It weighs 2.4 kg each skate that is perfect for street skating.
  • It comes in multiple sizes the user can choose the best fit size as per need.
  • Two anti-rocker wheels 2 x 42mm with fast and durable SG5bearings
  • Two main wheels 2 x 60mm /90A for perfect skating.
  • Highly affordable price for excellent features.
  • Cuff buckle provides a firm grip around the ankle for its safety.
  • Durable TRS frame with super lock groove
  • Outsole and exterior material is swindler shell
  • Rollerblade foam liner is used in it.


Every product can be predicted for its benefits and drawbacks (if any is there). In the case of Rollerblade Men’s Swindler Skate, the majority of the users have approved the product for its nicer features and versatility. It doesn’t mean that it is a perfect product, few users have reported some minor issues that they experience. For an overall review, it is a good skate for intermediate to expert skaters. As for considering the users’ reviews the pros and cons of this product can be easily judged.


Using the rollerblade swindler stakes has revealed some positive points. Mainstream users express their satisfaction and comfort they experience in using the product. Let us have a look at these points.

  • Plenty of users has found it marvelous for self-training and improvement of the skating skill.
  • Excellent fit on the feet and a tight grip save from slipping out of the feet.
  • These are comfortable and have a nice design and looks.
  • Wheels are well fixed and can be changed if got damaged due to any reason.
  • These are all-rounder boots that are available according to the shoe sizes.
  • The pair of skates is stylish and allow speedy skating.
  • Durable TRS frame is appreciated for its style and durability.
  • It is pretty good for the intermediate skaters that want to improve their ability and performance.
  • It comes in decent black and white colors.
  • It provides great ease in implementing skating tricks.
  • Women can also enjoy skating by using these wonderful and comfortable pair of skates.
  • Quick readiness in wearing due to ease in lacing up of skates. So the user can be ready and join the activity within no time.
  • The pair of skates is assembled in such a way that provides comfort and every part including wheels and sole plates can be replaced. This ability makes it good for customization according to the personal ease.
  • Locks are implemented for laces that make it quick and easy to tie-up.
  • This pair of skates is comfortable and tough in performance.
  • Can perform well for a long time after an aggressive use in skating.
  • The liner of skate provides sufficient space for feet. Its sole shape provides good support to the sole of feet.
  • The liner is made of good stuff that is not too much puffy and also not much thin for the comfort of feet.
  • Its rocker and anti-rockers are very good to enjoy the streets in a new way that is not experienced before.
  • Its sole plate is extensive that provides comfort and support in skating.


Although a majority of users is satisfied with the product but being neutral, it looks pretty good to discuss the drawbacks of the product also. No doubt rollerblade swindler is wonderful in performance, but there is some individual complaints about the product are also reported.

  • A few users feel it a bit heavy and experience a discomfort due to it.
  • For slim feet, sometimes it doesn’t provide a good fit in some cases.
  • According to few users, the skates are not great in performance but can be graded as good.
  • Few user say that the wheels are not in good round shape and their fitting is also not good.
  • These skates are a little bit slippery on the courts.
  • A small number of users suggest that the anti-rocker wheels should be replaced with a normal pair of wheels for a good performance.
  • Breaks are not included that causes difficulty in controlling.
  • Another drawback is that there is no capacity of including breaks in any way.

Bottom Line

Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB Street Skate is capable of satisfying the needs of a wide range of skaters. Though these are designed for men, women and even kids can use these skates equally. The comfort and ease of use make it the first choice for the street skaters. It is a good exchange of your valued money. Keeping in view the features and specs of the rollerblade swindler, it looks pretty safe to invest your money in a product that can enhance your street skating experience.

Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates: Your Best Buddy

Inline skating has now been internationally and officially recognized as a sport.

It is a great outdoor activity and enhances the physical as well as emotional health. A leisurely skating experience requires a high quality pair of skates. The entire performance of the skater depends upon the performance of these skates. Hence it is very important to check the features and specs of a product before making a purchase. If you want to get the power, speed and ultimate consistency in your skating experience, try out the Tour’s latest Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates. Featuring Track Tri Coil system frame, the skates are designed to be durable and long lasting. Comfort feature ensure the comfort of the user with every wear and during the sport. Inline skating has never been better without the Tour Hockey’s senior skates. It comes in a jet black and grey combination to suit the ruggedness of both the sport and an adult skater.

Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

Features and Specifications:

Unlike many other skates available in the market in the same price range, these senior inline skates are loaded with some awesome features. They can be used both for indoor and outdoor skating, and are comfortable to wear. They come with Tour’s force speed formula series wheels for an enhanced performance and a stable skating experience. It comes with following remarkable features which you may not find elsewhere.

  • These skates are great for outdoor play as well as for indoor use. Their multipurpose property makes them suitable in any kind of weather conditions.
  • They are wrapped in Tuff-Skin material to ensure durability, longevity and resilience
  • TOUR Rival Outdoor wheels can add speed and power both indoor and outdoor.
  • The investment of a Deluxe Comfort Padding, Anti-Lace bite felt Tongue maximize the comfort of the rider, and reduces the tiredness or foot pain.
  • Reinforced Ankle Support adds stability through every powerful turn and prevents ankle sprains; also helps in preventing the accidents.
  • TOUR Aluminum Power Track Tri-Coil System Frame provides stability with every wear and hence makes the product long lasting.
  • BEVO Silver-5 Race Rated Bearings can enhance speed and add to the leisurely experience.
  • TOUR Force Speed Formula Series wheels can add a smooth, fast, powerful stride.
  • Tour skates run 1 to 1.5 sizes larger than standard USA size shoes.
  • The matte black plus grey color adds to its already high aesthetic appeal.


When there are a number of products available in the market, it sometimes become difficult to choose the most suitable one amongst them. It is therefore, much desirable to go through the reviews of the products before making the decisions. Reviews do not only state about the specifications, features and the benefits, but they also list the downside of purchasing the product. No single product is perfect, however, the one with lesser cons and more pros should be chosen.

Talking about the Tour Hockey senior inline skates, the current users have given mostly the positive reviews, however some of the cons are also discussed.


Some of the users have stated that the wheels are not of very good quality. They need to be changed because the original ones do not work well and results in lack of smoothness

Some also say that the bearings of these skates need lubricant before they can be used. Without this, there is a lot of friction and squeaky noises.

These pairs of skates are available only in one color, which suits male skaters. These should also be designed in some feminine colors.

Reviews state that there is also some kind of sizing issue. Some users find it way too wide than their normal skate shoe size, others need to widen it. Users have encountered much difficulty trying to widen the skates.

Some of the beginner level users complain that the shoes became a bit difficult to tie up after they were worn. This might be because of the straps or buckles. They might come into the way of laces. Such kind of technicalities of the design should be kept in mind during manufacturing process.


In their reviews, the current users have mentioned that they like the wheel size. The skates are overall sturdy and resilient the structure is crafted out of durable material. Hence the product is long lasting, and worth the money they have spent on it.

Another fact which made the users very happy was that the skates are available in a variety of sizes. This makes their skate shopping easier, and in this super comfortable and speedy design, many sizes are available to suit many different skaters.

The reinforced ankle supports make this product an awesome choice for the new skaters who are just learning to balance themselves. The ankle support prevents unnecessary sprains and hence prevents the incidents of any accident.  

The straps and buckle add to the plus points of these skates. It is important to mention here that these straps make the skates suitable for children who might be just beginning to learn skating. They perform very well to avoid accidents or injuries.

The design and sizing of this pair of skates is unisex, therefore, both male and female users can enjoy the features and quality of this product.

Bottom line

Despite some of the complaints received about this product, the features and specifications are offer much more benefits. Hence, the use of this product by Tour manufacturer is surely recommended. Reviews and rating charts indicate that the users are happy about their choice. These pair of skates surely manages to provide the leisurely skating experience promised. Overall, Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates is a good choice for beginner level skates, because these many features in such a less price cannot be seen in many other products.





Girls Lenexa Venus Review: Say YES to Black and Pink


Inline skating, as fun and exciting as it sounds, requires a person to search hard about which type of skates to get and what features to look for in them. Finding the perfect and the best fit can be quite a hassle. If you are looking for a cheap, affordable and amazing inline skates for girls, the Girls Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skates might just end your long search. These skates are one of a kind and will provide the best kind of comfort to your kids

Features/ Specifications

The Lenexa Venus Skates are super versatile and can be easily used indoors or outdoors, which ever you may prefer. They come with a soft shell boot that will offer utmost relaxation and ease to the riders. It has the following features and product specifications to offer:

  • The boots of the skates are soft with an ultra padded design which prevents foot injuries from occurring.
  • The wheels are made from pure urethane which is light to ride and they ensure a strong hold and grip.
  • These skates come in three sizes: Small (adjusts from sizes J11 to 1), Medium (adjusts from sized 1-4), and Large (adjusts from sizes 4-7).
  • The skates are lined with a high quality liner which guarantees durability.
  • They are designed with a cam level buckle and Velcro strap which provide safety and protection while skating.


It is almost inevitable for any product to have a list of benefits as well as a couple of minor or major drawbacks. In the case of the Lenexa Venus Inline Skates, most of the users have given very positive reviews of the product with only a few minor downsides.


Some people expressed disappointment over the fact that the skates are not available for adults since it is such a great product.

A few kids who rode these skates said that there should have been more colors as a variety of colors is an attractive feature for kids.

It was also reported by a couple of people that the skates weren’t true to their sizes. The base was found to be a little wide which resulted in a misfit between the kids’ feet and the skate size.

There were also complaints that said the skates are difficult to tie once they are worn because the Velcro and the buckle get in the way.


Many people were super happy about the fact that the skates are available in three different sizes. Since this made things really easy for them at the time of purchasing skates for their kids, they seemed to love it.

The kids who wore the skates and rode around in them found it really comfortable and adjustable. They loved the skates and were particularly fascinated by the intense pick and black colors.

A few others cited that the wheels of the skates roll out very easily and smoothly and is also very stable in the skating rink.

The cynch straps and the buckle were found to be an enhanced feature and its importance was emphasized since they ensured that the kids’ feet don’t slip out. Hence, the skates proved to work really well in the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Many people appreciated how long lasting the skates are given the strong material used in their construction. They also said that the skates thrive really well in extreme conditions without any wear and tear.

The skates have unisex sizes which means that even boys can wear them and this was loved by many people.


This amazing product by Lenexa satisfies the needs of every kid who loves and enjoys inline skating. The comfort level that these skates provide is best for young kids. The benefits associated with it trump its few drawbacks making it a very good product to invest in and purchase.


Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates

Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates

Beginners find it quite difficult to find a pair of best inline skates. As they don’t have an idea regarding the background of inline skates, they often end up making incorrect choices. For beginners who don’t have anyone else with the experience of inline skates, we would ask them to consider the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates.


Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates have some quite basic yet amazing features which are mentioned below.

  • They are man made
  • Urethane wheels are 76mm and have LED
  • The size is adjustable between 2-12 for small size and 2-5 for medium size
  • The ABEC-7 bearing is used which comes with a nice holding.
  • The dimensions are 4.3 x 13.3 x 16.1 inches
  • Available in two Green and Pink colors
  • The weight is only 3 pounds
  • Quite cheap and affordable


People who tried the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates have given some useful comments and reviews about it too. Let’s see in what ways are these inline skates a good choice and in what ways are they a bad one


Users have complained that these inline skates are not as strong as they should be. They are open from several places which increase the risk of injury during an accident.

Furthermore, many users have said that these shoes are not going to last long. This is because due to excessive usage by kids, some of the inline skates have broken and they don’t even have a proper strap now.


There are a lot of positive feedback reviews for the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates. Firstly, many users said that these inline skates are the best ones because they offer some basic features at a nominal price. With free shipping and discount by, these skates have become much more affordable for people.

As the price is low, people are more willing to buy them because of the fact that after sometimes kids will grow their foot size and then they would be requiring new ones as well.

The Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates are very lightweight and kids might find the best time in riding these skates. A reliable ABEC-7 bearing has been used which is expected to last much longer. The frame is a patented torsion beam frame which is quite low in weight.

The best thing about these skates is the fact that they are adjustable and therefore, they could suit your feet no matter what the size is.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates are one of the perfect choices for those kids who don’t have any major experience in inline skates but want their first experience to be a wonderful one. However, before buying them, we would suggest that our users consider both the pros and cons before making a final decision. These are quite cheap inline skates which you would be requiring for only a small period of time because as soon as your child’s feet size grow, you might be needing a new pair soon.

Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90: Grab The One Before Its Too Late

Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90:

While your search for a good pair of inline skates may seem never ending, the Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90 skate is surely what you need. These are high performance skates that ride very fast and smooth without letting anything get in the way. It is an upgraded model which is very different from other designs and ensures top notch quality. Comfortable, durable and light weight, these skates are ideal for people who prioritize comfort and ease.

Features/ Specifications

These skates are great for fitness and training as they come with 90 mm wheels that are very tough and hard. The design and features of it allow for exceptional stability and speed. They are also perfect for cross training and ski conditioning. It has different features and specifications to offer which are as follows:

  • The wheels are fairly large and are mounted with long lasting aluminum frames which allow energy to pass quickly, making the ride very smooth and easy.
  • The aluminum makes the skates very light in weight which established great balance and steadiness.
  • The skates come with cuff buckles and straps which ensure protection and security.
  • There are speedlaces and lace locks in the skates which allow for the feet to stay put and fixed in their prescribed position
  • Macroblade infused shell layer of the skates help in overcoming initial instability and provides a smooth ride throughout.


Although the Macro blade skates are an updated version, the product has both benefits along with a few drawbacks. Some users cited that they were extremely happy with everything about the skates, whereas a few others were unhappy about certain things like comfort level.


A few users complained of having blisters while riding these skates. They said that the hard material used in its construction is very harsh against the skin of the feet.

Contrary to popular beliefs, many others cited that the lacing system is not at all good and neither is the buckle. This compromises quality and safety of the skaters while riding.

It was also reviewed that the large wheels which, according to popular are really stable, are in fact not entirely true to their size. They get in the way while skating and the rider stumbles upon the rocks and debris along the ride.

The skates have also been reported to being very fast which makes stopping abruptly really hard, especially for new riders.

There were a few complaints regarding the holding abilities of the skates. A few users said that these skates don’t hold the feet very well as the other hard plastic models do.


These skates have been reported to be great for longer outings and the large wheels thrive really well on longer distances.

Some users said that the size of these skates is bigger than standard sizes which helps maintain balance over rough pavements and ride really smoothly.

For some users, the skates have amazing durability and they last for a super long time without any significant wear and tear.

The skates come in various different sizes which means that from young kids to older people, everyone can wear them and have a good time skating.

Some people loved the lacing system which gave them the kind of security while skating that they were looking for.

Some kids and adults both who rode the skates loved how effortlessly the skates glide over even rocky grounds without coming to a halt or causing any accident.


The Rollerblade 2015 high performance macroblade skates are true to their features in many aspects. Although the product does have some negative reviews and has been disliked by quite a few users, many others loved the skates and for some it’s their second purchase. This goes to show that regardless of a few downs, these skates manage to thrive well and satisfy the users in many different spectrums.

Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

roller derby men

Inline skates are one of the most popular sports these days. Not only are they played as a sport but they are also used for some recreational purposes. Buying inline skates can be a confusing process because a lot of companies are offering inline skates but not every inline skate is a recommended one. Roller Derby is known for its production of some amazing Inline Skates. Men who want a great experience of inline skates should consider the Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate.


The Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates offer the following features.

  • The size is adjustable between 6-8
  • Several Colors are offered namely Black/White and Black/Green
  • There is 76mm urethane speed Formula wheel
  • Launched in the Year: 2016
  • Gold 7 Bearings have been rated as race bearings
  • Model Number: I250WHL
  • Polymer frame which has been reinforced
  • The Skate is designed for recreation
  • There is a Buckle closure
  • Skate Cuff Height: High


The following reviews have been taken from Amazon and other online shopping websites. These reviews basically tell us what are the customer’s remarks regarding the inline skates. Some might like them, some might not and some might be just fairly satisfied with what is being offered to them. Let’s see what different users have to say for these Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates.


One of the biggest problems which many users found in the Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates is the sizing issue. Roller Derby claims that its shoes can be adjusted to people with 6-9 shoe size. One user said that he had an 8.5 but his feet felt like crushing.

Many other users including women had exactly the same issue. All of them had an issue with the small size on Roller Derby Men’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates. This ultimately led to higher returns made to the company and loss of reputation as well.


  • Users were overall quite satisfied with the fact that Roller Derby Men’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate is amazing when it comes to material and design.
  • The inline skates are steady and provide comfort to riders who have a size of up to 8. Even though the company claims that a 9 feet size can wear it as well, keep in mind that you would feel quite uncomfortable even at 8.5.
  • The size is adjustable according to your personal requirements.
  • They come with a brake included and give a leisurely speed to the riders.

Bottom line

As we have clearly seen, the Roller Derby Men V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates are surely a great choice for only those riders who have a foot size of not more than 8. If you go out and buy it even if you have a large foot size, it’s you who are going to face the problem. Overall, The Roller Derby Men’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates are one of the best.


VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates Review: Is this Really the Best?


Training level skaters require such inline skates which are stable yet offer a good speed level. This should be appropriate for track or road skating, yet not too much exaggerating as it should be for a professional level. Also, they should be safe and should not cause unnecessary slipping or unstable movements. When selecting an inline skates for a beginner or intermediate level skater, go for the optimum vnla carbon speed skates for the best performance.

Features/ specifications

  • Skating Type: These skates are basically Inline Speed or Race Skates, which offer appropriate speed, friction and stability
  • Level: Rider level ranges from Advanced to Professional
  • Heritage: Green Machine
  • Fit Guidelines: Heat Molding Recommended.
  • Focus on getting length correct and then molding will remedy pressure points.
  • Material: This lightweight inline skate is made up of partly fiber glass and partly carbon fiber.
  • The 12.4″, 7000 series aluminum frame is a 4x100mm wheel setup and comes along with Vanilla 85A hardness speed wheels, slotted with ABEC 9 Vanilla race bearings.
  • 45 degree strap with micro adjustable buckle along with a Lace guard
  • Top velcro toe strap comes with ultra-durable waxed laces
  • It features high quality urethane wheels which work on all kinds of both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Keeping in mind the specifications and features of the VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates, let us see how the users have found out the product. Overall, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates have received high rating and reviews on the rating charts.


The users have reported that sometimes, the carbon fiber part gets loosened up. It simply fails to hold the lower ankle and result will be, the feet may not skate very properly. Also, some of the users have reports defects in one of the inline.

Some other users have reported that one of the skates cannot maintain the shape after heat molding. Using them without heat molding may result in formation of blisters. It gets awkward and do not fit the foot, hence, the skater may lose his/ her balance while skating. People also say that the bearings are lose and noisy and do not turn fast.

Because of these defects, these inline skates are not durable, and one has to change them since the structural deformities can’t be corrected or repaired.


Aside from all these cons, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates has a number of pros too. It is highly recommended for intermediate level skaters who want to improve their progress to the next level. Many users have reviewed that the skates look sturdy, durable and resilient.

People also say that if properly maintained, the skates do not lose the in-liners or wheels etc. They are comfortable to wear and super-fast as well. They are also great for speed practicing the skating.

The Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates are also the lightest speed skates available in the market. Since it can work on all kinds of surface, it is best suitable for both indoor and outdoor skate settings.

The skaters also love this product because they can choose from four exciting colors; Black, blue, green and red. 70% of the users have given 5 stars to this product.

Bottom line

For beginner to intermediate level skaters, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates are a good choice, if maintained properly. This pair of skates will surely help the skaters to improve their performance with a price that is easily affordable.

Rollerblade Women’s Zetrablade 80 Skates Review

Nowadays, women are looking at inline skating as a way to retain their figure and have fun. However, picking skates which fit their needs can be difficult because each model is different. Luckily, Rollerblade has a solution for you and they are the Rollerblade women zetrablade 80 skates.


If you are looking for high quality rollerblades for beginners, which can also be used at the next skill level, the Zetrablade 80s are the inline skates for you. They promise stability, comfort, and performance for a relatively affordable price. Here are the specifications for these inline skates from Rollerblade:

  • These inline skates can be used by beginners and advanced users thanks to their comfortable and stable quality.
  • They are also very easy to use and focus heavily on stability and performance.
  • These inline skates can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating thanks to their 80mm wheels and skate-specific SG5 bearings which will guarantee long time use.


The Zetrablade 80 sounds very simple and packed with features, but has the company embedded the quality they are known for in this specific brand? Below are the reviews from current users of this model.


Several users have cited problems with these skates which need to be considered by future buyers of this product. Users cited that the buckles, straps, and the materials seemed very cheap. Some users commented that even though they bought larger skates, they were still very small for their feet.

Some users who have wide calves said that these are not the model for them because the buckle would not even close properly. They also cited that it is very hard to tie up these skates once they put them on because of the laces, Velcro, and buckle included in this model.

There were also complaints about the comfort level with these inline skates because they lacked padding and shock absorption qualities. Users reported pain in their calves and their feet after using these rollerblades for a long period of time.

Some cited it might be the inside of the boots’ fault for the pain since they lacked padding and were very hard.There were also problems with the function of the inline skates as one reported the wheels were a problem for them.

Some of those who have not been satisfied with the model have returned their pair due to the problems they faced with these skates.


On the other hand, there are users who love these rollerblades and cited the plus factors that made them love this brand and model. Users have remarked that these inline skates are made from high quality items and designed to accommodate the preference of users.

Everything was also well-made, ensuring that nothing would break while in use. The colors were also very good, bringing some users to feel nostalgic.

Users said that the rollerblades provided a lot of ankle support and could fit large calf muscles without worries. They also also did not feel very stiff despite the fact that the main boot is supporting the ankles and the leg.

The straps provide adjustment capabilities for users of all body types and the ankle straps were also secure to ensure the feet will not slip out from the skates. The roller skates were also working smoothly when users tried them on, and there were no problems with the speed and stability of the pair.

Other people who used these inline skates reported that they did not experience any problems when used for long periods of time. Some even went 2 miles without problems or pain. They were very comfortable, even without socks.

They were also able to use these skates on any surface without problems since the wheels were able to handle everything, even if they met obstacles and uneven surfaces. They have also cited that they were very happy with their purchase and would gladly recommend the skates to others.

One even said that the price was affordable and worth the cost because of the features. Some said that their child was able to grow with this pair without experiencing any problems at all.

Bottom Line

Rollerblade has been behind the inline skating craze, and even up to today, they still continue to make the best rollerblades available on the market today. The Zetrablade 80 will give you that performance you want, even if you are just starting out.

Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skates: Buy the best for yourself

As fitness, and an active lifestyle, is now earning popular attention, several activities known to help lose weight and still be fun are returning back to the fray. One of them is inline skating and Rollerblade men makers are working double time to give both men and women good skates. For new skaters, or those wanting a multi-functional rollerblade, try out Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate.


If you are a new skater, or an advanced one, the Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 will work without issues for you thanks to its design and performance. Learn more about the Zetrablade for men in the specifications below:

  • The Zetrablade is good for beginners and advancing skaters who wish to have a comfortable and stable skating experience.
  • This rollerblade is also very easy to use due to its simple and stable design.
  • Users can take this inline skate both indoors and outdoors thanks to its 80mm outdoor wheels and skate specific SG5 bearings.


While Rollerblade is known for their top-notch inline skates, the question is whether the users who have a pair loved or disliked their experience. Here are the reviews from current users of the Zetrablade 80 for men and their positions regarding the skates’ performance:


Some users have said that they were not impressed when they received these rollerblades for the first time. Users reported that the frame’s material did not look too reliable.

These blades, one user remarked, also did not have brakes installed on the skates, causing them to buy separate brake attachments. The wheels were also made with cheap and subpar material because the wheels broke easily after only a few uses.

Another even reported that they did not work well in outdoor conditions. Users have also complained regarding the laces of these inline skates because each time they use them; the laces tend to loosen almost immediately. One even commented that there’s no system on them that would ensure they will not lock in place to prevent this.

Another even said that the plastic straps were very hard to lock, especially if the user has large calves. The foot sizing of these rollerblades is also very small and some reported they had to request a replacement just to get a new size for them.


Satisfied users of this model said that these are the perfect inline skates for beginners, returning skaters, and advancing skaters. The design is also very good as it is not too flashy, but it is still very sharp in style. Users love the fact that the entire inline skate is very durable and it will take any onslaught of activity without breaking apart.

They also commented that the parts were assembled neatly and everything is in place. The quality of materials used were high. One user also said that changing the parts of these skates is very simple because everything is easy to disassemble and assemble without damaging the inline skates.

The cushioning of these inline skates is also very good, allowing users to wear this for a long period of time. It also assists with ensuring that the skater remains secure and supported by the skates for the long time.

There were also users who said that the laces were actually very easy to work with in contrast to the comments of other users, saying that they were able to secure their feet in the skates without problems.

Some users have also commented that the skates themselves are good at fast speeds and the wheels managed to hold the weight and intensity of the skating style of the user. One person added that they love the fact the user manual has tips to protect the inline skates from wearing down.

The shoe sizes were also very good as the users got the perfect fit. Those who have cited some problems even said that these inline skates are actually pretty good if one does not let the wrong things affect their perspective over them.

Satisfied users have also said that the price of Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate is perfect because it will grow alongside its user for a long time without having a single problem in its performance.

Bottom Line

Since the 1980s, Rollerblade has been making some of the world’s top-notch rollerblades on the market and still makes quality inline skates today. If you want the Zetrablade to be your beginner skates, or have them grow on you, these inline blades will be perfect.