Cougar 851 Adjustable Children’s Inline Skates, strong frame, and beautiful design

Cougar 851 inline skates offer a perfect outdoor sport for your children.

Are you tensed because your child is becoming a couch potato? Is he always sitting in front of the laptop and playing video games? Is he always Facebooking? Then these inline skates by a cougar are the best to get him out of his bed. The stylish design and beautifully colored pair of these inline skates will bring a sparkle in your kid’s eyes. These skates are sure to attract the teens because of their Chrome ABEC 7 Bindings which ensure the fitting of the wheels. It promises a durable structure along with strong pads for the knee, elbow, and wrist which are the sensitive areas of the body and hurt the most if one slips during skating. However, these pads will guarantee safety along with comfort. The skates are equally playful for both, boys and girls and the size can be adjusted according to one’s comfort. Let us give a deep down look into the features of Cougar 851 Bird’s Nest Adjustable Children’s Inline Skates

Impact-resistant polyethylene/polypropylene frame

Frames are the most important part of anything because they are the actual base on which the product stands. For these skates, the frame is probably the most impressing feature. It is strong, durable, light and impact resistant. The frame brings quality in the skates. Moreover, the polypropylene frames are even corrosion resistant which means that the lifetime of these skates increases. The skates can be a perfect birthday gift for your child who has an interest in inline skating. A stronger frame can even support higher weights without getting damaged. Being lightweight, they are easy to carry. Take these to parks and to picnics, they are the new cool for your child.

Strong pads and protective gear

Cougar knows that their skates shall also be used by beginners, and that’s where the problem comes when beginners start skating they will fall off too and will become the prey off a severe road accident. Moreover, parents are always concerned by the safety of their children. So cougar placed some tough and comfortable pads inside the box. The pads are included for knees, elbows, and wrists. These areas have sensitive nerves and they hurt the most if hit upon. Hence, these pads serve as beneficial for beginners and children too. A protective gear also comes with the skates. This pair by Cougar is surely what you need! Fair price with countless features.


The skates have the following other impressive features:

  • Color: Red/Blue/Pink
  • High-quality polyethylene/polypropylene frame
  • Wheels: Polyurethane 72mm or 76mm wheels
  • Multiple sizes
  • Comes with soft padding
  • ABEC 7 Bindings


The inline skates have some pros which make them notable and above all other skates of its kind:

  • The pads ensures safety
  • The product is multiple sized
  • They are cheap as compared to others
  • Countless features making it comfortable
  • The skates are multi-colored
  • They have a strong frame
  • It is an addicting product


However, on the other side of the picture, there are some cons of these skates to which were reported by customers and users. Let’s have a look on them

  • Guard is not included
  • Kneecaps are too tight!
  • Not declared as enough comfortable by users
  • The rivets were reported to be loose in some cases


When you get so many features with one pair of skates and where the pros overrule the cons, then it becomes a must buy. The added feature of the strong frame make it much impact resistant and this is always required in a good pair of skates. The inner boat is very soft and comfortable. It is lined with guaranteed padding to give you comfort for longer times, unlike other such products whose padding got worn out after a few rides. The wheels have strong ABEC 7 bearings which ensure the fitness of wheels. These are the reasons as to why this product received an overall of a 3-star rating and other positive reviews by users. Personally, I would recommend this pair of skates as the next birthday present for your son.

We hope that you are fascinated by this product and the next thing you want to see in your shoe rack is a nice and neat, beautifully placed, pair of Cougar skates, so here is a quick link for you to buy them from the comfort of your very own home. The price is reasonable and Quality is Guaranteed. A full price refund option is available at this link too! 



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