6 Pro Tips to Buy the Best Inline Skates

Inline Skates Buying Guide

Inline skating is starting to gain worldwide popularity again as people are now looking for fun ways to stay fit and healthy without having to go to the gym and workout for hours every day. With a nice pair of inline skates, you can explore, stay fit, and bond with your family and friends. However, if you are a first time buyer, buying a pair of inline skates can be a bit tough because you have to consider your skill level, types of inline skates on the market, and many other factors. Below are some pro tips to buy the best inline skates whether it’s your first pair, or you’re looking to advance in skill level and need a new set.

Tip 1: Research Before Dashing to the Store

Before you head into the store to buy your pair of skates, learn everything you can about the brands and the skates being offered on the market. When you go to the store, you will be bombarded with sales pitches and may end up with the wrong pair that won’t match your needs.

Learn the function of notable inline skates’ parts and the acronyms used so you will not be confused about their purpose when determining which skates you pick.

Tip 2: What Level Are You and What Is Your Skating Type?

Aside from researching the terms involved with inline skates, it is also important to determine what you want for your skates. People have a variety of reasons as to why they skate, which also corresponds to a particular type of skates.

Some do it for fun, some do it for exercise, others even do it for competition. You also have to consider if you want to take your skates off the track, or even use them for commuting.

Let’s first talk about the types of skates you can purchase and what they are mostly good for.

  • Multi-purpose/recreational/fitness skates: These are the most common kind of skates on the market today. These skates are good for both indoor and outdoor skates, as well as common skating tricks that advanced skaters can try in these types of skates.
  • Hockey: If you will be going skating on a rink, competing in indoor hockey, or indoor skating, this type of skates is for you. These skates cannot handle the shock or intensity of outdoor skating.
  • 5-wheeler skates: If you want speed, 5-wheeler skates, or speed-skates as they are known, are the best. These skates are designed for faster speeds and fit perfectly on the feet.

Tip 3: How much Are You Willing to Spend?

Similar to any item, inline skates can be an investment depending on what you need, what level you are, and what your budget is. Of course, the most expensive pair doesn’t mean that they are for you. You also have to factor safety gear in your budget.

Do you think you have got much tips to buy the best inline skates? No, you also need a few more things before you make any decision.

Do you think you know the following tips to buy the best inline skates?

Tip 4: Know Your Size

When picking your skates, try out the half sizes to get the perfect fit. Although some skates use the usual foot sizes found in regular shoes, they may not be completely fit for your use. Make sure the skates are snug without hurting you once they are clasped on.

Tip 5: Only Buy the Essentials to Go Along with Your Skates

When buying your very own pair of skates, you also need to purchase the safety gear with it, especially if you are just a new skater. Get elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Also get socks which will help you prevent the onset of blisters and other complications.

Tip 6: Test Your Skates and Glide Away!

Once you have purchased your skates, make sure that everything is in order before rolling out. Make sure they are comfortable and the screws are set. If you see a problem, return your skates for a replacement. If you did not see a problem, practice with your skates before gliding away.

Now, we believe that whenever you go to buy your first pair, you will find these pro tips to buy the best inline skates helpful. You can order online to buy the best pair.


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