K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 Hero X Boa, Comfortable Skates, Loved By All Kids

K2 skates are considered to be one of the best product of your little ones.

K2 skates boys

Is your child new to the sport of skating? Are you in search of a perfect pair of inline skates, but don’t know where to find them? Well then, you have just landed to the right place. This is because the product about which I am going to tell you today is the one loved by almost all of our young skaters, and even their parents as well. K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 Hero X Boa Inline Skates might be the pair of skates you have always been seeking for. Featuring some classy specs and characteristics, these skates serve well to the beginners, and will surely develop the love of the sport in them.

Super comfortable skates

The main reason why I chose this product and tell my readers about these skates are actually the amount of comfort they offer. To be honest, they are perhaps the most comfortable pair available in the market. None other product has been rated 4 stars for the comfort. Our young skater love them because of the technological craftsmanship behind, due to which they can perform well even if they know very little about skating.

Jr. Boa closure system

 Guess what, now you won’t have to bother about wearing these skates on or off your child’s feet each time. This is because of the latest Boa closure, which takes care of it all. Basically, it is a super-fast tightening or loosening system, which reduces the tie up time of the skates. This strap system also assures the safety and protection. Let me tell you that it is the most crucial factor, because beginners are always prone to falling down and receiving ankle sprains. Hence a proper cuff system is the most desired feature to avoid such incidents. So mothers, don’t worry about your child now, because the Boa closure is taking care of your child while they are sporting leisurely.

Adjustable sizing

Not only this, but your child can also benefit from the adjustable sizing system. This feature actually saves you money, because one pair of skate can work perfectly well for at least 4 to 5 years. Personally, i also love the craftsmanship and skilled engineering of this pair. The larger wheels have been placed on the back and he smaller ones on front. This is what will make a beginner’s performance more optimum, even when the skater lacks the desired amount of skill. The design of the frame is so crafted to provide the quick get up and go feature to your child. Overall, the combination and integration of all features provide a happy skating experience to your precious young skater.


K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 skates have some amazing features to offer. Have a look, as they will help you decide better while comparing with other products.

  • Skill Range: Beginner – Advanced Intermediate,
  • Ventilation: Medium
  • Speed: Moderate
  • Brake Included: Yes
  • Skate Cuff Height: High
  • Skate Closure System: Boa
  • Skate Frame Material: Performance Composite
  • Size Adjustable: Yes
  • Wheel Size: 70-79mm
  • Bearing Grade: Recreational
  • Maximum Wheel Size: 76mm – 72mm on size 11-2
  • Bearing Type: ABEC 3,
  • Wheel Durometer: 80A
  • Colors: Red/ Black


K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 has been used by various people, and they have given their reviews about this product. Following are some of the pros of this pair of skates:

  • Softboot shell to offer a more flexible and breathable product
  • The frame allows provision for an easy-to-find center of gravity
  • Featured Jr. Boa cuff to ensure support and safety
  • Protection form ankle sprains and other common skating injuries
  • Optimum performance without any compromise on comfort
  • Comes in adjustable size configuration
  • Attractive color combination and higher aesthetic appeal
  • Suitable for all levels i.e. Beginners, Intermediates and professionals.
  • Smooth ride on pavements


  • Some users may find the material hard and prone to scratches
  • Some of the problems have been reported in size adjustability


With all these features in mind, I guess you will now know why these skates have been highly rated and reviewed. They are comfortable to use, have a safety strap system, provide stability and performance, and ease in learning. They move smoothly and with a uniform pace on the pavements. I guess you now have an idea what to buy for your child’s upcoming birthday! I guess your child will be enjoying his next weekend with a leisurely skating experience at hi grandmother’s place!

No doubt, the struggle about choosing the best pair of skates is real, since there are a number of different products available in the market. But surely, we are here to lessen your struggle. While we have already presented you our review about one of the best available pair of skates, it is now up to you to compare it with other product as well and select the best one for your child. However, I will advise you to make the comfort of your child the first priority. Another important consideration is the safety and cuff system, which is very crucial in case your child is just a beginner. Check for the wheels and all other parts before purchasing. Always ask for manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Buy

Have you already decided to purchase this pair of skates? Does your child now only wants to get K2 skate boy’s skates for the next sport season? Wonderful idea! Now all you need to do is just click on the following link, and get the most amazing pair of skates for your child in an equally amazing price. The product will meet you on your doorstep very soon. Happy skating!


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