K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates Review: Why K2?

New skates must be able to give every new skater the experience of a lifetime as they skate without fear and worries. They have to be stable and deliver performance when the skater wants to change his/her pace as they get used to them. If you want to give your little girl safe, adjustable, and durable beginner inline skates, check out K2 Skate Girl Marlee Inline Skates.


Get the best inline skates that will provide your child comfort, stability, and performance with the Marlee Inline Skates. This brand promises that you can give your child the most efficient inline skates they will need as beginners to get them going. Here are the specifications for the Marlee Inline Skates by K2 Skate:

  • These use the original K2 Softboot which allows the child to use these inline skates for long periods without causing discomfort.
  • The cuff is designed for extra stability and comfort.
  • Frame-wise, they are F.B.I. style.
  • These inline skates also have 70 mm, 80A/ABEC 3 wheels for better performance indoors and outdoors.
  • To strap it all in, the lacing system of these inline skates is the traditional lacing system.
  • These inline skates come in a purple and pink.


The Marlee Inline Skates sound just right for families hoping to buy good inline skates for their little girls. However, are they really that good? Here are the reviews of users who have purchased this pair of skates for their girls, and how well they performed for them.


Users do not have many negative comments when it comes to the skates’ performance. However, most of their comments were directed to the quality of the skates themselves. One reported that the fabric of these skates can easily thin and wear down.

As a result, it would form a hole in them, putting the child at risk if they hit the pavement or something sharp in the worn-down area. One also commented that the lacing system of these inline skates is also hard to work with because it keeps getting getting stuck in the Velcro.

Some even said the brand should have used the quick tie system which is in other K2 skates since they don’t fall off easily. The shoe sizes are also very hard to work with since they do not match the shoe size standards for children.


Parents of satisfied users have raved about these inline skates given the performance and quality when put to use. Users said that the skates were not made from cheap plastic like other skates that immediately broke apart after a few times of being used.

The Marlee skates were able to withstand the hard work skaters put them through and they remained intact, even after a few months. Some even reported that they felt like the skates were made from high-quality material which is not seen in other inline skates for beginners.

Users have also reported that their children did not feel discomfort while using these inline skates, especially after skating for a long period of time. Customers also love the fact that the entirety of the inline skates can be adjusted, from the laces to the ankle straps.

The ankle straps can easily be adjusted to ensure that the ankles are secure and the skates won’t fall off when skaters use them. Users also reported that they could easily prevent foot problems, like blisters, because of the adjustable functions of these inline skates.

The adjustable feature is also a plus because they can easily adjust to the child’s foot as they grow, making these inline skates suitable for a long time. The performance of the skates is also top-notch as they can easily roll without problems and the skates are light to carry for beginners.

They were also very smooth to use and very quiet as customers reported other skates on the market making a plastic clacking noise when used.

Children also love the colors of these skates since they were very pretty. The price is also a plus for many families as they were able to purchase inline skates which can last for a long time and grow with the child.

Bottom Line

Never be scared if your little girl wants to get a pair of inline skates because there is a product that will give her a smooth experience and keep her safe during her first time on skates. With the K2 Skate Girl Marlee Inline Skates, you will be sure your kids will enjoy inline skating and get better without experiencing a single problem with the skates.


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