Girls Lenexa Venus Review: Say YES to Black and Pink


Inline skating, as fun and exciting as it sounds, requires a person to search hard about which type of skates to get and what features to look for in them. Finding the perfect and the best fit can be quite a hassle. If you are looking for a cheap, affordable and amazing inline skates for girls, the Girls Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skates might just end your long search. These skates are one of a kind and will provide the best kind of comfort to your kids

Features/ Specifications

The Lenexa Venus Skates are super versatile and can be easily used indoors or outdoors, which ever you may prefer. They come with a soft shell boot that will offer utmost relaxation and ease to the riders. It has the following features and product specifications to offer:

  • The boots of the skates are soft with an ultra padded design which prevents foot injuries from occurring.
  • The wheels are made from pure urethane which is light to ride and they ensure a strong hold and grip.
  • These skates come in three sizes: Small (adjusts from sizes J11 to 1), Medium (adjusts from sized 1-4), and Large (adjusts from sizes 4-7).
  • The skates are lined with a high quality liner which guarantees durability.
  • They are designed with a cam level buckle and Velcro strap which provide safety and protection while skating.


It is almost inevitable for any product to have a list of benefits as well as a couple of minor or major drawbacks. In the case of the Lenexa Venus Inline Skates, most of the users have given very positive reviews of the product with only a few minor downsides.


Some people expressed disappointment over the fact that the skates are not available for adults since it is such a great product.

A few kids who rode these skates said that there should have been more colors as a variety of colors is an attractive feature for kids.

It was also reported by a couple of people that the skates weren’t true to their sizes. The base was found to be a little wide which resulted in a misfit between the kids’ feet and the skate size.

There were also complaints that said the skates are difficult to tie once they are worn because the Velcro and the buckle get in the way.


Many people were super happy about the fact that the skates are available in three different sizes. Since this made things really easy for them at the time of purchasing skates for their kids, they seemed to love it.

The kids who wore the skates and rode around in them found it really comfortable and adjustable. They loved the skates and were particularly fascinated by the intense pick and black colors.

A few others cited that the wheels of the skates roll out very easily and smoothly and is also very stable in the skating rink.

The cynch straps and the buckle were found to be an enhanced feature and its importance was emphasized since they ensured that the kids’ feet don’t slip out. Hence, the skates proved to work really well in the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Many people appreciated how long lasting the skates are given the strong material used in their construction. They also said that the skates thrive really well in extreme conditions without any wear and tear.

The skates have unisex sizes which means that even boys can wear them and this was loved by many people.


This amazing product by Lenexa satisfies the needs of every kid who loves and enjoys inline skating. The comfort level that these skates provide is best for young kids. The benefits associated with it trump its few drawbacks making it a very good product to invest in and purchase.



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