Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates, White/Red Review

There are a lot of inline skates available on the market today that cater to the needs and skate levels of all skaters today. For girls, picking inline skates can be tricky as some skates look very masculine in nature, and do not fit to their fashion preferences and style. Luckily, Roller Derby has taken up the challenge and designed inline skates that conform to the needs of young beginners, and still makes it fashionable and girly for them to use. Prime example: The Roller Derby Girls Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates.


Whether your little girl is a beginner, or progressing well in her skating skills, the Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates are the inline skates for your child. Check out their specifications below:

  • The boot uses a softboot support system with dual cam-lever buckle, push button adjustment system, and comfortable padding to ensure that the skater’s foot is firmly in place.
  • Reinforced nylon is used in the frame for maximum performance and stability.
  • The wheels of these inline skates are good for speed skating thanks to their urethane speed formula.
  • The Excellerator 608ZB is also installed in these skates for the wheel bearings.
  • Users can also adjust the size of these skates.


With the specifications included for these skates, it is a question of whether users love the system installed in the Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates. Below are the comments from users who currently have the pair of these skates for their children, and the performance from their perspective.


Several users have cited critical aspects of these inline skates that disappointed them with their purchase. Parents complained that the skates are made from cheap material, prohibiting their child from enjoying the skates for a long time. One reported that their child only used the skates three times before they completely broke apart and were rendered totally unusable.

Some users also commented that the skates were very loose and they had to keep adjusting the straps to ensure that the skater would not fall out of the skates. Others reported that it would take forever to put on the skates due to the flimsy material of the buckles and the fabric itself.

There were also users who commented that repairing these skates was very difficult since it would take ages to remove the bearings and get the wheels off. Users have also commented that their children developed ankle pains and infections because of the skates. Users also said these are not good skates for hard use.

People have also complained about the return policy for these inline skates because they are only given a month to return them.


On the other hand, users have said that they love this model from Roller Derby and cited several contradictions to those who have spoken about the flaws of the inline skates. Users have said that the skates were made from high-quality material and the packaging was also very good. They are already assembled when received, and very easy to put on and use.

Parents are also very happy with the fact that the skates are adjustable; they only need to press a small button to have everything locked and adjusted.

The size of the skates is also perfectly fit for the children of those who bought this brand. As far as their performance is concerned, they said that their children found it very easy to learn with these skates as they were smoother and very quiet in comparison to other skates. They also commented that their children loved skating with this model since it was snug and supported them very well.

The colors were also catchy for many children and their parents said it wasn’t too flashy. For those who needed to return their defective models, they said that they received a quick response from Amazon and the skates were replaced.

The price is also very good as the skates delivered their promise and they are cheaper than others on the market today. The price is also good because they invested in skates that their children can grow with.

Bottom Line

Roller skating is an activity suited for the entire family, regardless of their gender. Of course, the inline skates should be stylish and suited to their user. For little girls, and young girls growing up, the Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates should be on your options list.


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