Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skates: Buy the best for yourself

As fitness, and an active lifestyle, is now earning popular attention, several activities known to help lose weight and still be fun are returning back to the fray. One of them is inline skating and Rollerblade men makers are working double time to give both men and women good skates. For new skaters, or those wanting a multi-functional rollerblade, try out Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate.


If you are a new skater, or an advanced one, the Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 will work without issues for you thanks to its design and performance. Learn more about the Zetrablade for men in the specifications below:

  • The Zetrablade is good for beginners and advancing skaters who wish to have a comfortable and stable skating experience.
  • This rollerblade is also very easy to use due to its simple and stable design.
  • Users can take this inline skate both indoors and outdoors thanks to its 80mm outdoor wheels and skate specific SG5 bearings.


While Rollerblade is known for their top-notch inline skates, the question is whether the users who have a pair loved or disliked their experience. Here are the reviews from current users of the Zetrablade 80 for men and their positions regarding the skates’ performance:


Some users have said that they were not impressed when they received these rollerblades for the first time. Users reported that the frame’s material did not look too reliable.

These blades, one user remarked, also did not have brakes installed on the skates, causing them to buy separate brake attachments. The wheels were also made with cheap and subpar material because the wheels broke easily after only a few uses.

Another even reported that they did not work well in outdoor conditions. Users have also complained regarding the laces of these inline skates because each time they use them; the laces tend to loosen almost immediately. One even commented that there’s no system on them that would ensure they will not lock in place to prevent this.

Another even said that the plastic straps were very hard to lock, especially if the user has large calves. The foot sizing of these rollerblades is also very small and some reported they had to request a replacement just to get a new size for them.


Satisfied users of this model said that these are the perfect inline skates for beginners, returning skaters, and advancing skaters. The design is also very good as it is not too flashy, but it is still very sharp in style. Users love the fact that the entire inline skate is very durable and it will take any onslaught of activity without breaking apart.

They also commented that the parts were assembled neatly and everything is in place. The quality of materials used were high. One user also said that changing the parts of these skates is very simple because everything is easy to disassemble and assemble without damaging the inline skates.

The cushioning of these inline skates is also very good, allowing users to wear this for a long period of time. It also assists with ensuring that the skater remains secure and supported by the skates for the long time.

There were also users who said that the laces were actually very easy to work with in contrast to the comments of other users, saying that they were able to secure their feet in the skates without problems.

Some users have also commented that the skates themselves are good at fast speeds and the wheels managed to hold the weight and intensity of the skating style of the user. One person added that they love the fact the user manual has tips to protect the inline skates from wearing down.

The shoe sizes were also very good as the users got the perfect fit. Those who have cited some problems even said that these inline skates are actually pretty good if one does not let the wrong things affect their perspective over them.

Satisfied users have also said that the price of Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate is perfect because it will grow alongside its user for a long time without having a single problem in its performance.

Bottom Line

Since the 1980s, Rollerblade has been making some of the world’s top-notch rollerblades on the market and still makes quality inline skates today. If you want the Zetrablade to be your beginner skates, or have them grow on you, these inline blades will be perfect.


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