VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates Review: Is this Really the Best?


Training level skaters require such inline skates which are stable yet offer a good speed level. This should be appropriate for track or road skating, yet not too much exaggerating as it should be for a professional level. Also, they should be safe and should not cause unnecessary slipping or unstable movements. When selecting an inline skates for a beginner or intermediate level skater, go for the optimum vnla carbon speed skates for the best performance.

Features/ specifications

  • Skating Type: These skates are basically Inline Speed or Race Skates, which offer appropriate speed, friction and stability
  • Level: Rider level ranges from Advanced to Professional
  • Heritage: Green Machine
  • Fit Guidelines: Heat Molding Recommended.
  • Focus on getting length correct and then molding will remedy pressure points.
  • Material: This lightweight inline skate is made up of partly fiber glass and partly carbon fiber.
  • The 12.4″, 7000 series aluminum frame is a 4x100mm wheel setup and comes along with Vanilla 85A hardness speed wheels, slotted with ABEC 9 Vanilla race bearings.
  • 45 degree strap with micro adjustable buckle along with a Lace guard
  • Top velcro toe strap comes with ultra-durable waxed laces
  • It features high quality urethane wheels which work on all kinds of both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Keeping in mind the specifications and features of the VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates, let us see how the users have found out the product. Overall, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates have received high rating and reviews on the rating charts.


The users have reported that sometimes, the carbon fiber part gets loosened up. It simply fails to hold the lower ankle and result will be, the feet may not skate very properly. Also, some of the users have reports defects in one of the inline.

Some other users have reported that one of the skates cannot maintain the shape after heat molding. Using them without heat molding may result in formation of blisters. It gets awkward and do not fit the foot, hence, the skater may lose his/ her balance while skating. People also say that the bearings are lose and noisy and do not turn fast.

Because of these defects, these inline skates are not durable, and one has to change them since the structural deformities can’t be corrected or repaired.


Aside from all these cons, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates has a number of pros too. It is highly recommended for intermediate level skaters who want to improve their progress to the next level. Many users have reviewed that the skates look sturdy, durable and resilient.

People also say that if properly maintained, the skates do not lose the in-liners or wheels etc. They are comfortable to wear and super-fast as well. They are also great for speed practicing the skating.

The Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates are also the lightest speed skates available in the market. Since it can work on all kinds of surface, it is best suitable for both indoor and outdoor skate settings.

The skaters also love this product because they can choose from four exciting colors; Black, blue, green and red. 70% of the users have given 5 stars to this product.

Bottom line

For beginner to intermediate level skaters, VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates are a good choice, if maintained properly. This pair of skates will surely help the skaters to improve their performance with a price that is easily affordable.


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