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3 active hobbies that can improve the quality of your life



In these tough times due to Covid-19 make sure you stay indoor and get ready for when the quarantine will be over.

The main concern in today’s society is to lose weight and keep fit. Some people struggle because they find it demanding to cope with day to day duties. But, there are many ways in which you can achieve your goals, without thinking about them. At the same time having fun and relaxing, alone or with friends and family.

Being in the Health and Fitness field for over 10 years, I achieved good knowledge about how people perceive different activities or hobbies. More, if someone knows how to embrace both, it is stupendous. Doing something who has amazing benefits for your body and mind is of greater importance. I realized over the years that if you make your goal journey more enjoyable, the end-goal will be with no doubt the one you want to achieve. You are willing to make everything in your power to be a better version of yourself. In this article, I will explain what tweaks you can implement in your activity list, so what you are going to do has amazing benefits. And I learned this over a long period from working with folks from all walks of life. But remember, if you are for example a person who wants to lose weight, implementing a good eating plan, diet if you want, is really important. At the same time, if you want to keep fit and healthy, you need to be careful what do you put in your mouth.

In this article, I will enumerate three active hobbies that are working with me, and some of my clients. Let’s be clear, we all are different, have different needs and we like different stuff. The environment, social setting, and lifestyle needs can play a huge role in all these activities.


Active hobbies do what the name implies-they keep you active. Why it’s so important that you keep active? Well, it can have tons of benefits for you, mentally and physically.

Learning a new set of skills at any age helps your mind to be focus on something. As a kid, you might not have many responsibilities, as long as you keep your parents happy. But as an adult, with families like us, things are changing. Day by day life can be tense. Either you had a tough one at work, you fought your partner, or you have to take an important decision regarding your kid’s future, you need an escape, something you can look forward to, even for 30 minutes.

  1. The first choice is to choose something that you can practice near your house or your local park. And why not bring your family along, if they will enjoy doing something active, active like you. This activity I like, particularly because, I put my headphones on and I just glide through roads, parks and why not the forest. But to get to this point, if you are a newbie you have to practice at first. I am sure that by now you understand that I am talking about inline skating.  If you had over to wikihow.com/inline-skate  you find a full description with pictures and helpful advice. The benefits of inline skating are amazing. You can see for yourself clicking here.

For men, I recommend the Aerio Q-60, by Roller Derby. The Aerio Q-60 Mens Inline is sporty with a cool style, so you might attract some looks. The boot is soft and comfortable with memory padding that will help you stride with confidence while taking a recreational ride. Of course, there are more models out there, but I think this one, in particular, is a great value for money and could last you a long time, or until you decide to upgrade to a more professional pair of skates. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.



Remember, as an active hobby, inline skating can be your fitness activity to go too. If you hate going to the gym, or just working out, you have the chance to make this activity a really fun and good work out. For 30 minutes of skating, depending on your body weight, you can burn 250 calories. The main muscle involved in inline skating are hamstrings, the quadriceps, hip abductors, shin, calf muscles, and nonetheless the core.

You also work some muscle in the upper body, but if you want to add more spice, you can stop and perform a set of press-ups, from wide to close. One the first set try and keep with your hands outside your shoulder, so you can work your back, chest, and shoulders. The following set, keep your hands under the shoulders, which will work the chest more, and the last try to get the hands together as a diamond, to focus more on the triceps.  Take your skates off every time you do something. It is better for our safety. Remember this, coming down and rising will raise your heart rate. And all the press-ups will work your core s well, 

Only if you feel adventurous, add some planks. But very important, do not forget to stretch. And boom, you will have a good workout, which will be something new that the regular one. You can think of skating like a cardio session, which is more fun. Of course, if your level of fitness is higher, you can make it more challenging. I am referring here to folks that hate working out and it considering boring. The following video will give you an idea of how to incorporate press-ups into your routine. Remember, skating and working out, the perfect active hobby.

For women, seeing what my friends bought for their wives, I am recommending Blade Runner Advantage Pro XT, still by Rollerblade. These skates make the perfect buy for the new woman novice skater with high comfort, control, and stability. The easy to close system-buckle, and strap offers a snug fit aside of the padded liner. Their design provides remarkable foot support and balance. The wheels are 80 mm with ABEC 7 gait for moderate speed. Click here for current pricing on Amazon

Many times I asked them if they were happy with the product and the response was positive. Same as us, women can look at skating like a fitness activity. Apart from being an activity that can make you forget about day to day stress, it can be a fitness activity.

The benefits for a woman that takes on inline skating are tremendous. Like I told before, you can work your upper body stopping for press-ups, but, if you feel, you can work your lower body more intensely. Stopping for sets of squats and lunges. Again I am talking about the women who found going to the gym or fitness itself boring. It can be a cardio workout for anybody looking to add more fun to their routine.



2. The second active hobby that I believe it has many benefits, is mountain biking. Nowadays, some folks prefer to go to work by bike, as it saves them time and money. I like to travel by bike, only if I am in a year-round hot environment. I have friends that live in the U.K. for example, and they travel by bike, year-round, no matter the weather conditions. They are brave lol.

But, as stated before, I will address the people that want to take on an active hobby. Riding the bike can keep you out of the house, by yourself or with the whole family. Riding the bike it can be so much fun, on the weekends, or every time you want to escape. If you live in a crowded big city, I am sure you want this.

Going to the park, forest, countryside it’s a perfect adventure to keep active. On the plus side, you get to see new scenery which is very good for the mind, if you were in some closed space for some time. If you are a total newbie who wants to take on this amazing adventure click here. 

Now, for starting this amazing activity, I am recommending purchasing a bike, which is value for many. It is no point to start spending money on something that is just a hobby.  If you decide that biking is for you, and will like to travel for work, then you and decide over a more pricey and advanced model. But for the beginning, think about money, and you will get a good quality model too.

The model I recommend is called Moongoose Impasse Mountain Bike. The suspension frame is made from Aluminium, which offers a great deal of comfort and performance. It has alloy wheels with quick release, and also breaks in the front and back. It makes it a good fit for a first bike. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

For women, you would like to get a smaller bike. But feel free to get the same. It is your choice. The model I recommend has almost 4 stars on Amazon. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike, 7 Speed, it is easy to assemble, with the breaks very nice and the body of the bicycle with good quality overall.

7-speed Shimano twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur allow for smooth, precise gear changes out on the trail, on almost any surface or incline. It is heavier than expected but you can lift it without too much effort. So, for a first-time buyer, who will ride it only a few days a week or weekend is a good price/quality. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

So, as an active hobby, mountain biking can be a fun activity. Remember, do not be afraid of experimenting. On a rough surface, you can burn up to 600 cal in an hour of Mountain biking. You can feel your muscles in your back, chest, arms, and core. If you only decide to ride the bike close to your house or local park, you are still winning a distressing activity, which can keep you fit and healthy. It can be your cardio days, with more fun. And,  people who don’t like going to the gym as much, it can be a way of staying fit.

3. The third active hobby, the one I like the most, is Hiking. You can think of Hiking as a cardio-workout. Like the other two active hobbies, do you get the benefit of destressing your brain, being in nature, and why not seeing new scenery?

Few other activities beat Hiking. You’re introducing cardio into your day and burning up to 530 calories per hour on the trail. And, depending on how is the weather, if it’s windy the wind resistance can boost your burning calories potential by about 5 percent, experts say. It’s a terrific total-body workout. On the uphill is harder, even for more experienced hikers. But for the role of this article, I will refer to newbies.

If you are new to hiking, or you just want to add a new routine to your lifestyle, start by planning. If you never experiment with longer walks, it is better to start with a 1-3 km track, of your choice. To get used to the feeling you might have after walking, start with flat terrain, maybe a slightly uneven ground. But, anytime during the walk, you might feel weak, stop ad rest. It is very important to let your friends where you will be out there. Check the weather and temperature to know how to dress and what you can pack with. If you just want to add a new routine to your lifestyle, start by planning the next tracking adventure.

Even if the weather is awesome and is no cloud in the sky, it is better to be prepared with the right gear. If I plan a long or short hike, I like to have a windproof jacket,  on me, or in my backpack. For man, I like a waterproof jacket from Columbia. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

I had this jacket for about 1 year now and all I can say is it’s awesome! Perfect for rain and a pretty damn good windbreaker as well. I can’t say it’s completely waterproof because I haven’t been in a monsoon rainstorm but it’s kept me dry for every other rain storm. Also, it packs up so if you don’t need it right now or something you can pull it out and put it on. It is fully sealed and has 2 pockets. For the quality-price ratio, it makes a good first buy. The women model is cheaper. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

Next thing you want to focus on it’s the footwear. For short distances, you can wear your favorite pair of trainers. But for more challenging terrain you will need to get some hiking boots. Even if you set a short tack, it is better to consider.

I am not a professional hiker, and some times I use trainers as I like to workout during my haking day. But, just to let you know, the hiking shoes I recommend, are lightweight and they are cool to wear as a day to day shoe. And why not, to work out in them. The other option would be to workout barefoot, which I love by the way. But trainers are a nut for the beginners.

The shoes I am talking about are AdidasTerrex AX3 Hiking Shoes Men’s, a good option for light hiking. And also going to work if you want. these lightweight shoes are built for speed across rugged terrain. The outsole is made of durable rubber and gives you surefooted grip on wet and dry surfaces on your trail run or hike. They are slip and water-resistant, and wearing a good pair of warm socks, are good for the winter. One thing to remember, for hiking purposes go up half a number in size. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

For women, I strongly recommend a product, wich a couple of my friend’s wives are using. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot. They are a great fit. Good for summer, rain, and cold temperatures. They have a good sole making a perfect grip. One thing thou, group half a size for hiking purposes. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

I f you feel adventurous, do mini workouts along the way, Anything works. Be creative, and you’ll see the tremendous benefits happening.

There you have it, 3 simple active hobbies that you can use for different benefits. Relaxing, working out, losing weight. Do not be afraid of experimenting, see what works, and whatnot. Start with less time, and add on 5-10 min at a time. Your body will adapt quickly, so do not make big jumps on adding time. Keep healthy and active. For example, some people like to add all kinds of press-ups and planks to anything. They are easier, and in some time you will become good at them.

Staying fit and healthy it should not be hard and complicated. Found a good meal plan that works for you and stick to it. Anything you choose will work, as long as you want to. Putting your mind into things makes a big difference.

The bottom line is:

These 3 active hobbies are just an insignificant part of what you can do to achieve your goal by doing something you enjoy. Joining any type of class, playing a sport you like, joining a community of like-minded and active people, etc; being more active altogether, they’re all working as long as you stay consistent. I am afraid if you believe that sticking to foods you do not enjoy and doing something you do not like,  for three months it will work against you in the long haul. And maybe, if your goal is weight loss, the rebound weight you will put on it might be more then the weight you lost in the first place. It’s all coming down to consistency, understanding calories, and being stress-free.





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