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3 wheel inline skates

Most people are torn between buying 3 wheel/ triskates and 4 wheel skates, because not everyone understands the difference except in the number of wheels. Lucky for you, I am going to cover the 3 wheel inline skates extensively to help you understand not only the features but also what sets them apart from the other types. The biggest assumption when it comes to inline skates is that more wheels are always the best. But is this the real case? Let’s find out.

What determines the number of wheel that your inline skates should have is the type of skating that you do. This is because, some benefits from certain inline skates will come in handy. Here are some benefits that come with 3 wheel inline skates:


The 3 wheel inline skates are the best for speed. If you like to go fast, this is the best type for you. However, if you are just starting with inline skating, I’d ask you to take it slow until you are confident enough to explore how fast they can get. They have bigger wheels hence the speed. They roll faster and with less restraint when on any obstacles. This translates to longer strides hence helping keep a constant speed for a longer time.


While skating, you not only want to be quick but also light in movement. The 3 wheel inline skates are designed for this. They are easy to skate and turn. This is because, unlike the 4-wheel setup that has two wheels in the middle, these have one and nothing is acting against it. They thus make turning around corners to be easy.


The 3 wheel inline skates feature larger wheels and most people might assume that they will be heavy. On the contrary, though, these skates are lightweight and this means more speed so if you like getting aggressive when out there, get yourself these skates. They have one wheel, two bearings an axle and a spacer less. And, their frames are shorter hence less weight.

Best for beginners as well as pros

If you are a beginner and are wondering which type to buy, my advice would be the 3-wheel setup. Reason being, they are designed to have shorter frames thus easy to maneuver. They are also easy to control and turn because they have just one center wheel. If you are worried about the speed, you can begin with slower bearings or slower wheels and you can also tighten the axles.

In a nutshell, triskates or a 3-wheel inline skates are an ideal choice for beginners because of the mentioned benefits. They help you skate longer, go faster, have more fun, explore your limits and be more agile.

The only downside to 3-wheel inline skates is that they are quite expensive. Remember that I mentioned above that these skates use larger wheels. This is why they are more expensive than the other types because larger wheels are pricy. They also have a learning curve because you should be able to control the speed to avoid accidents.

Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-wheel inline Speed skates

What you get from the Epic engage skates is agility and pure speed. If you are the aggressive type when it comes to skating, I would strongly recommend these skates. I use them when I want to feel the thrill of going full speed on the roads and each time feels different, but in a good way. With them, I have sharpened my skating skills as well as speed and they make me feel comfortable when on the road because they are so comfortable.

They are also very fashionable because of their design and color combination. Thus, if you are like me and are sensitive about everything that you wear, including skates, then these will appeal to you. Gold and black is a great color combination and the overall design is impressive.

Again, they are comfortable and provide perfect support. If you have worn skates before or used any, you obviously know how important comfort is. You don’t want to hurt your legs while out their skating, away from home and with no first aid kit. I have learned this the hard way and for me, comfort and support come before any other feature.

They feature a hard-shell design for durability. It’s expected that your skates will have to take some tough terrain and handle some obstacles every time you take them skating. As such, they must feature a great build to last longer. I like the Epic Engage 3-wheel skates because they are built to last. They maintain their great looks even after a long time of using them so you get a full value for your money.

In addition to the hard-shell design is the Epic’s durable aircraft grade aluminum frame that not only adds to durability but also lightweight. I don’t like heavy skates and so this 3-wheel inline skate setup meets my needs. When it comes to skates, the most lightweight are the fastest. The aluminum frame cuts down the weight, thus translating to more speed.

They are also easy to control and turn because they feature a 3-wheel setup. This is advantageous because the center wheel has no other wheel acting against it as it is the case with a 4-wheel setup. This means that you get a better control in addition to speed. Reducing the speed is also possible so they can be used by beginners as well.


You can be a great skater, but without proper skating equipment you can be the last. As such, put just as much effort as you put in practices to hunt for the right skating equipment. 3 wheel inline skates are a great choice to start with because they have great benefits for both pros and beginners. We have reviewed the Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-wheel inline Speed skates because we have used and liked them. They are everything a serious skater would want to have the best skating experience.






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