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6 Small Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

I am a simple guy who until recently didn’t care about sharing his ideas with the world.

Then something happened, my cousin, this site owner convinced me to start writing about my experience with people and health. I have been in the field of health and fitness for about 12 years now and I guess I have picked up on a few things along the way that can change your life.


Why do I say this? Well, to start everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s all about applying the right method to the right circumstance to produce the desired result. In today’s society people follow and respect someone in good shape.

It encompasses a lifestyle of good discipline, healthy eating habits, and a happy life. In my opinion, it’s actually vanity that drives everybody these days. Some people go above and beyond to get the body perfect, whilst others can hardly get started. The truth is it shouldn’t be so hard or out of reach.

Weight loss will be forever the main problem in today’s society. Some countries have a large overweight population and others have less. If you go to Wikipedia.org you will see the actual data on this with America coming up as one of the top obese nations in the world.

The problem is not obesity itself; it is the health issues that can arise when being overweight and obese. I am not talking about the morbidity of obese people that are stuck at home. I am talking about people who are mobile and maybe just 19 kilos overweight.

Being in this field to a certain extent is easier because I have the experience and knowledge. But, just like everybody, I sometimes struggle too, we are all still human after all.

From my experience, the following five tips have always worked for my clients and produced great results. I stick to these myself no matter what the circumstance or how I am feeling.

You can implement these in your daily activity routines and they have the potential to change your lifestyle to a certain extent. The tips will not give you the six-pack or the bikini body you desire but instead help you start your journey. The tips will need to be followed over a period of time.  Some people will see no improvement and others will change completely.

What are the steps you should take to live a healthier life?

There are many methods or habits that someone can implement into the daily routine so they can leave healthier. The following steps helped me to achieve a better lifestyle, without any sacrifices. In the beginning, everything feels like sacrifice, but with the end-goal in mind, everything will become a simpler thing. And with time, the new daily routine you’ll adopt will become part of your life.

Tracking my calories. 


With so many apps in today’s market, it is really simple to track your calorie intake. If you are someone who struggles with his or her weight this is really an important tool to use to help you stay on track.

Back in the day, I learned the hard way of writing down the calories and looking at all the food labels.

I then would research how many grams of macronutrients were in each food. I was inspired by the old school’s physiques of bodybuilding. They were doing this so I felt I needed to reach my body goals. I had good days and days I just didn’t want to track any of my food.

Nowadays with our busy lifestyles having these food diary apps at our fingertips makes it so much easier. The best part is, you do not have to track your food forever. Over time you will learn a lot about calories, food groups, and macronutrients.  For now, all you need to know is the three main macronutrient providers needed in your meals: Protein, Carbs, and Fats.

One app I like is ‘My Fitness Pal’ This app, apart from tracking all the macros lets you scan a lot of foods and even shows you where you can eat out. You will learn a lot about calories, how much you eat, and what kind of foods you eat. Sometimes you will be surprised. One thing for sure it will keep you on track with whatever diet you are on. I know there are tons of apps out there feel free to try and see what works for you.


Going to bed early. 

In my case going to bed early means 10.30-23.00pm and waking up the following day at 6.30-7.00am. Now I know that everyone is different but unfortunately the principles apply to everyone. Let me explain, I’ve seen many people who go to bed between 1.00-2.00am every day. They feel tired, spaced out, and have low energy the following day. They have severe crashes in their energy levels between the same hours each day. To implement small changes to these habits I would advise going to bed at first 20 minutes before your usual time, then 40 minutes, and then an hour. To further understand why going to bed earlier is of crazy importance, this is what happens to your body:

Between 10.00 pm – 2.00 am the body centers its attention on physical regeneration. Between 2:00 am and 6:00 am the body rebuilds its healing energies on the psychogenic repair. This is why sleeping early is vital for your body and it will help you perform at an optimum level.

Move more throughout the day 

I know that time is really different for everyone. We all have 24 hours a day so learning how to manage time is really important. Going to bed earlier the previous night can help you to do more things the following day.

Let me explain, depending on how driven you are you can do a 20-30min walk in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a really long distance, just set your watch for the desired time and walk a few times around the block would do the trick. You will feel more energetic after and you will start your day better. Another’s option would be to invest in a treadmill. It makes it easier, convenient and can save you time. If you drive to work, try and find a parking place 10-15 minutes away from work. This will allow you to walk 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. You get the exercise in and it won’t feel too taxing. It all counts towards your daily exercise target.

When you go out try to go without driving your car and take instead local transportation. This would just encourage you to walk more. If you choose to go by car, park 5-10 minutes away from your destination or maybe near a park and go for a walk. The choice is yours.

After a heavy meal walk around for 10-20 minutes and you will feel less tired.  On the weekend it is much easier. Choose any activity or hobby that you like and go for it. Experiment and stick to what excites you. In time you will form new habits, which will change your life greatly.

Increase in Protein Consumption 

Everyone talks about protein. In every diet and meal plan, protein plays a crucial role.  For people’s existence protein has the role of sustaining life. The body uses protein for building and repairing tissues. You use protein for all of the body’s most important hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals. The skin, hair, nails, and bones are all made of protein.

In today’s overzealous society, we are all stressed out. There are a lot of stressful situations constantly surrounding us from not getting the promotion at work, taking the kids to schools, raising the funds to pay for the rent or mortgage.

The stress response of our body is simple, we are always adapting to new things. Without the right amino-acids (protein building blocks)the adaptation process can be difficult.

One thing I observed over the years is when someone increased his or her protein consumption the person’s life changed for the better. Using me as an example when I eat less protein, I can’t perform as well as I want. I lose focus; I have less energy and less enthusiasm.

During the course of the day try to make sure you get enough protein into your diet from good sources. I do not like supplements but if you think the only way to get enough protein is by drinking a shake, let it be. At least make sure the supplement is chemicals free and not causing you any harm. Do not get the same as your friend.  Research, try different brands and listen to how your body feels.

It is equally important not to rely on liquid meals over solid ones.  For a short period of time and under supervision, it’s maybe okay to do this. See how you feel and then just evaluate to see if it gives you the results you want.

Keep a journal 

We all have tens of thousands of thoughts throughout the day. Sometimes we think of something and then when we want to act on it we can’t remember the idea. That’s why writing down your thoughts in a journal is a helpful tool.

I enjoy writing a journal as it makes me more accountable for my actions. Write down any ideas you have throughout the day for example, what were your thoughts from the book you read or how you felt after consuming certain foods. In the long term, this will help you assess areas of your life you need to improve on.

Drink more water 

The body is 60-65% water. The brain is said to be 85% water and is very sensitive to even the smallest drop in hydration. The role of the water in the body is to regulate almost all it’s functions.

For weight-loss, water is the star. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn calories, and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals.  The mechanism is simple; when the stomach senses it is full it sends signals to the brain to stop eating.

The benefits are even greater, for example, It lubricates the joints, takes the necessary substances all around the body, and supports the spinal cord. These days’ people drink a lot of sugary drinks as a substitute for water. Drinking fizzy drinks gives people that caffeine or sugar high but also deprives the body of essential nutrients.

Vitamin A, C, and B complex are water-soluble. If you do not drink enough water the body can’t absorb these vitamins efficiently. This compromises your digestion and you will have a whole host of different symptoms.

If you like to find out more about this topic and understand why it is important to drink water head to  Dr.F.Batmnaghelidj, site: watercure.com.He is an internationally acclaimed writer and health researcher. He advocates the natural power of water ” Your body’s many cries for the water you are not sick you are thirsty don’t treat thirst with medications”

There you have it. Try to implant these habits into your lifestyle and watch the magic happened.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Add one or two habits in the beginning and stick to them for at least 21 days. Then step by step add the others.  Some people are strong enough to change their lifestyles radically but as I have said before everybody is not the same. Some days will be better than the others but try to be consistent. Give it a try and stay in control of your lifestyle.










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