Without any doubts, skating is a unique fun-favorite sporting activity that has become very popular in recent times. According to a recent survey by the OLS Roller-Skater magazine, skating is the third most popular sporting activity with teenagers, falling just a step behind football and basketball.

Do you know why both kids and adults like this sport? Well, one primary reason is that skating gives athletes an opportunity for self-expression. With that, you can skateboard regardless of their body size, height, or age and correctly display the skating skills learned.

Since skating is possible everywhere where cycling, jogging or skateboarding is possible, chances of collision and accidental injuries are high. And since skateboarding is a valuable and respectable sporting activity, you need to maintain that reputation and prevent any undesirable incidents.

As you are aware, skating is also a sports activity. Thus, it is also exceptionally more dangerous just like any other sport with the only difference being those skating accidents remains interestingly unique.

In case of a fall, it’s the wrist and other exposed parts of the body that are vulnerable to injuries. And with the increase of the number of skaters, the number of accidents has also considerably increased.

Sadly, it is women who seem to be most affected. Age is also a factor when it comes to injuries with skaters aged between 12 and 19 years old being those actively involved in the venture.

The cause of accidents in skating is falling especially amongst the youngest whatever their gender. And most of the time, the falls happen in public places and road or transportation places.

As a result, you are required to undertake some safety measures which includes the use of skates’ safety gears. As you are aware, the most commonly injured body parts during skating include your arms, hands, and a few scratches on other body parts.

Therefore, as a parent or as a responsible friend, try to convince your kid or colleague to consider using the required inline skating safety gears which include a helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, and sometimes gloves.

These gears provide a firm grip on the respective body parts and thus helps prevent injury.

The following are some of our selected Skates’ safety gear equipment to choose from.

1. Physport Safety Protective Gear S,M,L Size Keen,Elbow,Wrist 6pcs Set Protective Pads

When it comes to toughness, durability, comfort, and all-around protection, this safety gear scores beyond the scoreline. In fact, it is one of the top-rated protective equipment suitable for amateur skaters who are learning how to ride or skate.

The complete set includes six pieces of protective pads for elbows, knees, and palms. The first thing worth remembering is that kids must fall off on a bike when they start learning to ride. Additionally, a majority of youths aren’t spared.

On the other hand, while adults enjoy these fun leisure activities in their desirable riding speed or styles, protective gears are paramount to help them avoid an accident when rolling or riding.

This safety gear comes with three essential packages. The first one is a pair of kneepads which helps relieve patella the pain. Wrist pads, on the other hand, fix wrists and protect the soft tissues while elbow pads attach elbows and help avoid injury.

Product Specifications

  1. Physport Safety Protective Gear is made up of unique materials among them plastic, nylon, sponge, and breathable mesh.
  2. The weight of this protective gear averages 350g.

The Physport Safety Protective Gear has three sizes which cater for different people in specific age categories. For instance, Size S ranges 130-155cm in height and is suitable for children weighing 25-40kg, 4-8 years old.

On the other hand, Size M ranges 156-169cm and suitable for children weighing 40-60kg, 9-13 years old. Size L measures 170-185cm, and is ideal for people considering 60-80kg, 14 years–Adult.

It is a top rated product because of the following exceptional features and specs:

  1. Physport protective gears are made of durable & wear-resisting PVC and wet absorption cotton which is likely to give you all-around perfect protection.
  2. This safety gear has a reduced endurance burden always caused by excessive damage to your knees, elbows, and palms
  3. The protective equipment is highly comfortable for any sporting activity due to the adjustable straps.
  4. The knee pads and elbow pads are fixed elastic straps, making it easily adjustable.
  5. This protective gear can be used for multiple activities among them cycling, BMX, biking, inline skate, skateboarding, self-balancing scooter, among others.

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2. Triple Eight Certified Helmet


The Triple Eight Certified helmet is a protective gear you wish you could have as you ride around. Its specifications surpass your expectations, giving you the desirable safety as you ride along at any speed.

This inline skating gear is designed to withstand different types of impact, and hence protect the most delicate part of your body (the brain). For one thing, it is CPSC certified, meaning that your safety is guaranteed even if you consider taking a spill to go very fast.

This helmet is fitted with sweat saver pads which adds comfort to you when skating or riding, and also contains a thin lining of cloth that holds sweat and keeps it from running down into your eyes even after you’ve been racing in it for a while.

The other advantage with Triple Eight Certified Helmet is that while it absorbs sweat, it lets you remain comfortable by holding any nasty odors. That is an incredibly useful aspect desired by those commuting for long distance or those who consider storing their helmets without cleaning.


  1. The helmet is designed with durable material. As a result, you can take multiple spills without the outer cover cracking or deforming. That guarantees your safety when riding.
  2. Triple Eight Certified Helmet comes in multiple colors that you can imagine which gives you the opportunity to choose the color that makes you look great while you ride and remain safe too.
  3. The helmet has a super comfortable fit and manages moisture in a way that you can never imagine.
  4. This helmet has an eye-appealing design, with air holes all along the top for breathing. Most importantly, it is certified all the way across the board.
  5. This helmet meets safety guidelines for real protection should an accident occur. That implies that the Triple Eight Certified Helmets is not marketed only for recreational use, but meets US standards for skateboarding, roller-skating, and even bicycle riding for children over the age of 5.


  1. The size of the helmet is not standard. You might encounter a problem when it comes to fitting it on a big head.
  2. It may be less comfortable to wear this protective gear as far as the inner padding goes.
  3. If you’re going to be mostly freeriding the helmet at specific speeds, expect some drawbacks from the subsequent impact. Because of the hard foam liner, the mask is designed as a single impact helmet. That means if you take a spill and hit your head, chances are the hood is toast since the hard foam absorbs a lot of the impact it compresses and cracks, making it much less useful for subsequent impacts.
  4. Unlike the Sweatsaver version of the Brainsaver, the thin pads that come in the EPS Hard Foam version get soaked quickly and don’t wick the moisture nearly as well as the terrycloth found in the Sweatsaver.

Bonus Tips

Skaters of all level use this sturdy and rigid certified helmet from because it is atop rated product which scores above the scoreline when it comes to head protection. This top skate safety equipment is widely purchased because of the following features: –

  1. Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets and ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards
  2. Complies with CE EN 1078 – Helmets for pedal cyclists, skateboarders, & roller skaters
  3. Ideal for biking, skateboarding, longboarding, inline skating (roller blading), and roller skating.

Before you obtain this helmet for your kid, make sure you measure to get the correct fit which protects your head accordingly. Moreover, be sure you wear this straight across the forehead not pulled back exposing the forehead.

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3. Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet with Mini Visor

Few things make this safety gear outstanding. One significant aspect is the fancy design that gives you a great shape while skating or riding. Even though this safety gear is expensive, it remains the most demanded product in the mark which is worth its price.

The Traverse vigil 2-in-1 helmet is not only lightweight in nature but has the inside lined with a fleece netted cap to wick away moisture and keep you warm.


  1. The helmet has mesh materials which improve ventilation throughout the mask.
  2. The helmet has a unique design suitable for multiple activities such as mountain climbing, cycling, riding, or skating
  3. Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 serves various purposes including offering excellent security from the injuries.
  4. The helmet is crafted out of high-quality material, which guarantees its durability.
  5. You can easily personalize the helmet to fit your head with the adjustable dial located at the back.
  6. This safety gear is equipped with fleece snow cap and earmuffs to keep you warm, dry and protected
  7. Moreover, the masks have 14 vents to regulate your body temperature.
  8. The Earmuffs are warm, protective, and removable.
  9. The vents are designed to keep your head dry and your body temperature regular with the two additional layers inside the helmet.


This helmet comes in multiple colors among them Matte Ash, Matte Coralroot, Matte Dew, Matte Graphite, Matte Ice Green, Matte Obsidian, Matte Sky Blue, Matte Slate, Matte Snowcap, Matte Star White, Matte Vapor.


This safety gear comes in mainly three sizes. The first size is the large-X-large which measures 56-60cm, Small-Medium size, and lastly, small-Medium size measuring 54-58cm.


The helmet might run large for children below 12 years.

By far, this outdoor recreational product proves to be the best, more especially if you consider style and elegance as your top priority.

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4. Triple 8 Saver Series Wrist savers/Knee savers/Elbow savers


As the old saying suggests, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ which stands out to be more fact than fiction. It goes without explaining that you should struggle to save your body parts while at the same time save some money.

Triple 8 Saver Series safety gear has proved to surpass these qualities, ensuring that it improves your convenience and remain affordable more affordable.

Triple 8 Saver Series serves to protect your wrists, knees, and elbows; coming in a 3-Pack Box containing Wristsavers, Kneesavers and Elbowsavers. Of course, that guarantees that each body part will be protected as you engage in your leisure-fulfilling and fun activity.

Even though Triple 8 Saver Series is a bit expensive, it is still among the most demanded product in the market, widely purchased because of its unique and attractive specifications which include a complete set of paddings that offers protection without restricting movements.

Product details

  1. This safety gear comes in three –pack box. Triple Eight’s Knee Saver Knee Pads, Elbow saver Elbow Pads, and Wrist saver Wrist Guards.
  2. Knee pads and elbow pads are made of high-grade durable fabrics, EVA foam padding.
  3. The helmet has polycarbonate full coverage caps to provide superior protection without restricting movement.
  4. The wrist guards offer perfect support and protection with great impact-resistant molded ABS splints.


  1. The product is lightweight in nature. Hence, you won’t feel weighed down as you enjoy your fun activity.
  2. Triple 8 Saver Series has a shock absorbing property.
  3. Has Ventilated EVA foam provides fresh air flow and limits perspiration.
  4. The product is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The Kneesavers provide the essential protection which allows you to skate with newfound confidence and classic style. Furthermore, the Triple 8 Saver Series is made of high-grade durable fabrics, shock absorbing EVA foam padding, and full coverage caps. That guarantees you reliable protection with a breathable, easy on/off the pad.


  1. The size of the wristbands is a bit small.
  2. Knee pads, on the other hand, do not seem to cushion enough.
  3. Additionally, the materials used to make the knee pads aren’t durable and might after a few too many falls.
  4. The knee pads tend not to move around causing you to continually re-adjust.

Overall Bottom Line – recommended

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5.PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Kids Roller Skates with Knee Pads – Junior Size 6-12

PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Kids Roller with knee pads are super cool and sparkly protective gear. You can gift these safety gear to your children who are likely to be very excited to receive them.

This product is recommended for beginners who apparently won’t stop skating with them. However, it is good to know that this protective gear is dedicated to keeping kids active, help build their skills while at the same time allow them to have fun.

The other advantage with these skates is that it allows you as a parent to choose from a selection of scooters, skates, and skateboards that represent your child’s all-time favorite characters from brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon.

In either case, always remember to ensure your kid wears these paramount protective gears (skate helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards) which is likely to support his/her skill development. But it goes without saying that these products are not only affordable to many users, but it offers a complete package of skates plus skates’ safety gear.

Product description

The PlayWheels is perfect for kids learning how to skate because it comes with kneepads for safety. Moreover, this safety gear comes with the brakes for smooth stops, a sturdy plastic frame, and strap buckles. Additionally, you can adjust the size with a convenient thumb screw. No special tools required.

The PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Junior Skate with Knee Pads Features:

  1. The knee pad is set with Velcro straps for simple adjustment
  2. Both skates have toe brakes for natural slowing or stopping.
  3. Knee pads feature impact resistant clear PVC cap with back graphics
  4. PlayWheels have adjustable roller skates and knee pad set that grows with your child.
  5. Convenient thumb screws allow for 2” adjustment from Junior Size 6-12 with no tools required.
  6. Impact-resistant PVC knee caps ensure extra protection plus comfortable size adjusting.

Recommended for children aged 3 through 6 years; whose weight capacity is 45 lbs.

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6. Adult / Youth Protective Gear, Knee Pads Elbow Pads and wrist Pads

This set of Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads from SKL is taking the market by storm due to its durability as well as an incredible collection of inline skating safety gear. The protective equipment is highly rated and comes with a very reasonable price, which further justifies why its market demand is excellent.

This safety gear has the following features: –

PERFECT SET: Wristguard, knee pads, and elbow pads are included.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The adjustable straps could be flexible to different sizes of knee elbow and wrist. The knee pads elbow pads with wrist guards could offer custom flexibility which suits the user desire.

USED OF MULTI-SPORTS: Skateboard, rollerblading, riding a scooter, bicycle, Great for ice and roller skating.

MULTI SPORTS PURPOSE: The knee elbow and wrist pads are flexible and suitable for multi-sports protection such as cycling, Bmx, biking, inline skate, skateboarding, scootering, and other extreme sports.

FANCY LOOK: You can have a modern outfit with the fashionable design of cap and pads.

IMPACT RESISTANCE: the protective gear consists of durable and sturdy PP, PE materials with a breathable polyester sleeve to wear. That is likely to protect you during the multi-sports purpose. Moreover, it is a wholesome package that is meant to offer adults protection in the various sporting activities, giving you ultimate peace of mind in the midst of tumbles and falls.

Package included are Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards.


This set of protective gear has some incredible features that make it a high demand product regardless of its price.

  1. The first fantastic feature is that it contains multiple adjustable straps which instill that excellent fit that is desired.
  2. The straps are also elastic so they can easily stretch enough to fit well.
  3. This safety gear also has some handy Velcro closures that also play a significant role in getting a secure fit no matter the size of knee girth.
  4. The gear is quite suitable for all adult sizes.
  5. This safety gear has a high ability of Impact Resistance.
  6. The protective gear is durable and made of sturdy material with the breathable liner to act against external pressure.

This multi-sports gear is suitable for skateboarding, Inline Skating, cycling bicycle, mountain biking, Road Bike BMX MTB, and Other extreme sports.

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7. Fvstar Knee Pads 6 in 1 Thicken Elbow Wrist Protective Gear

Even though this protective gear is cheap, it is still the best regarding its quality and pricing. The Fvstar Knee pads protective gear is an impressive set in a little price suitable for beginners with a fixed budget.

Without any doubts, your son or daughter is likely to like this protective gear, and you can consider gifting it to anyone as a present. It has the following amazing features:

  1. The protective equipment is made up of high-quality material, PVC shell, and a thickened soft sponge.
  2. It has Velcro strap design, slip-resistant, and convenient.
  3. Adjustable straps of protective gears make you comfortable in sports.

The complete set comes in a pack of three. 2pcs Knee pads 2pcs Elbow pads, and 2pcs Waist pads. It is an excellent choice as birthday or Christmas gifts for your kids more especially because it comes with two primary colors; red and blue.

This protective gear is suitable for all outdoor activities, skateboard, rollerblading, riding a scooter, and BMX cycling.

Product Description

The product comes in four primary sizes: Size M, L, S, and Size XL.

Size S: fits 51 – 59 inch, 55 – 88 lb Weight, suitable for 4 – 8 years old

Size M: fits 59 – 65 inches, 80 – 132 lb Weight, and ideal for 9 – 13 years old children

Size L: fits 65 – 71 inch, 132 – 176 lb Weight, and recommended for 14 years old and Adult

Size XL  fits 71 inches, suitable for people more massive than 176 lb, Adult.

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8. Burton Impact Wrist Guard

Burton Impact Wrist Guard is a stealth wrist protection gear that’s been secretly protecting wrists for years. This product gives your wrists the respect they deserve in addition to their fancy looks and perfect features.

One significant advantage of this protective gear is that they are sleek, have a low-profile design, and comfortably fits under snowboard gloves, giving you top secret security. The equipment has soft padding which is easily adjustable and keeps them comfortably locked around your wrists.

This protective gear is also most sought after in the market due to its low price and super standard high quality. Take, for instance, the Burton Impact wrist guards, which offer these features at the lowest possible cost: 60%NBR 10% POLY 20% NY 10% PE.

Quite simply, those who have obtained the product have recommended it for saving their wrists while learning. That means that you should not worry when falling. This protective gear is also suitable for the intermediate riders who occasionally take some nasty falls.


They are sturdy and comfortable which helps to prevent many injuries while skating.

They are not rigid.

The fit uniformly.

These guards can afford you more mobility without, seemingly, any sacrifice of joint protection.


The price point can be a bit high and inconvenience.

Even though this protective gear is durable, they look worse if they start to wear and ages quickly once the aging process begins.

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Whereas playing sports is a fan activity admired by both adults and children, they are at risk of being victims of sports-related injuries. Of course, nearly half of those injuries can be prevented with the proper use of safety gear.

Luckily, many people are beginning to use the essential protective equipment as they engage in any outdoor sports activity. Some different skating safety accessories are available in the market, within a wide range of price.

However, before selecting anyone, be sure of your needs and the sport for which you are to purchase this product. Skates’ safety gears are a necessity and not a luxury, especially when one has just started to learn the skating.

They especially help when a skater loses balance and falls. Injuries are more likely to occur if one lands on a hard road. Therefore, helmet and all other gear are a must have before one starts his/ her skating experience.



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