About - My Inline Skates


At My-inline-skates we are trying to implement a new concept.

In our busy society it is very hard to keep a balance between work, social life and family. Our idea is to choose something that ads value to your needs.
And the extra fun is you can enjoy it with friends and family, so the social life doesn’t suffer.

Moving and being outdoor can rebalance the most important aspects of living.

But this is not the only hobby out there that can improve the quality of life. There are many activities that can help making the social more fun.
Keeping active and energized can bring happiness in someone’s life.

We have created this site for the buyer’s individual needs. We know how dreadful can get when shopping for a specific item , in this case inline skates. And the hardest part is to choose what’s best for a specific activity.That’s why at My-Inline-Skates we want to make the whole process easier. We explain to buyers what skate they should use and for which type of skating.

To be more helpful,we have decided to share what works and what not in the nutrition & exercise field.
This is another important part of someone’s life. We know how hard and stressful can this be. We want to help where we can.

We will keep uploading helpful materials to make your journey easier.

The team at My-Inline-Skates is wishing you all a happy day.