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All about inline skates


You must have heard about inline skates or rollerblades but don’t know about the real concept behind. There are many types of best inline skates used for the activity.

A standard inline skate consists of 4 to 5 wheels on average, arranged in a single line.  The break on the heel makes stopping easy. The concept of inline skates comes from the ice skates. A boot is attached to the wheels of the skates to keep those wheels in line.

Inline Skating Types

There are many different types of inline skating who are popular in the whole world. Speed skating, artistic skating, and aggressive skating are the most known types of inline skating. Inline skates are preferred over the ice skates because ice skates only used on ice. While ice is not available everywhere, inline skates are favored by the players to add a unique touch to that specific game.

Inline Skates and its uses

Different types of inline skates serve different purposes. The parts of the inline skates also differ from model to model.

Take a glance at some of the inline skates types and even know for which activity are.

Recreational Inline Skates

Recreational inline skates are one of the most popular kinds of inline skate. Engineered for people who want to go out for simply enjoying inline skating. These skates are used for basic fitness, trail or for merely skating around the neighborhood. It is the right choice for you until you are not looking for a specific kind of inline skates.
Many brands in the market offer recreational inline skates. The features of these inline skates are somehow different, but minor. The boot construction of such skates is usually soft. Cuffs made up of hard plastic are used at the back of the boot to provide support to it. These kinds of inline skates are most breathable and lighter as compared to other sorts of inline skates.

• Fitness Inline Skates

Today, inline skates help fitness enthusiasts. Such skates are for those people who want to keep themselves in shape. You can call fitness inline skates as those recreational skates which are intended for high performance.

For generating speed, fitness inline skates have large wheels and faster bearing.
The weight of fitness inline skates is lower than other skates as you will have to travel long distances by using these skates. There is liner construction in such skates for a comfortable journey. There are ventilation differences as well in fitness inline skates for better air. These skates provide people with some benefits when it comes to exercise. It is an exciting activity as compared to yoga or running on a treadmill. As much as you run, that many calories will burn out in your body.

• Roller Hockey Inline Skates

As the name depicts itself, roller hockey skates are for hockey. It adds a different touch to the ordinary game. Roller hockey is becoming popular among people every day. The demand for roller hockey skates is increasing too. People of all genders look to buy these type of inline skates.

The design of ice hockey skates and roller hockey skates is similar to some extent. The leather used in the construction of these inline skates has additional materials like plastic or carbon fiber. Airplane-grade aluminum makes roller hockey inline skates decrease in the weight o and enhances its durability.

Racing Inline Skates

If you are an aggressive skater, who combine fitness with competition, then speed inline skates are designed for you. Advanced technology is making these skates to have a higher speed. The main aim behind developing these inline skates is FAST SPEED. These are lightweight inline skates with no brake. Such skates usually consist of 4 wheels with the high ranked bearing. Carbon fiber composes inline racing skates.
The cuff of racing inline skates is lower as the tall boot has more weight, for better speed and acceleration.  Wheels of speed inline skates are more significant as compared to other kinds of inline skates. These inline skates are smooth and efficient to take you on the top.

Benefits of Inline Skates

While whenever a person is planning to purchase an item, it is better to analyze the benefits of that item. Profits will help us to decide whether this item is useful for us or not. For that reason, it is better to look at the benefits of inline skates after going through its uses.

1. Low-impact workout                        


If you are annoyed from running or walking, or that old yoga moves then inline skating is the perfect solution for you. By placing little stress on your joints, you can get the desired body shape by using inline skates. You will not have to put the health of your knees or bones on the stake, to get the perfect shape. Inline skating will add a pleasurable touch to your workout.

2. Muscles development

When it comes to muscles development, then inline skating is one of the most useful exercises. Getting on your blades a couple of times in a month can help in toning your muscles. You can build your hip muscles, lower back muscles, upper leg muscles, and gluteus muscles by getting on your inline skates.

3. Balance

You learn to keep balance on your one foot along with maintaining momentum by inline skating. You will increase your agility as well as improve your balance. You will have to prevent falling off of your body while you are on inline skates. Therefore, balance is one of the significant benefits someone can get of inline skating.

4. Burn calories

Want to get the desired shape but worried about how to burn these extra calories? Don’t worry, just put on your inline skates and go out. An average person can burn up to nine calories in one minute. While the burning of calories depends on your overall weight but the tagline is that Inline Skating burns calories.

5. Arms and legs

Yes, you have read the right its arms and legs. You always heard about that inline skating is beneficial for your legs, but it is also helpful for your guns. As you will use your arms during inline skating for keeping the momentum and balancing yourself.

6. Good for heart

There are anaerobic benefits of inline skating because of the smooth and natural movement of your buttocks and inner thighs. Just inline skating for 30 to 40 minutes in a day can reduce your blood pressure, risks of heart diseases and strengthen your body. It can be a fun way to exercise.

7. Relaxing

Inline skating is not only a fun time, but it is relaxing as well. Just put on your skates and skate down on Lakeside, Park o even down the road, will release all your mental stress and tension due to smooth movements of your legs. It is an ideal way of enjoying your surroundings as well as relaxing your whole body.

8. Enhances endurance

Along with the progress of your muscles, inline skating also improves the endurance of your muscles. While you are on the hill or lakeside, your body will learn about how to use your energy packs efficiently. It will result in better muscles endurance, which you can utilize in other activities.

Your Journey from Beginner to Aggressive Skater  

Various steps can help a beginner to become a powerful skater. Most of the people are of the view that an aggressive style of skating is scary, but the reality is that it is fun. It is just about using specific techniques to get the most out of inline skating. Given below are steps that can help you out in starting aggressive inline skating.

• First of all, get a nice pair of inline skates and start gliding
• If you don’t know about inline skating yet,  learn from  an expert or other available resources
• Practice simple moves of inline skating like jumping, skating backward, etc. daily on your skates
• Try to mix various steps of inline skating and  add your touch in every move
• Visit any local skate park near your home and try all learned moves there
• Learn how you can go down and up on different kinds of pipes
• In the last attempt to jump from several types of hurdles/obstacles

Keep in your mind that like every other sport or activity, the process of learning aggressive skating is based on three things; PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE.




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