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Where To Buy Roller Skates

Roller skating is a fun and leisure-fulfilling activity that is increasingly becoming popular among the teens, adults, and even parents. However, as you enjoy this fun and thrilling event, you must remember to obtain a durable roller skate that will ease your skate as you move from point A to B.Before investing your hard-earned cash […]

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K2 Aggressive inline Skates

There was a time that aggressive inline skating was the “in thing” and everyone considered it fun and they wanted to try it. However, with time, the popularity went down and most people found other styles to be more interesting. But, with time, the aggressive style has regained a significant popularity. Most people who prefer […]

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3 wheel inline skates

Most people are torn between buying 3 wheel/ triskates and 4 wheel skates, because not everyone understands the difference except in the number of wheels. Lucky for you, I am going to cover the 3 wheel inline skates extensively to help you understand not only the features but also what sets them apart from the […]

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Is Ice skating a good exercise?

      Do you want to reduce some extra fat in a fun way? Are you bored with the day-to-day cardio exercises? Don’t worry! We have a perfect solution for your problem. You might have heard of ice skating lately, but do you know that it can also help in weight loss? Wondering how […]

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What are quad skates?

Quad skates  are basically roller skates with four wheels, two in the front and another pair in the back. These type of skates are considered ideal for beginners as they ensure a stable ride by balancing the users’ weight on wheels to prevent slipping and other issues. Traditionally, quad skates for beginners feature a toe […]

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USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skates Review

It’s that time of the year when you would want to grab your skates and spin around outside for hours. Whether it’s vert skateboarding, park skating, freestyle skating or aggressive inline skating, once you are a pro at it, there is no looking back. Whereas skating is a thrilling experience, not everyone has the confidence […]

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K2 Pro Longmount-Expensive Skates

Upon hearing the words “roller skating”, the very first thought that comes to your mind must be of someone strolling along the boardwalks and sidewalks on roller blades near the beach. Right? At least, this is a common scene shown in movies, isn’t it? However, the reality is different. Apart from beaches, you can enjoy […]

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