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Baby Ice Skates

Ice skating is a wonderful experience whether you do it as a sport or a hobby, and it’s even more fulfilling when you do it with your young one. Ice skating has become more popular for children than before since it’s fun and entertaining. If you wish to introduce your young one in the liberating world of skating you will need to invest in a pair of ice skates that has outstanding aspects like safety, comfort, and durability. Getting the right pair of baby ice skates for your toddler, will make them have fun and fall in love with ice skating, and as a caregiver, you will feel fulfilled since this is a healthy, active and fit activity for your young ones.

To help you get it right, we have a short baby ice skates buying guide that will help you learn everything about the perfect ice skates for your child and help you make an informed decision.


Baby Ice Skates buying guide: Factors to consider when buying baby ice skates

Comfort and safety

We need to acknowledge the fact that ice skating activity is potentially hazardous and your child is at risk of minor injury hence the need to get a skate boot that doesn’t compromise your child’s safety. Your kid might have a passion for ices skating but if the ice skates are not built with comfort and fit high regards, it will end up discouraging the kid and frustrating you as the caregiver. Comfort is essential and number one aspect priority in ice skates boots. To ensure that your kids’ ice skate is comfortable always check whether the inside is padded with high-density foam which is suitable for cushioning your child’s feet. A skating shoe that is generously padded protects your child feet from straining and getting blisters while skating. Moreover, ensure that you get the right size for your kid with adjustable straps to enhance the comfort levels.


A perfect ice skating boot is made of stiffening material also known as a counter that is made of plastic or layers of leather. It is usually very stiff and provides ankle support to your child. Additionally, the base is attached to a blade that is slightly curved with a toe pick which allows your child’s weight to be well distributed and maintain balance while they jump and spin during skating. Ensure that the ice skate you choose has a durable blade either made from stainless steel metal or a nickel as this offer reduced friction while your child is skating.


The market has a variety of ice skates to offer but you must ensure that the one you get for your child is durable and designed to last. You will know if a skate boot is durable by checking the material used make it. There are many high-quality materials in the market today but one of the best materials that you are guaranteed to last will be treated leather. At times, cheap is expensive so you have to ensure that you invest in a quality ice skate boot that can’t break easily whether you plan to use it on daily basis or once a week.

The size

Make ice skating easier for your little one by getting them ice skates in the right/perfect size. Some models  run high or smaller in size compared to the size your kid wears for normal shoes so inquire about the fitting before ordering. You can always go a size up or down depending on your findings.

Adjustable models

Kids grow fast and they might outgrow their ice skates even before they have used them as much as you would have wished. Luckily, there are some adjustable kids’ ice skates models that make it possible to expand the length of the skates’ boots. As such, your little one can grow up to 4 sizes with the skates. If your kid is only into casual skating, this is the right type of model to get them.

Must have features for the best baby ice skates

  • Easy to break-in materials
  • Should be strong, lightweight and have sharp blades
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Should have heat-moldable lining that’s made of comfortable, lightweight, yet strong materials
  • The ankles should be hinged to provide flexibility
  • Should have heel counters to offer great support



3 Best baby Ice Skates- For Your Passionate Kid

  1. Jackson Ultima Softec [ST2321] Classic Junior Ice Skates

Why we like it: Features a high-quality figure blade, distinctive 2 color outsole, and comes in a variety of color to choose.

Whether your child is a beginner or an expert in ice-skating this multi-functional pair of ice skate will make your enthusiastic kid have fun throughout the whole activity. Jackson Ultima Softec is designed for girls between the age of 3 and 8. It boasts a tongue and a fleece-lined upper that offers comfort and warmth to your young one. In addition, it has an attached figure blade made of softer high-quality material to ensure that your kid gets extra support while ice skating.

Better still, it’s available in 4 colors and you can choose the color that your kid prefers. Moreover, the distinctive 2 color outsole is stylish and durable and allows you to maintain a high level of cleanliness. This skate boot is designed for durability and comfort which is best for your child’s introduction to skating as well as helping those who are already in the world of skating improve their skills.


  • High-quality figure blade
  • Variety of colors to chose from
  • Super cute and comfortable
  • Has the best ankle support


  • Small fit so you will need to get a bigger size than the size your kid normally wears
  • The curved blade might be tough for first-time learners. However, once your little one figures their way around it, they will find the design very comfortable and best for ice skating. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


  1. Bauer LIL Angel Champ Skates

Why we like it: Features a nylon interior for comfort, ratchet buckle system for a snug fit, molded blade, and a pre-shaped tongue

Bauer Lil Champ comes in second on our list of best ice skates for a number of reasons. One is the nylon interior with an inner liner, which is suitable for kids who are training skating for the first time. The interior construction and pre-shaped tongue provide your child’s feet with a warm, comfortable, and snug fit when ice skating. Furthermore, this ice skate features a forefoot ratchet buckle technology that allows your kid to put them on easily and take them off with ease. The ratcheted buckle also makes sure that the ice skates are tight on your kid’s feet to offer extra security and ankle support.

Moreover, it also has a molded blade to help your kid move from side to side while protecting their heel and ankle. Starting early with ice skating is wonderful and this Lil champs will make the experience for your child one to remember. These Lil champs are available in blue and pink.


  • Pre-shaped tongue for comfort
  • Ratcheted buckle system for a snug fit
  • A molded blade for easy side-to-side movement


  • The blade is rounded making which it more hockey style and less figure skating style.
  • Blades are a bit tough for the young ones trying skating for the first time. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


  1. Lake Placid Summit Boys Ice Skate

Why we like it: Provides a reinforced ankle support, warm woven lining, stainless-steel blade, locking buckle, waterproof sole, and a power strap.

Lake Placid Boys Ice Skate features a warm woven lining that provides comfort to your kid’s feet as well as maintaining the heat while ice skating. Again, the interior is generously padded which provides a snug fit to maximize stability and support to your child while ice skating.

The sole of this skate boot is waterproof which is perfect to ensure that your child’s feet remain dry during the whole ice skating activity. Furthermore, these skate boots are laced-up to offer more stability to your child’s ankle. Better still; the boot boasts a double runner blade to help your kid maintain a better balance as they learn skating.

The base of this skate boot boasts a stainless-steel blade that is of high-quality making your child’s skating experience at the ice rink frictionless. This ice skate prides a unique locking buckle and a power strap to give your child a comfortable secure fit to your kid’s feet. Better still, this skate boot gives your kid a reinforced ankle support. Lake Placid is sturdy and has a combined grip and security aspect, plus the blade tail and toe pick which is a great deal for young ones who just got introduced to skating world.


  • Waterproof sole
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • Reinforced ankle support
  • Heat-maintaining woven lining
  • Innovative power strap
  • Locking buckle
  • Rounded tip and no toe pick



Investing in a quality ice skate boot for your kid will help motivate and encourage them to explore more in ice skating world. Ice skating is a wonderful sports activity and it adds to your child’s physical benefits hence the need to get a quality and a durable one that can grow with your kid to avoid buying a new one every other time. Ensure you get a pair that is comfortable for your kid, and durable enough to last long.




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