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Best Ice Skates for Toddlers


It’s hard to believe it, but your 18-month-old daughter just asked you about ice skating. She wondered what the best pair of ice skates would be for her to learn to skate. Wow, where did that come from? I took a peek into the family room, and sure enough, a program had aired on the news that showed a group of toddlers skating around the ice rink and the station reporter was describing how much fun it was and that these boys and girls were the future Olympians of the world.


My daughter had no clue what Olympians were, but she was now determined that she would be one of them. Maybe I’d let it ride for a day or two, and she’d forget about it. She didn’t. I wasn’t prepared for this at such a young age. I had some research to do to convince myself if this was normal or she was going through a phase. I suspected that the best ice skates for toddlers would not be cheap and all the other equipment and paraphernalia needed would drive up the cost. Plus, she was growing like a weed.

Research was enlightening

My first tendency was to look at the cost of ice skates, mostly because I didn’t know any better what to do. I figured that looking at Amazon online would give me a good first idea of what was available. I was immediately overwhelmed as I looked over the Amazon bestseller of 100 children's ice skates. Were children’s skates good for toddler’s? The screen capture below gives you an idea of the challenge I was facing, and they are only 10% of what I had to sort through.

The decisions were not going to be easy. Suddenly, the questions starting mounting up.

  • Was my toddler serious about ice skating or was it just an impulse of the moment
  • Was I going to have to find a coach for her or just let her burn out her fantasy with a couple of trips to the skating rink?
  • Where was the skating rink? Could I find ice close by?
  • Was my toddler steady enough on her feet to handle the thin blade on the bottom of the skates?

Enter Yep, I was already starting to feel the strain. Given my tendencies to do things spontaneously and not think them through was going to be my worst enemy. It was time to expand my research and education about competitive ice skating and what kind of dedication it took to make it work. Maybe, I’d get lucky, and all my dear child would want to do is recreational skating as a hobby. Then, there were the community skate clubs to deal with. The $40.00 bucks for the first pair of skates were only the tip of the iceberg.

Creating a Plan and Extending my Research

Ok, my tendency to be highly dysfunctional and wildly spontaneous has to be brought under control. That was possible by forcing myself into planning mode. I was not educated about ice skating because it wasn’t my thing.

 Me, when I was growing up. I was a gymnast, and there was a lot of transferable knowledge to be applied. The first step was to find the national organizations that keep watch over ice skating. They would become my go website for unbiased, professional knowledge, and advice. They are usually non-profit and responsive.

  • They work in partnership with US Figure Skating and USA Hockey.
  • They have an education and resource collection but minimal content.
  • You can find that ice rink you’re looking for.

 Well, I’m not ready to dip my toes into the USA Figure Skating website yet, but I will keep the link handy until after I sort through the less serious stuff first. After all, the only thing I care about at the moment is to find a pair of good skates, to begin with. I do see that they have in-school programs and offer lessons for free. That’s interesting. This website will also connect you to all the social media hangouts for ice skaters. I tried searching the site for the “best ice skates for toddler’s” and got nothing.

Advice on the Best Ice Skates for Toddlers           


So, let’s get serious and find some good advice on what ice skates to buy. I don’t have any retail outlets that specialize in ice skates, so let’s line up online resources. I used this search term on Google to locate the more authoritative and unbiased websites, “desirable features for toddler ice skates.” You can try any number of search terms. Find the one that’s best for what you want to know. These are all page on search engine results, and as such, they are considered the most authoritative websites that Google has to offer.

  • - Buying Ice Skates for Kids section, a 10 step process. You also want to look at the buying recreational skates section for your toddler because you're not ready to consider figure skates and hockey skates certainly are not in the picture. It provides another 14 points for consideration.
  • - they have a section on best toddler ice skates and offer some advice. Their recommendations are limited, but keep in mind that you’re looking across a wide selection of websites and comparing the information you find between sites is just as valuable as finding the information in the first place.
  • – this is a discount site, so keep in mind what you’ve learned about the most desirables features to look for. There are several filters you can use on this site to narrow down the choice to the best buy for what you’re looking for.
  • - this is a website to go to if you’ve pretty much narrowed down your brand and type of skate and are looking for the best price for that particular pair of skates. It’s a bit tricky to navigate, but the monetary rewards could prove valuable. It’s especially useful if your toddler is a once and done marvel.

  • The Best Ice Skates to Buy Your Toddler – Our Choices

    We have some risk and uncertainty to deal with in building this list. You can never tell what reviews are genuine and which ones are manufactured. Both will show up online. There are, however, strength in numbers. Our method is to find the best authorities on toddler ice skates and build a matrix of how they all rank these skates from one to ten. It’s a simple data-centered process, and it's only designed to give you a starting point. The final decision is yours and we suggest you consult a professional ice skating coach. Even then, make sure your toddler tries on a variety of ice skates and pick the ones that meet the list of desirable characteristics we talked about earlier. Most stores have a return policy of so many days as well. Let your toddler use the skates on the ice a few times to see how it goes. Exchange them for a different pair if your toddler develops blisters or finds something that just doesn’t feel right.

    Some websites exist to provide some tips and best practices for buying ice skates. Take the time to look them over and get your mind aligned for recognizing the issues. Hre’s a shortlist of some of those websites.


    The ice skates we suggest you try out and give a test run are these three. We narrowed our choices to the top boy/girl pair of ice skates, girl-only, and the boy only. We used the three largest consolidated lists of toddler skates, Google search engine results, Amazon bestsellers, and two websites that specialize in toddler skates;



    We didn’t accept the winners based on placement in the lists, but rather on the desired characteristics suggested by the experts that constitute an excellent recreational ice skate.

    Bauer Lil Champs – Boy or Girl Selection


    This pair of skates is well suited for either a boy or a girl in the toddler age group of 18 mos to 4 years. Their primary value is that they are a great starter skate as suggested by the reviews. They are designed to fit the smallest of feet and come in both pink and blue. They have a single ratchet buckle that makes them easy to adjust without having to take the skate-off. The tongue of the skates is padded but firm and supports the ankle strongly. The one-piece nylon liner makes getting skates on the feet simple and smooth. 

    This pair of skates is well suited for either a boy or a girl in the toddler age group of 18 mos to 4 years. Their primary value is that they are a great starter skate as suggested by the reviews. They are designed to fit the smallest of feet and come in both pink and blue. They have a single ratchet buckle that makes them easy to adjust without having to take the skate-off. The tongue of the skates is padded but firm and supports the ankle strongly. The one-piece nylon liner makes getting skates on the feet simple and smooth.


    There are two things to keep in mind. These skates are designed for small feet. If you buy them for an older toddler or one with larger than the typical foot size of an 18 mo to 4 years old, you will probably run into the child's feet starting to hurt early on. The other issue is that the blades do not come sharpened from the manufacturer. You must get them sharpened after you purchase them.

    These skates rank as 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.


    Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates – Girls Only

    This skate was chosen for the girl's toddler skate because of its minimal cost and flexibility. It’s designed specifically for the younger skater which I found to be very important with a toddlers skate for the 18 months to a 4-year-old girl. There are many ice skates built for what the manufacturer calls kids or children that are targeted for the older girls just beyond toddler age.


    The features of the skate make it easy to work with that keeps the toddler happy if adjustments need to be made. The fittings are push-button adjustable while the skate is on the foot. The securing straps are quick to fit cam buckles on the front of the skate. Starting at $25.10, they won’t break the bank, and if skating becomes less popular with your toddler, you won’t have broken the bank.

    The reviews average out to a 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.

    Roces Boys' Jokey Adjustable Ice Skates- Boys Only

    This is a higher-end ice skate but has the same set of “desirable features” as the other two winners we’ve chosen. The cost is a bit higher because the skate is more ruggedly built to withstand the beating a boy would give it over a girl.

    This toddler ice skate for boys features a growth compensator so it will fit for a longer period and save you some money over the long haul. The liner for the skate is a removable anatomic thermal insulator to keep the foot warm. It’s easy to take on and off due to the two micro-adjustable buckles on the front. The blade is constructed from carbon steel.


    This is the beginning of a potentially long journey rather than an end to the process, but to find the best ice skates for toddlers, it’s where we are wrapping things up with this article. While you’re introducing your toddler to the world of ice skating, you might want to observe her level of excitement and emotional attachment to the sport. That’s what will determine if and when you move up to things like getting her lessons and maybe even a personal coach depending on how talented she is. Invest yourself in the process and keep an open mind. After all, one day this might be your toddler.


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