Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Inline Skates
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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Inline Skates

If you have never been introduced to inline skating, you are missing out on one of the most fun-filled and entertaining activities of all times. Imagine gliding around on the street or in the park near your house, cold wind rushing into your face. This is an amazingly relaxing and stress-relieving activity for both children and adults alike. In order to experience this soothing feeling, you need to get your hands on the best inline skates. Only a really good and well-designed pair of top rated inline skates will make skating easy and safe for you. The market for these skates is filled with a wide array of different and pretty designs and colors for you to choose from and roll around. The quality also varies from one model to the other; hence, you should always look for specific features in the skates like wheels, frames, bearings and brakes.

Apart from being an enjoyable pastime, inline skating has also proven to be a great exercise for your body and mind. It strengthens your muscles and is a very easy way to burn all the calories and feel super light. It can be a wonderful fitness activity for children in particular and they can also have fun while skating. There is a variety of skates for men, women and children.

There are no age limits when it comes to skating, everyone can skate to their hearts’ content.

For children in particular, this can be seen as really good extracurricular activity which can be adopted to boost your child’s confidence. Balancing on inline skates and sliding down the pathway with your arms outstretched can be a huge source of feeling free and independent. Since it’s a solo activity, all you need is a pair of skates, plain ground and glide away!

Wide Variety available

By the word wide variety, we do not specifically mean to say that inline skates are available in different designs. By a wide variety, we actually mean that inline skates have a variety in type, in size, in liners, in cuffs, closure systems and much more. Inline skates are also available for different skill level types. There can be skates for men, women, young boys and girls. The point basically is that this wide variety ultimately helps the users to purchase according to their suitability.

Part Details

Inline skates are made up of 6-8 different parts. All these parts, if of high quality, make the riding experience an amazing one for users. First comes the boot. Usually, long boots are used to design the best inline skates. Speed skaters often use a carbon fiber boot, whereas those who want it for recreational purpose use a soft boot for greater comfort. Second and one of the most important things is the lineup or the frame. Carbon fiber frames are expensive but generally more flexible, whereas the high-grade polyurethane is used in the recreational skating shoes. These are cheap but not much flexible. Wheel size is another part which is important in this matter. In the range between 44mm to 125mm, there are 7-8 different wheel sizes which are used for different skill level riders. When the best parts are used, the end result becomes a top-rated inline skates which just creates its own market.

History of Inline skates

The concept of skating was first developed in the late 1800’s. During the 1895 to 1899 period, a UK-based company made road skates. These skates had four parallel wheels just like a car – two in the front and two in the back. Developments took place but the concept of inline skates typically wasn’t there. In 1950, Inline skates were defined in the magazine “Popular Mechanics”. Later on, in the year 1954, they were again published in the issue of “Popular Science”. This can be called as the first brick to the long road of inline skates.

The journey begins

There was a long gap after that; however, in 1972, inline skates were openly used in a commercial by the famous beverage company Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew used Mettoy’s product known by the name of Skeeler. They attempted to sell his product which was basically an inline skate developed for hockey players and speed skaters. In the year 1987, a company by the name of Rollerblade became the first one to sell the inline skates for both men and women commercially. Since then, many companies came into the field and the trend of inline skates began to increase rapidly.

Records Broken from Inline Skates

No one could believe the fact that inline skates would get so much popularity in such a short time. In the year 1996, Jason Lewis became the first male to complete the crossing of the USA only on inline skates. This was a part of his tour named Expedition 360, in which the main aim was to travel the globe using human power only. On his journey, a horrific incident took place and he was hit badly by a car in Colorado. Unfortunately, he broke both his legs and had to rest for a further 9 months, after which he completed his journey from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco. Skates for women have also been popular over the past many years. We can see the example of Kacie Fischer who has been holding the latest record for traveling across the USA on inline skates in a period of 47 days.

Variety of Inline Skates

There are a variety of inline skates to choose from and the market for these is filled with different types and sizes. There are cheap skates and expensive skates, colorful and single colored skates, simple and complex. There are also different skates for men, women and children. For each of these groups, the skates come in various sizes, colors, distinctive features and complexity.

Inline skates for men

For different genders, there are different kinds of skates. For men, the variety ranges from speed skates to fitness skates and aggressive skates. All these are different in nature and each serves a different purpose. The inline speed skates have the capacity to race faster than a speeding bullet. Some of them have hydrogen wheels with carbon fiber wrapped shell boots and power boosting speed frames. The aggressive type of skates may come with larger wheels for long, smooth glides. The ankle cuff is placed lower than the usual position, so that it gives greater flexibility and enhanced control. It also helps your heel stay fixed in position so that you don’t lose your balance. Rollerblades for men are the most user-friendly and lightweight among all fast skates. They are easy to use and the wheels roll effortlessly.

Inline skates for women

For casual women skaters, there are great affordable skates which are solely for recreational purposes. The wheel size of these skates stays within 84mm so that they can maintain control and a good hold. The main aim or objective of these is to ensure comfort, confidence and stability. The features of these are very limited so that the rider can have the most fun while skating without any complication. The other type of skates for women is roller blade cross-training inline skates. The wheel size in these varies from 84mm to 125mm. Women who plan to skate for longer duration with added features should go for these skates. They also ensure balance and control, regardless of the additional performance features. Another type is Freestyle inline skates which are very versatile and are designed for maneuverability and fastness.

Inline skates for kids

When it comes to kids or young beginners, there are two main types of skates. One is Quad Skates, originally called roller skates which has four wheels, two in front and two at the back. This helps the child in keeping balance while skating. These are similar to simple tennis shoes, except that they have wheels on them. They allow kids to stand in their normal positions without falling backwards of forward. Quad skates are generally considered the best skates for kids, beginners in particular because they are very conventional. The other type is the Rollerblades which has 4-5 wheels in a straight line. These don’t offer much balance to the riders as the quad skates do. However, for vigorous training and exercise, these inline skates work really well. For children usually, the aim of the designers is to provide utmost comfort and safety straps.

Buying Your First Pair of Inline Skates? Consider These Points!

Contrary to popular opinion, inline skates actually vary when it comes to their parts and features. If you are new to the inline skating world, or moving on to the next level, you need to understand what these parts are, and see if your prospect inline skates have them.

best inline skates


Wheels play a big part in inline skates because their movability, quality, and size will need to match your level, type of inline skating style, and the surface you prefer. Hard wheels are good for indoor skating, while softer wheels are good for outdoor skating.


Make sure your wheel bearings will allow you to turn and make sudden angle changes. Check the ABEC numbers. If its high, it will help you turn better and faster.


The most important part of the best skates are the brakes. Check what brake system is installed in inline skate. If you are new to inline skating, check if the brake system allows you to adjust the brake pads’ height to match your needs.


What are they made from? Metal frames are considerably more expensive but better for fast speeds.


It’s important the skates don’t get derailed when you skate. Check if the closures are either lace or buckle. Make sure you are comfortable with them.

Why choosing the right in-line skate matters?

Imagine gliding around your favorite park in your brand new skates and suddenly falling flat on your face. Or perhaps, a skating competition with the skaters on your block and you being the last person to reach the finish line because your skates couldn’t keep up with your pace. Either you are too clumsy or you chose the wrong skates for yourself. It is probably the latter case. This goes to show the importance of selecting the right kind of skates in order to prevent all kinds of accidents.

It is absolutely essential to first research and ask about what skates are best for you, and then buy them. This will help save your money and also protect you from going through the hassle of the whole returning and exchanging process. Choosing the wrong size or the incorrect type of skates can result in a lot of unwanted situations. It can certainly reduce your performance. All the dreams you had of riding around in your new skates and showing off in front of your friends will shatter. You could also possibly develop weird foot and ankle problems such as calluses, rashes, severe itching or tendonitis. You certainly wouldn’t want ugly things sprouting from your feet. Wrong skates can also result in extreme unease and long term medical issues. There are different skates for varying age groups, genders and levels. If you end up with the wrong pair, it could definitely make you go through a lot of embarrassment along with intense discomfort.

Buying the best and the correct pair of inline skates should be your top priority. Only then you can master the art of skating effortlessly like a pro. And also winning all those skating competitions, leaving everyone in awe.

How to choose the best inline skates?

Now that you are aware of the factors that make good inline skates, you now have to know how to pick the perfect pair for you. Here are some of the questions you need to consider as you choose your new pair of inline skates:

  • What level are you? Inline skaters are divided into four different groups: novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • What skates are for you? For novice or first timers, it is ideal to get 72-80 mm wheeled inline skates which are good for recreational use. Beginners or returning skaters can get 80-88mm wheeled inline skates, perfect for both urban and recreational skating. Intermediate skaters are suited for 80-100mm wheeled skates for performance, urban, and recreational skating. Advanced skaters are fit for inline skates with 80-100mm wheels that are suitable for speed, recreation, performance, and urban use.
  • What brand offers what you need? For a versatile selection fit for any level, K2, Roces and Rollerblade have several options to choose from. Novice users can try out Bladerunner. Brands like Vanilla, Luigino, Bont, and Powerslide are good for advanced skaters seeking the best performance and fast speeds while still remaining comfortable.
  • What’s the price? If you found the model and your level, check out the prices and see what’s ok for you.
  • What size are you? Not all brands use the same foot-size chart, so double check before you buy.

Best inline skates for men

Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skates

Buying a pair of skates that exactly fulfill all your requirements is not an easy task and you have to consider multiple things. For new skaters, or those wanting a multi-functional rollerblade, try out Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skates.

VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates

Training level skaters require inline skates that are stable, yet offer a good speed level. This should be appropriate for track or road skating, yet not too much exaggerating as it should be for a professional level. Also, they should be safe and should not cause unnecessary slipping or unstable movements. When selecting an inline skates for a beginner or intermediate level skater, go for the optimum Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates Black for the best performance.

Roller Derby Men’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

Inline skates are one of the most popular sports these days. Not only are they played as a sport, but they are also used for some recreational purposes. Buying inline skates can be a confusing process because a lot of companies are offering inline skates but not every inline skate is a recommended one. Roller Derby is known for its production of some amazing Inline Skates. Men who want a great experience should consider the Roller Derby Men’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate.

Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates

It is quite difficult for beginners to find a pair of best inline skates. As they don’t have an idea regarding the background of inline skates, they often end up making incorrect choices. For beginners who don’t have anyone else with the experience of inline skates, we would ask them to consider the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates.

Best inline skates for women

Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90 High Performance Fitness/Training Skate with 90mm Wheels

While your search for a good pair of inline skates may seem never ending, the Rollerblade 2015 Macro blade skate is surely what you need. These are high performance skates that ride very fast and smooth without letting anything get in the way. It is an upgraded model which is very different from other designs and ensures top notch quality. Comfortable, durable and light weight, these skates are ideal for people who prioritize comfort and ease.

 Rollerblade Women’s Zetrablade 80 Skate

Ladies, picking the right pair to fit your needs can be difficult because each skate is different. Luckily, Rollerblade has a solution for you and that is the Zetrablade 80 Skate. Try them out now!

Best inline skates for Kids

Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates, White/Red

Roller Derby has taken up the challenge and designed inline skates that conform to the needs of young beginners and still make them fashionable and girly as seen in the Roller Derby Girl’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates.

Girls Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skates Review

Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skates are super versatile and can be easily used indoors or outdoors, whichever you may prefer. They come with a soft shell boot that will offer utmost relaxation and ease to the riders.

K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates

If you want to give your little girl a safe, adjustable and durable beginner inline skates, check out the K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates. These are comfortable and definitely help girls to improve their skating skills.

Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate

If you are looking for cheap inline skates that have the best specifications for your child, check out Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates.

Quick tips to buy inline skates like a pro

best inline skates

It certainly won’t be surprising to know that if every time you go to buy a good pair of inline skates, you return empty handed because you couldn’t make a decision. Or that the variety of so many colors and types left you completely puzzled and you felt like buying them all. In order to find and buy inline skates like a pro, there are some fairly easy tips and tricks that you could adopt and save yourself from a lot of trouble.

  • Understand the different kinds of skates. Each type is associated with various different features and it is essential to be aware of all sorts.
  • Always know what level of skating you stand at and research about what skates can be the best fit for you. A beginner wouldn’t want to end up wearing advanced level skates that they probably can’t handle.
  • Make the wheel size, texture and hardness your utmost priority. You don’t want to ride on huge squishy wheels which make you feel like you are standing on jelly, or on unbeatable hard wheels that feel like rock to the skin.
  • Do a test ride. Wear your choice of skates and ride around in them so you know how well they run and whether they are completely comfortable for you. Try them on in different positions and various areas to check their flexibility and versatility.
  • Always determine your aim and use for skates. You should know exactly what kind of skates you want and what end result you want to achieve. You cannot wear speed or aggressive skates when all you are interested in is recreational skates.
  • Know what brand you want. This can make things a lot easier for you if you know the particular brand of skates you wish to purchase.
  • Quote your budget and price range. Once you know how much strain your wallet or pocket can survive, you can then just choose from the ones that do fall under your budget.
  • Make sure to check the skates for quality and defects. No one wants to take home a flawed pair and then sulk throughout the day because they are not fit to ride.
  • Never forget the protective gear that comes with the skates. It is an absolute necessity without which you might hurt your face or any other part of the body.

Be it inline skates or any other product, following some guidelines and tips can always come in handy. Not only will you return home with ‘the’ pair of skates, but you will also be a happy person because you made the correct decision after so many efforts on your part. Hence, follow these simple steps and voila! Glide away like an absolute pro.

Your Inline skates, Your sports Companion

Just like you need a group of fun friends to have fun at a party, or a duo of a bat and ball to play cricket, similarly, you need to have the best inline skates to skate like a pro. These aren’t just meant for skating and they can help you experience what it feels like to sway around with the wind smashing in your face. With your arms outstretched and you running around effortlessly, they will give you a sense of liberation. These skates become a person’s best friend while skating where the rest is all forgotten; it is just you and your skates.

An amazing pair of skates will become a part of you without which your sports life will feel so incomplete. Every time you go out without wearing them, you would feel the need to just put them on because that’s what they do to a skater. It is as if your skates become your companion and a helping hand every time you enter the sports ground to play. They enable you to feel light on your feet and skid across different platforms without any obstacle getting in your way.

Also, the perfect inline skates will be there for you whenever you need them. If you are feeling anxious and need fresh air, take your skates out for a ride and you will come back anxiety-free and cheerful. Or if you think you are not as active as you should be when playing your favorite sports, take a run on the skates and wait for the magic to happen. Treat your skates nicely and they’ll become your best companion for life.


It is not a matter of how good of a skater you are or how nothing gets in your way when skating – it is more about how much you invest in things that would help you become perfect at it. And when it comes to skating, it is definitely going to matter how much you put in buying the best inline skates and the ones that are really meant for you. A good pair of skates will come a long way and make you able to become the best at the game.

While you are skating around and trying hard to build balance and stamina, your body is doing so many other things at the same which you don’t even realize. An hour’s worth of intense skating will burn up to 360 calories and you won’t even feel it. Not only that but it will also enhance your mental state while you struggle to focus on your speed and not losing your balance. You start reflecting on your life and start thinking about various things, making different plans which you don’t get to do at any other time.

It is safe to conclude that skating is in fact one of the best activities you will ever come across. It is a multipurpose sport which targets your entire body and doesn’t just focus on helping you skate. It is more like your holy grail that helps you achieve so many things at the same. All you need is the perfect pair of inline skates that help you acquire what you aim for through the art of skating. So, the next time you enter the skates shop and are confused about which ones to get, just make a quick note about which type of skating you prefer, what level you are at which one you wish to conquer next.