Inline skating is one of the most widely recognized and played sports. It is quite popular among young kids and even adults enjoy it a lot. However, optimum performance in this sport and agility is all dependent on the skates one is using. They should be of a perfect fit, compatible design, and properly integrated wheels. Overall, it should provide comfort and ease to its user during the sport. Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable Inline Skate is optimum quality skates that integrate all the above-mentioned priorities. The unique and awesome features make it a lovable choice for regular players. Intermediate level players can also use these skates to improve their riding performance and quality. A detailed review is therefore provided so that the potential buyers may have ease in making a decision.

Specs & Features:

The first feature which must be observed while purchasing any kind of skates is the comfort and the perfect fit. If these criteria are not met, no other feature can provide the desired performance. Also, those inline skates tend to perform best which has been designed to suit the needs of intermediate level players. They have all the features that may be required by beginner or professional users. Chicago Blazer adjustable skates have the following features and specifications:

  • Vented 2PC Outer Shell with easy adjustment to 4 sizes, adjustable, and suitable to many players.
  • Semi-Soft Boot which results in additional ease and comfort.
  • Power Straps make the skates very easy and quick to wear up and secure the straps.
  • Quick Release Buckle to provide a firm grip around the ankle to provide the feature of safety for beginners.
  • 70 millimeter 82a Cast Urethane High Rebound Wheels to provide perfect rolling traction.
  • It has an economical price, hence suits the users on a budget.
  • Both outside and inner material are durable and resilient, hence the product lasts long.
  • It can handle the rougher handling and bear the strains of regular play.
  • 70mm,82a PUC Wheels with ABEC 3 Bearings.
  • Comes in 2 sizes: MD(1-4) and LG(5-8).
  • Covered by a 30-day warranty. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


When a product is launched in the market and bought by the consumers, they are also reviewed for their various benefits and consequences of use. No single product is perfect, this is why reviews are beneficial because they guide the user and provide a useful comparison of the products available in the market. It is advised to go through the reviews very carefully before you purchase anything so that one could have a clear idea of what he is going to buy. When we have studied the reviews of this product, the following pros and cons have been observed.


Chicago blazer adjustable skates are a popular product and are widely purchased and used by skaters. The users who have been using the Chicago Blazer adjustable skates have stated the following plus points of this product.

  • Users have found this a very useful product for self-practice and enjoying a leisurely sport.
  • The skates are extremely comfortable and have a high aesthetic appeal because of its jet black color.
  • They are adjustable and hence several different players can use the same skates.
  • These pair of skates are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Chicago blazer skates provide optimum performance and speedy skating each time it is used.
  • It can be laced up quickly and easily because of the high quality and featured straps.
  • The pair provides excellent fit on the feet and has a perfect grasp to provide optimum performance.
  • The pair is assembled in such technical way so that the wheels and sole plates can be replaced as and when desired
  • The liner of these pairs of skates provides enough space for the foot to provide the desired support to the sole.
  • The liner has been designed out of good stuff and is not excessively puffy.
  • The featured rockers and anti-rockers of these skates are of premium quality to provide new and improved riding experience.
  • The use of these skates does not result in any kind of foot pain or other problems, which are commonly encountered by regular skaters.


The majority of the users are satisfied with the product they have purchased. It is necessary to observe the performance very carefully to check for all the prospects and consequences. However, there are some minor drawbacks. These must be included in the review to provide more clear guidance to the potential buyers.

  • Buckles tend to break with time and might also become loose.
  • Some users have reported that the break doesn’t appear quite good.
  • One of the users reports the loosening of nuts and screws which come out of the bull of the foot on the inside. It is also difficult to replace them.
  • Some of the users are not satisfied with the performance; they might be professional-level users and demand some extra features.
  • No breaks are included in these pairs of skates, hence it might become difficult in controlling.
  • No extra provisions are made to include breaks after purchase.
  • These are only designed for young boys.

Bottom line:

Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Adjustable is overall a good product and is recommended for purchase. It is stated so because it can satisfy the needs of multiple users. The most important thing is that it provides the desired comfort and ease of use. This is one major point that gains this product the most positive reviews. It is a highly rated product by the current users. It suits beginners, enhances the skills of intermediate users, and is fit for the professional level users. Although they are designed for young boys, however since the size is adjustable, it can also be used by the girls. All the money spent is worth it because of the high-quality specs and features invested in this product. Keeping in view all the specifications, it has been tested and verified by the professional players. It is recommended for use. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.



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