Cougar 851 Bird’s Nest Adjustable Children’s Inline Skates


If you are worried by the fact that your child sits at home idle and does not indulge himself in any useful physical activity, then we have the solution for your problem. The main problem here is that your child is getting lazier day by day but he finds loads of entertainment in video games and television which is why he prefers not to go outside and play. In such a case, you need to find a physical activity for your child which is not only good for his health but also provides him with entertainment so he isn’t bored with it and enjoys the most. With that being said, the right physical exercise or play sport for your child is going to be a daily ride on his or her pair of inline skates. Well, why adjustable inline skates? This is because kids feel like they are having a drive on their own. With more speed and perfect body movement, adrenaline levels rise which create a good feeling in them. In usual sports, they have to do a lot with their feet directly and they may not like that but in the case of inline skates, indirect feet support is required.

But why us?

Finding the right pair of inline skates is no longer an issue since we have everything you need. We provide a detailed overview of the product to our viewers and that covers several direct and indirect aspects. Not only do we highlight the different aspects of a particular pair of inline skates but we also identify the differentthings which you must keep in mind before having a specific pair of inline skates for your child. We have a panel of experts who check the product and analyze it before giving us a review on it. Real-life experiments are conducted to check whether the pair of inline skates is the right one or not. Having said that, you can check the following cougar inline skate review and see its different aspects and our opinion whether you should be having it or not. Read more to find out.

Here is what you need to keep in mind before buying the Cougar inline skates

Different things must be kept in mind before owning your pair of inline skates and few of them are mentioned below which matter the most in the case of cougar inline skates.

  • Size Availability: Getting the right size is quite important because if you get the wrong one, you might get it replaced but nothing could replace the bother you faced or the time that was wasted. Thus, get the size correct.
  • Frame type:A strong frame represents the fact that a pair of inline skates can be used by anybody since they will resist damages and pro-level abuse as well. For beginners, this is quite important since they fall a lot causing damage to the frame.
  • Wheel and Bearings: The perfect combination of wheel and bearings will make the cougar inline skates a great one for you since this will allow your child to have a fluid movement and no stiffness while riding.
  • Guarantee/Warranty: This matters a lot since it defines the quality of the pair you are going to buy. The stronger is the warranty, the better is going to be the quality.
  • Price Vs Quality:No one likes overpriced things which is why we always recommend our users to have a product where quality matches with the price and nothing is in a misbalance.

Cougar inline skates reviews


The Cougar 851 Bird's Nest Adjustable Children's Inline Skates is one of the best inline skates which comes in a medium price range and comes in multiple sizes as well. There are three different colors which are being offered by the company and the pair has received an average rating of nearly 3.7 out of 5 stars on Below listed are some of its amazing features.


  • Polyurethane wheels are used. The size varies with the size of the inline skates you are buying
  • Available in two sizes of medium and large. The medium is fit for people with a shoe size of kids 13.5 to 5.5. The large is fit for Men's shoe size: 6 to 8, Women’s shoe size: 7 to 9.5, and Kids’ShoeSize: 5.5 to 7+.
  • Polyethylene frame has been used.
  • The bearings used are Chrome ABEC 7 bearings.
  • They have been designed for kids of different ages and not adults.

The good points!

The following are some of the most important things why you should be getting this pair of skates.

  • The frame is quite strong and will last for long period of time.
  • Supportive boot provides the maximum comfort and an effective grip while riding.
  • The bearings are of good quality.
  • Adjustable sizing makes it a pair worth buying since many people can try it.
  • The pair comes with a set of safety pads as well for knee, elbow, and wrist.
  • The 30-dayMoney-back guarantee is given and you can return them for any reason within 30 days for a full refund.

The downside

There might be some minor issues but no performance issues are reported.

  • Size can be an issue and these skates are mainly designed for kids and not adults so adults should not try them.
  • They come with standard wheels whereas the gel wheels could have been used in such a price range.


The verdict for this pair goes out in the positive because we can obviously see the wonderful features in this pair of skates. Different colors are also provided so that the kids could get their own and most of all, you are getting the right thing for the price. You are getting the safety equipment at the same price whereas you have to buy a new one in the case of other skates.

Come and get it!

Other Cougar inline skates reviews are there as well on our website and you can have a look at them too. However, if you stick to this one, the best thing you will find is the fact that you can try them for 30 days straight and in thecase of any issues, you can return them. So isn’t it a worthtry? Well, definitely it is which is why we would recommend you head over to and get it on the best cougar skates price.

Final Summary

Today, not many pairs of inline skates are present with a good quality but cougar inline skates were not amongst them. Furthermore, there are other cougar inline skates as well in the market but this one is going to prove the right one for you. As we mentioned earlier that inline skates should be bought so that your child should indulge in some physical activities, this pair of inline skates is going to help you in achieving this goal. Conclusively, it can be said that a pair of inline skates is going to help you out in having your children getting active in his daily life. If you want to have some other type of inline skate reviewed by our experts, then you should contact us and we will reply you as early as possible. Do consider all the possible pros, cons, as well as features before buying the Cougar Inline Skates. Do give us your feedback below by telling us how was your experience with the Cougar Inline Skates.


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