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The Girls Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skate

Inline skating is a wonderful sport and time pass activity for the young children. We believe that it is becoming a requirement for the young children as well. For those who spend their entire day in playing video games should have some sort of physical exercise in a fun way as well. Parents who are worried about the fact that which pair of adjustable inline skates is going to be the right one should stop with their worries completely. This is because we review different types of inline skates and identify which one is going to be the right pair and which one isn’t. If you search on our website, you will find various different types of inline skates which have different features and price ranges as well. Basing our review on various different aspects, we would give an appropriate suggestion to you as well in the form of a verdict section. The Girls Lenexa Venus Black & Pink Adjustable Inline Skate is the skate which we will be reviewing today. Find out more about it by reading the review below.

Trust us because..

Various different viewers would be having a question that why should they be trusting us for the purpose of a review. What makes us a reliable and an authentic source? Well, firstly, we don’t force you to buy any product through misleading. We don’t aim to maximize sales or hits but we aim to provide authentic reviews regarding different pairs of inline skates to our users. If you read our reviews, you will find a very natural tone and the fact that we mention the drawbacks as well as the positive points too. In the end, we present you a verdict and suggest you whether to buy the pair or avoid it. We have various different Lenexa inline skates reviews and the following review is also on one of the skates by Lenexa. Before you move on to the final review, take a look at some of the most important things which must be kept in mind before making a final decision on the Lenexa roller skates.

Consider these before buying the Lenexa inline skates

Various things must be kept in mind before buying any certain product. If you keep the following things in mind, you will definitely be able to have the best shopping experience and you will get the right pair of inline skates.

  • Wheels: Wheels come at number one because, without proper wheels, the entire pair of inline skates would be of no use at all. High-quality wheels must be used in the pair of inline skates which you are buying.
  • Boot Type: With boot type, what we actually mean is the fact that the skate must be a comfortable one and should provide an accurate grip to the user as well.
  • Bearings: For a smooth roll out, high-quality bearings should be a part of the inline skates otherwise you will not be having an amazing experience with the skates.
  • Frame: A strong frame will easily resist a tough time with the user as well and will easily withstand any pro-level abuse as well.
  • Size: A good pair of inline skates would be available in multiple sizes so that you can get the most accurate one for your young one. Multiple sizes allow you to have the right size easily.
  • Customer reports: Verified and authentic customer reports must be consulted before making a final decision on any specific pair of inline skates. This will help you in having the right pair as you will have a real-time idea of how the skates work like.

Lenexa inline skates girl review



The Lenexa roller skates are a good one for the young enthusiastic girls who want to have a good time in riding around the block. Three different sizes are offered and the color scheme for this pair is pink with shades of black as well. For more information and features of this pair, read the review below.


  • Silver 5-speed bearings have been used.
  • The wheel type is polyurethane wheel.
  • The pair has been crafted out of reinforced polymer frame.
  • The boots have a deluxe comfort liner and an off boot support system.
  • There are three different sizes available namely Small (Juvenile 11 – Kids 1), Medium (Kids 1 – Kids 4), and Large (Kids 4 – Kids 7).

The good points

The good side of this pair of skates is as follows. Read and find out whether they are as per your requirements or not.

  • The best part about this pair is the fact that chrome steel ABEC 5 bearings have been used which roll out very smoothly.
  • The boot type is also amazing since it has cam-lever buckle, supportive sub-frame, and a push button adjustment system as well.
  • Reinforced polymer frame is a strong one and will withstand the rough usage easily
  • There is not a single customer report which is less than 4 stars.
  • Rink Friendly Heel Stop makes braking easier.

The not-good points

There might be a few points which could’ve been a slight bother but not much.

  • The adjustment was a minor issue for barely a few users.



No major performance issues at all? No negative customer reviews? Strong frame and smooth wheels with the roll out bearings? Well, then what can be the obvious verdict for such a great pair. We think that this pair is going to be the right one for your daughter and you should have it right away. No errors or faults have been reported and the price is fine as well. The company is not overcharging and it is providing you a pair that is free from all the flaws.

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If you have made up your mind for this pair of inline skate, it is well and good. However, if you still have any confusion or anything in mind which needs to be sorted out, you can visit the page of the skate and have everything cleared from your mind. Furthermore, you can check the various customer reviews on and see how most of the users had an excellent experience with this pair of theskate. Surely, this is a durable one. Get it from and have your daughter enjoy.

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