Well, I was searching for a unique way to reduce weight but without getting bored or adapting a strict diet plan. And this is how I found inline skating a great way to have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I believe, almost every time when people wish to lose weight or tone their bodies, they automatically think of heading to the nearest gym or perhaps take medications for it. There are uncountable weight loss drinks and exercises, pills and supplements, and not to mention fitness programs that help you stay fit and healthy. However, there is one amazing way that is completely void of any side effects or chemicals which people tend to ignore or possibly don’t know about it. And this super effective method is physical activity or in simple words, Sports. What people often fail to realize is that even the basic activities like running, walking, cycling, etc. can aid in not just weight loss but they have brilliant health and mental benefits, too.

inline skating

The gateway to a disease-free and healthy future

While the basic notion among people may be that sports can be very exhausting and tiring, but you know what, this exhaustion that protects you from so many illnesses. Research shows that engaging in physical activity on a regular basis is one of the most helpful and beneficial methods for prevention against numerous chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. Outdoor sports, in particular, are known to keep a person fit and healthy in the long run. They also increase a person’s leg strength and core strength, making them energetic and strong. Be it picking up a sport like basketball or jogging around your favorite park, each method has its benefits which ensure a healthy and stress-free future.But I needed something different and off the way!and then I finally found a way and that was inline skating.

Is Inline Skating an effective outdoor sport?

Inline skating is a very effective exercise mechanism which can be very helpful given that you do it correctly. It is not just a way of maintaining fitness but also helps burn calories, makes your joints and bones powerful, and improves the link between your ability to balance with your body’s coordination.

Contrary to popular beliefs and opinions, inline skating is considered a great physical activity which is not only fun and enjoyable but also a wonderful fitness activity. This is one of the very few sports that teach a person how to balance and control their movements. Skating particularly works on your posterior muscles in a different manner than the other sports do. For instance, when you skate, your feet are being turned sideways to maintain your balance. In doing so, the extensor muscle of your hip is strengthened in a better way than when you run or even jog. Running around on the wheels also makes a person use their core and strength differently than in other kinds of sports.

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Get in shape with inline skating

The main question that now arises here is how exactly does skating help to get in shape and stay fit for the many years to come. On the surface, it may simply seem like an act of working the feet and legs. However, while doing that, a lot of other things are happening simultaneously inside your bodies which guarantee fitness and create increased energy.

Exerts pressure on the arms and legs

Skating is an activity which makes you power through movement. As you try to balance on your feet and control how your body moves, your arms and core are working out strenuously. This, in turn, releases a lot of pressure and force which strengthens your muscles, especially the ones in your lower body. The combination of these tough muscles and better coordination directly affects how active you become.

Burns excessive amounts of calories and fat

If you skate for an hour each day, you can easily burn at least 300-600 calories on a regular basis. Although the exact numbers heavily depend on a person’s weight and their pace of skating, it works really well in reducing the calorie count, regardless. Because your muscles and several body parts are in constant motion and movement while skating, your calories are also consistently being shed off.

Improves stamina and endurance

As you constantly move your legs, arms and almost the whole of your body, with each straining movement your levels of energy and resistance keep building up. This happens because your muscles are being trained invariably and your body eventually gets used to the whole process. To an extent that you no longer feel exhausted or worn out as you keep skating more each day. This also makes the body and muscles more resilient, hence leading to great fitness overall.

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Builds muscle definition

Skating is more like a cardio exercise that is not just associated with fitness and weight loss but it helps increase your muscle definition to great extent. It helps tone up your muscles and firms up certain areas of your body like thighs, legs, calves, abs, glutes, etc. in the initial stages these parts of your body will go through a lot of strain. However, once your body adjusts to the changes, not only will you shed a few extra pounds but will become much leaner and refined.

How to choose the best inline skates?

Once you familiarize yourself with the endless benefits of inline skating in terms of fitness, the next important thing is to find the best inline skates for this very purpose. When it comes to outdoor sports, it is absolutely essential to get your hands on the best and top quality accessories and equipment to help achieve your target or objective. In the case of skating, your aim is to find a pair of skates that you really need to accomplish your fitness and health goals.

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Identify your needs

The market is full of varieties of skates which are meant for different kinds of skaters and different levels of skating. You need to figure out which pair of skates will fit your requirements best. They are categorized according to age, gender and usage so knowing these factors will help you purchase the best inline skates for yourself. Also, each design will have a distinctive brake system, wheel size, durometer, bearings, etc.

Fun or fitness?

Nowadays, there are inline skates available that are particularly meant for fitness purposes. These are integrated with features that target a person’s workout regime and have power boosting speed frames. On the other hand, there are recreational skates too which are solely for fun and enjoyment. While these also contribute towards helping people burn those calories and get in shape, their focal point is adventure and recreation.

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Decide your price range

The best inline skates may not necessarily be very expensive yet might provide high end performance. Therefore, determine your budget and buy those skates that fit in your price range. For skating, it is important to keep factors like quality, price, speed, etc under great consideration.​

A skater’s guide to being a pro at skating to ensure long term health and fitness

Any sport, indoor or outdoor has some set of guidelines, precautions and rules that one needs to follow to make the most of the physical activity and training. When it comes to skating, besides choosing the correct pair of skates, there is a certain course of action that needs to be adopted.​

Practice the art of balance and control​

Aside from maintaining fitness, one major goal of skating is to teach people how to acquire stability and steadiness on the feet. Therefore, one needs to practice that by walking around in the skates and direct how your body responds to that. Once you achieve that, try to move on to the next level.

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Wear essential safety skating gear

Look for skates that come with good quality liners or else you will be uncomfortable every time you go for skating. Also, always protect yourself with kneepads, elbow pads, helmet and wrist guards when you skate. These ensure safety against injury, especially during the times when you might slip or fall down.​

Use the right skating form​

The most important starting point for inline skating is that your posture should be perfect. You should focus your weight on your heels and then power through with the help of your legs. You also need to keep swinging your arms backward and forward as per the requirements of the situation. The lower and faster you go, the more your leg muscles and core will work out.

Take the fitness factor a level higher​

In order to make the most out of that one hour of skating each day, you need to crank things up. Try to drop your upper body by bending your knees to a good angle. This will increase the burn in your legs and will exert intense pressure. Once you get the hang of skating on flat and even surfaces, try moving to steep and slightly steep areas. This will help in additional physical workout and fitness that you may need.

Sports in general are very essential for your body in order to stay fit, active and healthy. They don’t only affect your physical health but also trigger your mental and emotional health. Inline skating, in particular is a very efficient and effective activity of maintaining overall health and fitness in the present and in the future, too.​


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