How to Use Inline Skates for Beginners? The Best Advice is Here

How to Use Inline Skates for Beginners? The Best Advice is Here

How to Use Inline Skates for Beginners

Although it has been around for a couple of decades, rollerblading, or inline skating, is still a favorite sport, exercise, and activity worldwide. One does not have to be a professional skater to enjoy a good pair of inline skates on a beautiful and clear day.

However, if you just bought your first pair of inline skates and you have no formal training with skating of any kind, where should you start?

Let this mini-guide show you how to inline skate if you are a beginner:

Practice first in an empty, dry, and flat area.

Since you are a beginner, it is best you practice first in an area with no people, so you don’t have any accidents bumping into people, or falling unexpectedly in hazards. Locate a nearby, empty lot, pathway, or road where you can practice. Make sure it is free of obstacles and remember to ask permission if it’s private property.

Start with the basics: Standing and balancing.

While close to a wall, or asking someone to help you, practice how to stand with your inline skates. To do this, you have to separate your feet at least a few centimeters apart and point your feet in a V-position. It is also ideal if you have your knees bent so that you won’t immediately fall.

You can also practice standing up with your skates by starting with your knees on the floor, and your body completely upright. With your hands on the deck, raise your right foot until the wheels are firmly under your foot. Then, bracing yourself by holding the wall, stand up on that foot until the wheels of your left are flat on the ground as well.

One small step for man.

When on skates for the first time, you have the sensation that you might slip and fall anytime. Try balancing your weight evenly to the extent that it won’t cause you to move and take one step at a time.

Don’t do it too quickly, though, because you may end up unbalanced and go for a tumble. You can also try out walking with your skates while in the v-walk position. In this way, your feet are in a V position, toes pointed inward, and take one step at a time.

Glide slowly.

After you’ve mastered walking with your skates, it is time for you to learn how to glide. Push one foot forward and start sliding. The trick here is to put your foot forward, then shift some weight on that foot, and repeat the same process for the other foot. Remember to focus on your balance for each leg and learn where it feels comfortable.

Practice until you feel like you don’t have to balance yourself consciously. You can also try practicing gliding solely on one foot first until you feel like you can adjust and glide with on that foot without problems.

Always use the brakes!

Stopping is a  famous trick to learn when it comes to skating because, while you can stop yourself by crashing into someone or an obstacle, it’s best to prevent the injury that comes along with that. Inline skates have brake pads, usually found on the back so you can stop the skates easily. You have to lift the toe of the skates to stop.

You can also put one skate forward, lift the front part as you lean and let the brake pad stop you slowly. It is advisable that you slow yourself first before utilizing the brake. Pads can get damaged if you use them immediately while going at high speed.

Keep practicing

As you learn how to balance and move along with your skates, you will learn the other tricks of inline skating. Take it slow, and make sure you are comfortable with skating before getting into advanced tricks. Always stay alert when it comes to obstacles, and stay safe as you practice.

Inline skating lost its popularity over the years but is still a  better choice for a active hobby. It can keep you active and fit and can be a good destressing technique. Many people skate since they are kids until later years of their lives. Having fun with all the family and why not friends it can be more enjoyable on a pair of skates. For ones trying to find new ways to work out it can be a huge eye-opener. For those just starting in this journey learn how to skate and you will have the most fun you had in the last 6 months.



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