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Ice skating vs Rollerblading

Most people don’t fully understand the difference between ice skating vs. rollerblading. Various factors differentiate the two. We are going to focus on each in an in-depth manner in a bid to shed some light on those new on both.

  Ice skating- What’s involved?


Ice skating is a sport and a recreational activity. It involves making gentle moves, some jumps and spins on top of the ice wearing exceptional shoes that have thin metal bar joined at the bottom called ice skates, and they allow you to move instantly on ice. It has a unique stretching dress code that comfortably runs with you and also helps in making turns. You can even skate on frozen water of the lakes and rivers. And, apart from being considered a sport, ice skating is also taken as an exercise, hobby or done for leisure. If you are looking for a fun activity to help you get back in shape, try ice skating as a workout. It’s fun, and it gives real results.

How do ice skates work?

Ice skates have no inbuilt brakes, but they have a different way to prepare you to stop whenever you need to. One has to maintain his/her weight towards the center of the blades so that the other side of the edge cuts the ice side by side to help you stop. There is much of movement balance when skating on the ice because, at any given skating, only a few inches of the tough blades are sliding over the ice that helps you move swiftly with no difficulties. You skate on a smooth surface.

Is ice skating less dangerous?

You might be quick to think that ice skating will pose fewer dangers in the form of injuries, but the truth is if you’re not careful, you might get seriously injured because ice is as hard as a rock. However, you cannot get through the process without a few falls here and there, and that’s why you need proper gear before wearing the ice skates.

Ice skating- Speed

One of the exciting parts of ice skating is the speed. Due to the smooth surface, accelerating your pace is easy and quick, and that’s why people who are thrilled by speed turn to ice skating.

Advantages of ice skating

Once you begin ice skating, you will realize how much is involved such as pair skating, ice dancing, figure dancing, and free skating. All this will not only help you forget everything that’s going on outside the room because it needs total concentration, but it will also assist in keeping you in shape.

It’s also another way of building your confidence because each stage of training means tackling an obstacle, and the better you get, the more confidence you get, and this grows even beyond ice skating.

Ice skating for kids-advantages

Ice skating has all to do with falling and waking up till you can make it, this builds perseverance in children, and that helps them throughout their life for they learn how to stay determined. And, kids learn ice skating faster than adults, maybe because they do not stop to imagine how the next fall will feel or try to pre-calculate their moves.

Ice skating health benefits

Considering the moves and speed that you’re going at when ice skating, this also has a positive impact on your health. All the tricks done need your body to participate actively, and all this results to the improvement of your respiratory, prevent recurrent stroke, improve your heart rate and also helps in calorie burning in your body. It is also an activity that is regularly done to relieve stress. In the company of friends or strangers who later become friends, you get a chance to interact with others. Ice skating will also expose you to fresher air that helps you unwind the boredom and stress.


Rollerblading is also a sporting and recreational activity. You roll as a hobby or professional.

The significant difference between ice skating and rollerblading

Rollerblading can be as the activity of skating with boots called rollerblade boots aligned with wheels at the bottom to ease free movement (remember ice skates have a blade, not wheels).

Where is rollerblading done?

Mostly, rollerblading is done on rough surfaces, empty parking lots, local parks in the area and some designated skate parks.

Rollerblading gear

Compared to the dress code of ice skating, in rollerblading, one has to put on a protective helmet. Wearing the mask is vital because falling on such rough surfaces could lead to severe head injuries. The other rollerblading safety gears include wrist guards to cover up your hand, knee pads to protect you from dangerous injuries and they should be well-secured to prevent motion.

What’s involved in rollerblading?

Rollerblading is an aggressive and fast sport. There is an elaborate brake system in rollerblading boots. They have rubber on the back side that acts as the brake. One must do enough practice before going at high speeds because braking with these is not as smooth.

Where do you rollerblade?

Unlike ice skating, the rollerblading performed on roads, parking, car parks, skate parks and even on ice. Again, due to their enhanced efficiency and variety terrain, rollerblade boots can be used to play games like vert skating, freestyle skating, and speed skating.

The boots have an enhanced balance while skating as all the wheels extend to the back and front and also get in contact with the ground concurrently, thus providing full stability when you are sliding. They are also used in dancing and skating at events to entertain guests.

Is rollerblading a good workout?

There is so much you can gain from rollerblading, healthwise. First, it’s fun when done with a group of friends, and it’s great for low impact cardio workout in the body system. The vigorous exercises undertaken by skating all over helps shape one’s body by toning up the muscles. The aerobic exercises combined with strength training helps control the insulin in your body, controls diabetes and strengthens the bones.

Final words

Ice skating and rollerblading are very similar yet very different. It’s hard to say which is harder because different people perform and report differently on either, so it’s really upon one to try and decide for themselves. One thing that we can all agree on though is that the two activities are beneficial to the human body and the individual generally. They both vigorous and requires concentration thus benefiting the body and the mind.


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