Inline Skates Gears and Accessories: Why is it better to use them?

Inline Skates Safety Gears and Accessories: Why is it Better to Use Them?

Inline skates safety gears and accessories play a vital role in having fun with friends.

Undoubtedly, inline skating is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable recreational activities that come with a lot of benefits. It is also a great fitness sport and a form of exercise that aims to tone the rider’s body completely. Similarly, inline skating comes with an extraordinary assortment of gears and accessories that helps you avoid obstacles and prevents you from getting injured.


From helmets and elbow pads to wrist guards and padded shorts, each protective accessory has its significance. Additionally, it is also essential to get the right kind of skates to make sure they aid in providing the riders with the perfect skating experience.

Since inline skating is more about speed and the art of balance, the protective equipment proves to be handy and useful. These gears and tools easily curtail many of the injuries that may result from over speeding or unbalancing. Adding to this, it will improve and enhance the overall enjoyment, security, and safety of your skating experience.


Variety of gears and accessories used while skating

If you get to the bottom of it, there is a host of these gears that one should get when they purchase their favorite pair of skates.


Be it any sport; the helmet is the first and foremost skating gear that one should get their hands on before starting the whole skating journey. It is undoubtedly one of the most critical and useful protective piece of equipment a skater can have because of the numerous safety benefits associated with it. Wearing a helmet while skating protects your head and prevents any head injuries. It is also recommended to purchase an inline skating helmet individually. The mask ensures maximum protection and safety in case you fall backward while skating.

inline skates gears and accessories

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It is also necessary to position the chin strap properly so that the helmet is tightly secured. A free helmet or one which is improperly fit may slip off while you are riding. So, not only the mask but the way you wear it carries great significance in guaranteeing safety.

Knee pads

The next piece of equipment in line is the Kneepads.  These are part of the lower body protection which aims to cover and protect the knees since they are common injury points for inline skaters. The primary purpose of the knee pads is to prevent your knees from being scraped if and when you fall. However, over these years, their function has evolved, and now they come with additional and advanced materials that provide maximum comfort to your knees while skating. These are the best soft pads with a hard shell-like exterior which protects the knees from getting profoundly injured. Knee pads usually have two Velcro straps attached to them that allow the skaters to tightly fasten or secure them around their knees for the highest amount of safety.

inline skates gears and accessories

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Elbow pads

The third essential protective gear is the elbow pads. They are quite similar to the knee pads except for their size.

Elbow pads come under the upper body protection where they fittingly guard the stress points. These are meant to shield the skin and bones against rough pavements and from getting scraped.

inline skates gears and accessories

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Wrist guards

Since inline skating involves a lot of hands and arm movement, it is quite a requirement to also safeguard your wrists along with the elbows. In case of slips and falls, it is natural to reach behind and use your hands, wrists, and arms to support your body from being thrown down with great force. The fall exerts a lot of the pressure and strain particularly on the wrists which might result in sprains and fractures. To avoid and prevent all that, these wrist guards keep the wrists straight and shield them from getting twisted or fractured.

Also, wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries faced by inline skaters, therefore, the simple addition of wrist guards to your wrists while skating can ease a lot of things. These also come in a variety of styles, for example, softly padded guard with a stronger cover, or a soft pad with plastic inserts. It all depends on the skaters’ needs and preferences.

inline skates gears and accessories

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Padded shorts

While this piece of clothing may not be as important as the above -mentioned safety accessories, these are great and very handy for beginners who may experience trouble in the initial stages of skating. Their main aim or purpose is to offer protection to the thighs and hips area. In many cases, skaters may fall on their backs which may cause pain and tenderness. These shorts are worn to prevent that from happening. The shorts are available with thin padding and thick padding. The thin ones are highly suitable for light skating on flat surfaces while the latter may be used for difficult maneuvering on dangerous terrains since the chances of tripping may be higher.

inline skates gears and accessories

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Among all the protective gears and accessories required for inline skating, the few ones mentioned above are the most basic and essential of them all. These aim to provide safety and security during the time of skating and serve protection against injuries and pain. While skating experts who have a lot of experience than beginners may not feel the need to wear these, it is highly advised and recommended to be in protective clothing at all times during skating.


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