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Is Ice skating a good exercise?


Do you want to reduce some extra fat in a fun way? Are you bored with the day-to-day cardio exercises? Don’t worry! We have a perfect solution to your problem.

You might have heard of ice skating lately, but do you know that it can also help in weight loss? You are wondering how it is possible? Well, read on to find out the fantastic benefits of Ice skating on your body and overall health.

      Ice skating – targets several muscles.


Physical activities are fun, and they are even more beneficial when you are reducing weight through them as well. Same is the case with ice skating. How? Because in this activity, all your muscles are actively involved, especially your leg muscles. This way, the rider can experience a visible difference in joints’ flexibility, legs’ strength and overall body fat. Remember that, your legs may get sore initially, but there is nothing to worry.

Ice skating – a good workout?   

Why go to the Gym and pay a monthly fee when you can have a good aerobic exercise with just a pair of skates? Yes, you read it right. Ice skating is as an excellent alternative of cardio exercise. The best part is that you will not feel like putting a lot of physical effort while rolling over the ice. Meanwhile, your body will burn a significant number of calories that will eventually help in toning muscles as well as reducing body weight.

Ice skating –is fat reducing exercise.

Consistency is the key to success. You can’t achieve an ideal body overnight. For that, you will have to be consistent and patient. Just like healthy diet and gym exercises, this process may take months, but hey ice skating is not boring like other workout programs at all. What do you think? Ice skating aids in burning around 350 to 600 calories per hour, however, it depends on your skill level, the harder you skate on, the more you will burn. But, this doesn’t mean you have to overstress yourself. Start with 15 minutes to half an hour, and then slowly increase the duration.

Ice skating – a stress management therapy.


Stress, depression, and anxiety are the common issues faced by a majority of people these days.

Exercises are also known for relieving stress, but that’s not true to some extent. Do you want to know why? Because relaxation is the key to eliminate stress, while intense workout sessions can make some people tired, exhausted and restless.

On the other hand, ice skating is a multipurpose activity as it can help you explore the beautiful ambiance, and relax your mind at the same time. It’s a stress-relieving exercise that promises to free your mind from every worry. Don’t believe me? Try out yourself! Plus socializing with friends, family, even meet new people at the rink.

Ice skating – a great way to tone muscles without diet

Why stop yourself from consuming tasty food when you can lose weight without dieting? Amazed? Well, as mentioned above, ice skating allows you to burn calories in a fun way. Which means you can enjoy your favorite cheesy pasta or ice cream, and skate on those extra calories away later. However, I won’t suggest you to take fattening food on a regular basis because it can also affect your health, and you wouldn’t want that. Did you see the figure skaters bodies? They are looking pretty amazing, and you can do it too. For beginners, we recommend this ice skates.

Ice skating – stabilizes muscles

Ice skating lets you have a better balance on slippery areas, and other uneven surfaces. The only reason behind this is that your feet become strong and develop a good grip as well. In ice skating, mostly the stress is on the legs; therefore, expect your hip, tight and calf muscles to be more stabled and toned than ever. This fantastic sport also improves the performance of knee and ankle joints.

Ice skating – improves sleep.


You must be wondering how ice skating is related to sleep in any way. Well, the experts reveal that one of the best tips towards a healthy lifestyle is to take a good sleep, and ice skating helps in releasing stress that has a direct relation with rest. Plus, it makes you active and tired, which ultimately result in a sound sleep.


Who doesn’t want to be fit, and that too without following any fad diet plan or intense workout? At least, I do! Ice skating is an exercise that can solve your issues in a fun way! Moreover, it has a ton of other health benefits as well, including stress management, promoting sound sleep, stabilizing muscles, and the list goes on…what is your excuse for not starting ice skating today?


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