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K2 Aggressive inline Skates

There was a time that aggressive inline skating was the “in thing” and everyone considered it fun and they wanted to try it. However, with time, the popularity went down, and most people found other styles to be more interesting. But, with time, the aggressive style has regained significant popularity. This type of inline skating is offering you the most adrenaline-like activity on inline skates.

Most people who prefer the hard and scary skating styles tend to view aggressive inline skating style as not as fun, but this is not the case. Inline skating/ rollerblading doesn’t have to be dangerous for it to be fun. It can be technical, but still fun. The aggressive style was trendy in the ’90s and still is for people who know how to do it right. Many folks stop as they grow older or they get families and kids.  But, if they want to come back after some time and want to and do it more safely, they chose  K2 Unnatural.

Steps to starting aggressive inline skating


In our case here, we are looking at the K2  Unnatural InlineSkates. The skates are for energetic skating lovers. Most importantly, they have excellent ankle support and are comfortable.

Next, if you don’t know how to skate, learn how to. And, if you had taken a long break from skating, put your skates on and see if you still got it.  Slowly you can remember. But in any case, start with ease and increase as you feel more confident.


Go a step higher with your tricks

After you have had enough practice with jumping over small items and skating backward, it’s time to try and mix things up for more fun. For example, when going on the stairs, do it carefully. Time to go to a skate park.

Now that you have perfected several moves, it’s time to try out a large skating field like your local skate park. Here, take advantage of the speed and the various features to perfect your moves. Meet new people, make friends.

Lastly, try some grinds,


Note: to try out some grinds; you will need aggressive-style skates.

Remember, accidents do happen, especially in the early stages of any style of skating and the only way to prevent getting hurt has the right gear. Also, ensure that your skates are comfortable and supportive.


K2  Unnatural Aggressive Inline Skates

Unnatural is  defined as “contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal’ which describes the K2 Unnatural aggressive skate very well.

I always try to spice up skating sessions and most of the time it takes just trying out new skates to get the kind of thrill I like. I recently tried out the new K2 Unnatural  AInline Skates and to say I was impressed with an understatement! These skates are designed explicitly for aggressive skaters.

For starters, these skates are very comfortable. They feature a super soft high collar, tongue to keep your feet comfortably in place as you skate. They are also right to size, so I didn’t have a problem finding the perfect size for me. Sizing is the number one problem with most skates on the market, and I am impressed by how well this one fit. But, most importantly, always keep comfort first. No matter how good the skates are or how many features they have, if they are not comfortable for you, then they are not worth buying.

You are also guaranteed to love their design because it’s significantly improved from the previous model and it has more and better features. The most noticeable change is the collar upper as it’s high for better support and comfort. Your skates should support you well for your safety as you ride and also to make it easy for you to try out new skating tricks without fear of getting hurt. I also loved the cuff and the base because they are very supportive and super slick for a better skating experience.

Again, I noticed that these skates inside have an easily adjustable impact absorber which means that the boot allows better control specifically on the personal feel. Another noticeable improvement with these skates, in my opinion, is the addition of the UFS frame, Aggressive. With it, you get reliable frame spacers that are lockable, not forgetting the longer Hblock groove and it’s evident that all skaters will appreciate a large grinding groove. Again, with just one frame, one can ride on both hard and flat sit-ups.

And, this is not just like any other skate. It combines all the great features that you would expect in aggressive skates with great looks, so you get to ride all the way in style. So, if you like to maintain your swag no matter what you are doing, these skates will help you do just that. However, I’d like to mention that the boots are not removable, but they are great skates for the aggressive skaters who love tricks and grinds.

The one thing I love about K2 is that they go all the way to satisfy their customers. For example, what they did with the K2 Unnatural Inline Skates is that they looked at all the consumers’ feedback on their 2016 skate model and incorporated them into this new design to create that which most aggressive skaters will find satisfying.

The new model features a differently designed boot to have a better toe design. It means more comfort when in your shoes, plus the materials in the general construction are top-notch, and you will notice that they are softer for a softer flex thus better tricks. Overall, the K2  Unnatural Aggressive Inline Skates is worth your money because they have every feature that you might wish was present in any aggressive skates. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.



K2 has created several skates, and they always follow each model with an improved model after getting the customers’ and testers’ feedbacks. As such, they have created a reliable brand that’s known to prioritize customer satisfaction, and this is the case with the latest K2  Unnatural Aggressive Inline Skates. It’s an improved model that features a great construction with great features to meet your skating needs. Make your order soon and get to explore further than you thought possible with aggressive skatingMaybe is hard at the beginning but be consistent and will get good at it. As a hobby or why not as a competitor in this cool sport choose what is good for you. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


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