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K2 Pro Longmount-Expensive Skates

Upon hearing the words “roller skating”, the very first thought that comes to your mind must be of someone strolling along the boardwalks and sidewalks on roller blades near the beach. Right? At least, this is a common scene shown in movies, isn’t it? However, the reality is different. Apart from beaches, you can enjoy skating anywhere, even on your street. The best part about skating is that it is not just fun activity, but it is considered as a great exercise for several health benefits. Here, you will be reading about Pro Longmount Inline Skates manufactured by K2. These rollers are comfortable, durable, fast, safe, attractive and what not. In short, if you are in search of a great gift for your friend or any family member, then these skates will not disappoint you ever. To know more interesting inline skate’s reviews, let’s have a look at the amazing features of this amazing product.

Fast speed along with elegant design

Get an extraordinarily high speed with the help of K2 Skate Pro Longmount Inline Skates. These skates are specifically engineered to provide you additional enthusiasm. They also have a chic style. In addition to this, these inline skates are perfect for racing. Its pro-Longmount is designed for race and it also provides a low-profile cuff-less design. Elimination of cuff helps in freeing the ankle movement so that the users can get stronger push-off. Moreover, heat-ductile carbon fiber is used in making these skates. Its Boa closure system gives a safe and adjustable fit. S-channel rubber shields are incorporated in these skates to safeguard bearings from humidity. Furthermore, the maximum-grade racing bearings (ILQ-9 Pro Bearings) are also integrated into these K2 skates. Every skate comprises of 4×100mm 85A racing wheels. Center of gravity is also lower due to its 195mm spacing setup. The performance of these skates is better as compared to the previous models of K2. These skates are built in such a manner that they provide stability, even at highest speeds. Aluminum alloy is utilized in making radical frame for delivering increased stiffness. You can get them in three different colors i:e white, red and black.

No rear brakes

Unlike the traditional skates, K2 Longmont skates do not have any rear brakes. The key focus is to provide an incredibly fast speed as the main goal of skaters is to go fast. If you are looking for high-speed skates, then they are ideal for you. Its dual BOA closure system provides a perfect fit that is necessary for long-distance skating. The best thing about these skates is their ability to fit and to provide comfort to the users. Amazing engineering work has been used in its manufacturing to give not only the comfort but also styling. Its BOA closure system is quite easy to use. Users can easily tight or loose these skates by making the necessary adjustments. Its 4×100mm longmounts are easy to climb and turn. These boots are much comfortable and provide complete safety to users. You can also order custom skates from K2 by sending them your foot measurements. As far as the price of these skates is concerned, they are a bit costly, but you will not regret after buying them. They are available in a broad range of sizes such as 35, 36, 38, 39, 40 up to 46.


Pro Longmont Inline skates have excellent features that are specially designed according to the users requirements and convenience.

  • Dimensions of product: 23” × 14.8” × 5.1”
  • Weight of item: 12 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 6.7 pounds
  • ASIN: B00BV1N4CS
  • Manufacturers: K2 sports
  • Package height: 5.1” × 14.8” × 23”
  • Sizes:  (38-46),  42=9, 43=9.5, 44=10, 45=10.5
  • Maximum wheel size: 100 mm
  • Bearing grade: High performance
  • Material: Original K2 Softboot
  • Size adjustable: No
  • Model year: 2016
  • Brakes: Not included
  • Ventilation: Medium
  • Speed: Fast


Pro Longmount Inline Skates by K2 offers maximum advantages to its potential customers.

  • Boots are made of high-quality but light weight material.
  • Stylish in appearance and attractive in color.
  • Promising features of this high-quality skates are worth your every penny.
  • Maintain stability even at high speed.
  • Equipped with aluminum alloy frame to increase stiffness.
  • Illuminating wheels offer safe ride.

Boots are made of high-quality but light weight material.Stylish in appearance and attractive in color.Promising features of this high-quality skates are worth your every penny.Maintain stability even at high speed.Equipped with aluminum alloy frame to increase stiffness.Illuminating wheels offer safe ride.


Despite so many wonderful features, Pro Longmount Inline skates have some drawbacks too. For making a fair decision, it is your right to know about the flaws of these rollers before buying them.

  • May feel slightly uncomfortable in your feet sometimes and make it hard for you to wear them for a long time.
  • Wheels of these skates are not sluggish, however; they are hard and can easily slip on hard turns.
  • These stakes are not a good option for beginners because they are specially designed for experts.

May feel slightly uncomfortable in your feet sometimes and make it hard for you to wear them for a long time.Wheels of these skates are not sluggish, however; they are hard and can easily slip on hard turns.These stakes are not a good option for beginners because they are specially designed for experts.

Final verdict

Overall, these skates are stylish, moldable, nice and lightweight. They are easy to wear and use. These boots are made for advanced level skaters. Therefore, the beginners in this field are advised to get proper training before using these inline skates. Skating on these boots will also boost your overall strength. Its frame is helpful in reducing vibration and weight. Moreover, you will need several washers for its front bolts (16mm) as they are much longer for boots mounting block. Buy them in your favorite color and boost your speed on roads. Users can also use these skates on hilly areas. These skates are perfect for advanced skaters, especially if they want to participate in the racing tournaments. It is highly recommended to purchase these inline skates for keeping ahead of your competitors. However, be very careful while selecting the right size skates that fits you perfectly so that you may not feel any difficulty in driving them. All in all, these high-quality, high-speed, high-tech skates are one of the best rollers you will find on the markets these days.

From quality to performance and style to comfort, everything about Pro Longmount Inline Skates are excellent.

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