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K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Pro Inline Skates

Is your boy growing up and wants to ride a pair of inline skates? Are you in search of the right pair of inline skates approved by experts? Well, we have all the information which you would need before selecting the right pair of Inline Skates. There can be slight chances that you and your junior don’t have any idea about inline skates and you are just entering this field. Well, inline skates are similar to the regular skating shoes. Both have four wheels but regular skating shoes have 2 in front and 2 in back whereas inline skates have 4 wheels front to back. Inline skates are not only a street sport but also recognized on a global level. You might have a confusing problem that which inline skates should you buy or the right skates should have what features. However, you don’t need to worry because we will answer all your questions in the review of K2 skate boy’s raider pro inline skates below.

Before moving on..

Since we all know that there have been many fake reviews over the internet, we have carefully analyzed the product ourselves as well as from a panel of experts out there. Real-time users were asked to test the following pair of inline skates. Different behaviors were noticed and final conclusions were drawn up. Normally, finding accurate reviews becomes too difficult for a reader due to biased reviews out there. We research out ourselves to have the best idea for our customers. We don’t always give a positive verdict but we also warn you of the products where you should not waste your money. Read on to find out more about the K2 skate boy’s raider pro inline skates. Most of you would be definitely ready to buy a pair of inline skates after reading this review on the.

IMPORTANT: Keep these in mind before buying your pair..

The K2 Raider Pro is a skate for young boys. Keeping the rough usage and intense amount of weight which can be applied on the skates, there are several things which must be kept in mind before buying this skate.

  • Performance: The first thing which is also the most important thing is how well you are able to perform with this skate. Apparently, the various features of K2 Raider Pro prove that performance would definitely be the best.
  • Durability: Obviously, nobody would like to go the market every other month to get another pair of inline skates. You need a durable one.
  • Comfort: Getting the right size is important if you want to have the maximum comfort in riding. Not every company offers you the size you are looking for.
  • Weight: The overall weight matters as well. Otherwise, in the case of a misbalanced weight, you will find it difficult to have a perfect riding experience.
  • Boot Type: Different boot types are used for different purposes. Some are used for freestyle whereas others can be used for aggressive style.
  • Other tips: Keep in mind that you should have a pair which matches the quality with price. Average quality with a high price is not what you are looking for. If you want the best K2 raider pro adjustable inline skates, see whether what you are being offered matches the price or is it just a way to grab more money. Find out whether there are other alternatives or this one seems to be the best one.

K2 Raider Pro Inline Skates

The K2 Raider Pro is a mid-budget inline skate which is basically designed for boys aged 4-13. There are several different sizes available. Find out your favorite one from two color schemes. Stability, as well as smoothness in rolling, are considered to be two of its best features.


The following are the features of the K2 Raider Pro. An explanation of the following features with their benefits has been mentioned below.

  • The Lacing system used in K2 Raider Pro is the K2 Speed lacing.
  • The wheels and bearings used are 72mm and 80a/ABEC 3 respectively. Both of these seem to be awesome.
  • The FBI Frame has been used while crafting this skate.
  • The K2 Raider Pro is an original product by the brand K2.
  • Stability Plus cuff has been used.
  • The weight is nearly 5.9 pounds.
  • Color schemes offered are Black with Orange Lining OR Red.

The good side

There is a really good side of the K2 Raider Pro and most of the customers were satisfied with it as well. Read more to find out what made it the best inline skate.

  • A good Lacing system helps you in getting your feet held in the shoe properly. This ultimately results in a better grip as well.
  • The bearings used in these skates are superfine in quality which means there would definitely be a smoothness in glide and roll.
  • The overall weight of these skates is low as well which could bring more control for the rider.
  • Being an original product, we can consider that it will surely be a durable one as well.
  • Variety of sizes brings you better choice
  • FBI Frame is a strong one and will resist any rough usage easily
  • Maximum stability and road grip with the Stability Plus cuff.
  • The overall quality of the K2 Raider Pro is super fine which makes it a good one for the price being asked.

The drawbacks

Everything has a drawback and you might face the slightest issue in the case of this pair of inline skates as well. However, no performance related drawbacks are present.

  • The size can be a problem if you don’t get the right one. Various buyers got their skates replaced for the size issues.

So is it the right one?

The K2 Raider Pro has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Users who bought this skate felt no issues at all. The only thing which you should be careful about is the size issue. Even in the case, you don’t get the right size; you have the size adjustment option from within the skate. Adjust the size according to the requirements of rider and you are ready to go. Overall, we believe that this skate is going to be the perfect partner for riding for your junior just like it did for other users. The K2 Raider Pro is a skate which has been rightly priced considering all the features. Stability, comfort, weight, price, and all the other aspects have been carefully analyzed before giving a final verdict.

What are you waiting for?

Are you just finalizing your decision on K2 Raider Pro adjustable inline skates? If you still have anything in your mind, you can visit amazon.com and read the various customer reviews as well. Most of the reviews from Amazon.com show that there was no longer a problem when it came to glide and overall stability of the inline skate when they purchased this one. A few users also considered that these can be the right skates for their young daughters as well. Head over to Amazon.com and order it right away!

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