Are you one enthusiastic and passionate sportswoman, whose love for sports has no limits? Do you want to extend your passion for inline skating? Then you are just in the right place because we are here to tell you about K2 Skate Women Alexis 80 Inline Skates, the best product for skating at a most reasonable price. This pair of skates is for a sportswoman, or average woman, who needs to experience both freedom and leisure through the sport. No doubt, inline skating is a recognized and health befitting sport, which has numerous other benefits as well.

Provides comfort and leisurely ride:

Talking about our product let me tell you that it is an extra efficient pair of skates concerning craftsmanship, material, design, and performance. It has all the needed features and specifications one need for excellent skating experience. K2 Soft boot eliminates the pressure points for extra comfort. Hence, they become highly breathable and have adequate space to provide an extra comfortable grip on the feet. We recommend this pair to those women who have to use skates frequently. And their feet will be accustomed to the desired comfort level of the skates.

Assures safety and prevents injury

Additionally, the Stability Plus Cuff and certified frame of these skates offer extra ease so that you may stay in control all the time and move freely. Because of this feature, I will recommend this product to those beginners who want to enhance their skills into intermediate levels. This cuff assures the skaters’ safety and protects from ankle sprains and bruises in case of a fall down or other incidents. The featured and certified composite frame acts as a shock absorber and reduces vibrations. K2 Skate Women Alexis 80 allows improved sport and better power transfer. Straps and lacing protect the ankle at all times. Preventing any possible incidents of the ankle; sprains or other types of injuries has great importance. Check current pricing on Amazon.


The features of this product are highlighted in our review, which will be incomplete without discussing them. The K2 Skate Women’s Alexis feature’s the following:

  • Skate Type: Recreation
  • Skate Cuff Height: High.
  • Skate Closure System: Traditional Laces.
  • Closure System: Traditional Lacing & Strap.
  • Maximum Wheel Size: 80mm.
  • Wheel Configuration: 80mm-80mm-80mm-80mm.
  • Wheel Durometer: 80A.
  • Bearing Grade: Recreational.
  • Bearing Type: ABEC 5.
  • Speed: Fast.
  • Skate Frame Material: Performance Composite Materials.
  • Frame Material: F.B.I. Composite.
  • Lining Material: K2 Softboot.
  • Ventilation: High.
  • Brake Included?: Yes.
  • Size Adjustable: No.
  • Special Features: Arch Support.


The K2 Alexis is highly rated and reviewed by current users due to following prospects it offers


  • The skate is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level riders.
  • The pair features the patented soft boot technology.
  • Includes a stability cuff for ultimate security and protection.
  • Traditional lacing and strap protect the ankle at all times, hence prevent any dislocation or muscle injury.
  • It offers the most comfortable possible fit with the necessary support.
  • Comprises of an antimicrobial footbed boasting arch support to prevent the development of fungus or other microbial disorders.
  • The 80 mm wheels provide a smooth roll which can also deal with the hassle of chatterer pavement.


Although very minor, the K2 Alexis skates have the following disadvantages.

  • Some users have reported the sizing issues.
  • On the first go, the users have reported pain and discomfort on the backside of the legs.
  • The wheels are not designed to be used for a race but are still good enough for a regular ride.
  • The sizing issues are easy to deal with,  by wearing thicker socks beneath these skates
  •  The discomfort and pain last as long as for the first time only.
  • The wheels might not be good enough for racing, but they are adequate to provide for a comfortable and leisurely sport.
  • They are not slow and cover you up for everyday enjoyment very well. To sum, the minor flaws can be resolved to make these skates an even better product.

Analyzing all the customer reviews and after studying rating charts, we have observed that besides certain minor flaws, these skates are a perfect pair. Women choose these skates with high affinity. The feature which has gained so much overwhelming response is the comfort, and the antimicrobial pad, which prevents the development of fungus in the feet. The customer does not only rank them as safe and secure, but health is promoting as well. It also has a high aesthetic appeal and is designed in attractive black and orange colors.


I bet that our passionate sportswoman would be even more passionate to buy these pair of skates now. These skates handle uneven pavement, cracks, debris, etc extremely well! They offer little tripping or no at all. Such a smooth, comfortable ride. Very little break-in time. The boot is comfortable and supportive.

We absolutely love them. They look great, fit true to size (usually wear 9 or 10, ordered 9.5, and it’s perfect)! I’m not a professional, just a beginner, and it’s really comfortable! No regrets at all. So, if you thinking about purchasing your first pair of skates, go ahead with confidence.

You don’t know where you can get this product? Don’t worry! We got you covered here as well. Just click on the following link to get the K2 Skate Women Alexis 80 Inline Skates at the best possible price. Check current pricing on Amazon.



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