Many people love skating in their free time. It is a really fun form of sports and usually, children and teens are seen skating. Skating shoes, especially for beginners should be very comfortable so that the new skaters do not find it hard to learn. The skates should also be very user-friendly and easy to learn. This makes the skating easier and fun for the beginners.The company, Mongoose, has manufactured new inline skates for girls. It is known as Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates. These are specially designed for beginners. They come at a very low cost and has a really good quality.

Specs and Features:

Mongoose Girl’s Inline Roller Skates provide maximum comfort to the user and are very user-friendly. Thus, making them one of the best skates for beginners. These skates are very strong and durable as well. They provide the user with a perfect balance and also gives full support to their feet. Let’s have a look at more of its amazing features that make this product one of the bests for beginner girls.

  • Designed for girls who are new to skating. These skates are very easy to learn.
  • Mongoose has provided a wide range of sizes as these skates come in different sizes from 5-8.The user can choose the size as per their need.
  • Adjusting skate size is made easy and convenient as it can be changed with just a push of a button.
  • ABEC-5 speed bearings.
  • 64mm wheels provides a great balance and makes skating easier especially for beginners.
  • The skates have a locking buckle with power straps that makes the ride secure and comfortable for the skater.
  • These skates are of a very good quality and provides a great performance and maximum comfort.
  • The dimensions of this product are 12x 10.4×9 inches and weigh about 4.2 pounds.
  • Comes at a very amazing price. Even though it has a great quality and great features, it costs very less.


There have been several reviews regarding the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates which highlight the additional benefits and drawbacks. There have been almost 110 people who have given their reviews on Surprisingly, 70% of these reviews were 5-star rated and customers have given a positive feedback. In contrast, critics have judged this product on other scales as well and mentioned a few possible drawbacks. An average rating of 4.3 stars has been given to Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates on


  • As mentioned above, more than 70% users were satisfied and happy with their purchase due to the several amazing benefits they gained by seeing this. Let’s discuss few of the pros.
  • One of the greatest benefits of buying these inline skates is the fact that they are flexible in size. They can be fit to any girl who has her foot size between 5 and 8. Additionally, one customer said that it was fit to her daughter who had size 4.
  • Good quality is one thing which matters to all of us. Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates are the best quality inline skates and we can say they pay off for their price.
  • Good support for your feet due to the liner of the skate.
  • The skates are mainly designed for young girls and they provide the best stability and balance to accommodate those young girls who are not too expert in skating.
  • Cleaning is also an issue sometimes but Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates can be cleaned very easily simply by wiping off a wet cloth from them.
  • Heavy duty wheels have been installed in Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates which can withstand all the rough usage and last for long
  • Great performance and comfort come with these shoes as well. These shoes can be used on plain concrete surfaces and provide a great time to the rider.
  • To further assure that these shoes are one of the best ones in the market, they have been ranked on number 32 out of several hundreds of inline skates available in the market.
  • Locking buckle with a power strap is long lasting and assists in securing the feet of your young girls.
  • These shoes save a lot of your money as there is a growing gap between the size 5 and 8 and thus, one purchase can be the one which could be used for long period of time.
  • The boot design is stylish which makes it attractive.
  • Improvement of skills is a guaranteed thing if you purchase the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates.


  • Even though most people have said that they loved the design and overall performance of the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates but there are still a few who have mentioned a few problems in the skates.
  • The wheels are a major problem in the first few days. They don’t go on freely and require some time before they can run smoothly. How will your girl learn if she can’t use the boots properly in the start?.
  • The feet size might be supportive but the weight also matters. The Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates is not recommended for people weighing more than 65-70 pounds.
  • These boots are plastic made and might be causing wear and tear problems if used excessively high.
  • Rubber wheels are not the part of Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates and the simple wheels have been used.
  • Various users have excessive complaints regarding the wheels and bearing that they are of low quality and start creating problems after some time.


The bottom line for Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates is that if you want to buy these shoes for your girl. They are no doubt an excellent choice while buying children skates. However, you might be needing to lubricate them in the start so that they don’t go and give you a bad riding experience. There can be a few problems in the start but the rest is well and good. These shoes will last for long and only the wheels might be needing the replacement. It has some great features as well as benefits which have been mentioned above. Do consider all the possible pros, cons, as well as features before buying the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates. Do give us your feedback below by telling us how was your experience with the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates.

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