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Derby Boy Tracer Roller skates Feedback

For new skaters, their inline skates must help them relax and make sure that as they skate, they are safe. They made from the highest quality materials that can last for a long time. If you are looking for cheap inline skates that have the best specifications for your child, check out Roller Derby Boy Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates.


For new skaters, especially kids, you have to make sure that they are comfortable and safe to use. The Roller Derby Boy Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates cater to these needs and here are their specifications:

  • These skates have a soft boot system and a dual cam-lever buckle which makes it easy to put on and secure. They also have a push-button adjustment system which allows users to adjust the skates to their needs. They also have comfort-fit padding so your feet will not be irritated while wearing these skates.
  • These skates’ frame is from reinforced nylon.
  • The wheels of these skates are good for speed thanks to their urethane speed formula modification.
  • These skates use the ‘Excellerator 608ZB’.
  • These are good for small- (12-1) to medium- (2-5) sized children’s feet.


Now that we know the specifications of these inline skates let’s now find out if they are worth the cost. Here are the reports of parents who have bought this model and how they liked or disliked the performance of the Roller Derby Boy Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates.


Users have complained that the durability and performance of these inline skates are inferior as their children were unable to enjoy them. Regarding the strength, users said that while they may look like they are reliable and well-made upon arrival, they immediately noticed cracks forming around the body, and in the first few weeks of use.

One user reported that the boot of one of the skates broke in half after one month. Another stated that the skates are not even usable outdoors since the customer’s child tried them and one of the wheels completely fell off of the frame.

They had to purchase $25 worth of replacement wheels to get them to work outdoors. Some reviewers also did not like the fact they were too uncomfortable to use, even with padding installed in the skates.

Another parent said that the parts also added to the uncomfortable factor of these skates since the joint which connects the upper and lower boot is hitting the ankle of the skater. There is also a user who said that the straps that hold the foot in place tend to loosen every time.

The designs easily fade or were ripped off of the skates, which many noted to be a disappointment since they were removed even after just a short period. One even said they looked completely girly despite the fact the model is for boys. Users have also commented that these skates are only good for occasional use before they break completely.


Users who found themselves loving these skates reported that this model is excellent regarding various points. Users have said that the skates look very sturdy and are made from high-quality material as they were able to use them for an extended period. One user reported that they did not have problems with the wheels or the claps even if the skates were used heavily every day.

The foot sizes are also perfect because their children easily fit into the available sizes for these skates, even as they grew up and into new shoe sizes. The skates were also adjustable, allowing the child to be secure as they skate with this pair.

Parents of children with this pair of skates also said that they were able to clean the interior of this skate when not in use. Comfort was also a plus for many satisfied parents who bought a pair for their children.

Others even said they loved the designs of these skates and they were usable by both boys and girls. Families who have a pair of these skates reported that the price is also perfect since they were able to give their children a quality pair of skates for a lower price.

Bottom Line

For children’s inline skates, the most important thing is your child’s needs and protect them as they start to learn inline skating. The Roller Derby Boy Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates will help you do just that, with a very affordable price. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


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