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Derby Girls Tracer Roller skates Feedback

Adjustable Inline skates are considered to be one of the best outdoor activity for both youngsters and adults. However, it is recommended that you start learning how to do better with inline skates while you are at a young age. Be a beginner when young so that you are a professional when you reach adult age. For those adults who are reading this, it is highly recommended to them that they get their young ones a pair of good inline skates. Not only are they a healthy activity but also prevent the young boys and girls to just sit at home and play video games. However, various users feel that the main problem with inline skating is that it is hard to learn and also, the fact that they might not get the right pair of inline skates. Keep all the tension aside as we are going to solve these problems.

Why us?

The first question which many of you might be having is that why should you be listening to our opinion. What makes us better than other people who are guiding you? Well, the biggest example is the fact that whatever we mention in our reviews, it is completely true and free from all sorts of biased opinions. It is important to see the fact that we write our reviews in a detail. There are experts who decide which pair is the right one and which is not. Real-life user’s opinion is taken and practical is done before presenting a specific review to the viewers. This is why our viewers trust us and know that we don’t just do the advertisement, we bring both the good and the bad sides. Another review which we have written today is the Roller Derby Inline Skates review. Find out more about it in the sections below.

Consider before buying the Roller Derby inline skates

Since Roller Derby is a well-known company, we have to keep certain things in mind before making a final decision on whether to buy a certain pair or not. Read these things before moving on to roller derby inline skates review.

  • Boot Type: A boot must be soft as well as comfortable otherwise it is of no use since you will not be able to have a proper ride.
  • Bearings: One of the most important things that matter in inline skates are the bearings. Fluid smooth bearings are considered to be good ones.
  • Wheel type: Wheels must be aligned and should not have any vibration otherwise the rider might fall and have minor to major injuries.
  • Size: The biggest problem which occurs in having inline skates is the fact that you get the right size. Order the right size to avoid any sort of replacements and the bother as well.
  • Frame type: If you want a pair of roller derby inline skates which lasts for a long period of time, you need the pair which has a strong frame since it will be able to resist all the wear and tear as well as the rough usage by the riders.
  • Price VS Quality: Before buying a product, we check its worth, and that is when we see whether the product has features and quality which the company is asking a specific price for or not. In case, price vsquality don’t match, we do not recommend that product.

Roller Derby Skates reviews


The Roller Derby Girls Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate is one of the best skates for young girls and comes in the color scheme of red and white. Available in two sizes, you can always find the right one for your girl. The two of its best features are the strong frame and the comfortable boot. It is ranked at number 2 on Amazon website under the category of Children Inline Skates. Find out more features in the below-mentioned roller derby skates review.


  • This pair has been crafted with the reinforced nylon frame.
  • Two different sizes are available. One is the medium 2 – 5 size whereas the other is small 12 – 1 size.
  • The bearings used in roller derby inline skates are Excellerator 608ZB.
  • Dual-cam lever buckle is used in the boot.
  • The boots are man-made.

What’s good?

We found out that this pair of inline skates has some of the points which actually makes it a worth buying pair. The benefits are mentioned below.

  • As we mentioned above, the boot type is one of the best. This is basically a soft boot support system with dual cam-lever buckle. Other than that, you can adjust the size with just a push of a button.
  • Comfort should be a must in every pair of inline skates. This is why this pair comes with comfort fit padding as well.
  • Reinforced Nylon Frame is used which might not be as strong as stainless steel but it is definitely lightweight.
  • Adjustable Sizing is another useful feature which could help the beginners in using the same pair while their feet are growing.

What’s bad?

Of course, nothing is perfect and everything has its own downside. The minor drawbacks of this pair are mentioned below.

  • A couple of users felt that they had cracks in the frame over usage.
  • The strap loosens after some time which means that this pair cannot be used in a perfect condition for a long time.


As we said above, price vs quality matters a lot and so is the case of roller derby inline skates where the price matches with the quality. This pair comes with a low price and an average quality and is considered to be one of the best ones for beginners. Summarizing the message, we can say that it is going to be a good one for beginners and your young one will definitely enjoy having a ride around the block. There are several roller derby inline skates reviews but we are sure that we provide the most authentic and reliable piece of information.

Have it right away!

With all the wonderful features and being ranked on number two at children inline skates, you should not wait a moment more and get it from Hover over to and read some verified customer reviews to find out how different customers felt about having the roller derby inline skates. Being not very expensive, you will find it relatively easier to make up your mind on this one.


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