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ROLLERBLADE 2015 MACROBLADE 90:High Performance Fitness Skate

While your search for a good pair of inline skates may seem never ending, the Rollerblade 2015 MACROBLADE 90 skate is surely what you need. These are high performance skates that ride very fast and smooth without letting anything get in the way. It is an upgraded model which is very different from other designs and ensures top notch quality. Comfortable, durable and light weight, these skates are ideal for people who prioritize comfort and ease.​

Features/ Specifications

These skates are great for fitness and training as they come with 90 mm wheels that are very tough and hard. The design and features of it allow for exceptional stability and speed. They are also perfect for cross training and ski conditioning. It has different features and specifications to offer which are as follows:

  • The wheels are fairly large and are mounted with long lasting aluminum frames which allow energy to pass quickly, making the ride very smooth and easy.
  • The aluminum makes the skates very light in weight which established great balance and steadiness.
  • The skates come with cuff buckles and straps which ensure protection and security.
  • There are speedlaces and lace locks in the skates which allow for the feet to stay put and fixed in their prescribed position
  • Macroblade infused shell layer of the skates help in overcoming initial instability and provides a smooth ride throughout.


Although the Macro blade skates are an updated version, the product has both benefits along with a few drawbacks. Some users cited that they were extremely happy with everything about the skates, whereas a few others were unhappy about certain things like comfort level.


A few users complained of having blisters while riding these skates. They said that the hard material used in its construction is very harsh against the skin of the feet.

Contrary to popular beliefs, many others cited that the lacing system is not at all good and neither is the buckle. This compromises quality and safety of the skaters while riding.

It was also reviewed that the large wheels which, according to popular are really stable, are in fact not entirely true to their size. They get in the way while skating and the rider stumbles upon the rocks and debris along the ride.

The skates have also been reported to being very fast which makes stopping abruptly really hard, especially for new riders.

There were a few complaints regarding the holding abilities of the skates. A few users said that these skates don’t hold the feet very well as the other hard plastic models do.​


These skates have been reported to be great for longer outings and the large wheels thrive really well on longer distances.

Some users said that the size of these skates is bigger than standard sizes which helps maintain balance over rough pavements and ride really smoothly.

For some users, the skates have amazing durability and they last for a super long time without any significant wear and tear.

The skates come in various different sizes which means that from young kids to older people, everyone can wear them and have a good time skating.

​Some people loved the lacing system which gave them the kind of security while skating that they were looking for.

Some kids and adults both who rode the skates loved how effortlessly the skates glide over even rocky grounds without coming to a halt or causing any accident.​


The Rollerblade 2015 high performance macroblade skates are true to their features in many aspects. Although the product does have some negative reviews and has been disliked by quite a few users, many others loved the skates and for some it’s their second purchase. This goes to show that regardless of a few downs, these skates manage to thrive well and satisfy the users in many different spectrum. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


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