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The Rollerblade Spitfire JR XTG kids skates


Do you have energetic young kids who want to make inline skating their ultimate outdoor sport? Are you in search of a pair of skates to gift to your child on his upcoming birthday? We got answers to all of your questions. The Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG 2016 Kids Skate will surely meet the needs of new learners, especially girls. The lovely combination of black and pink makes it very attractive and desirable for young girls. The model at a very reasonable price and offers more stability and leisure to the overall skating experience. Inline skating is a healthy outdoor sport which adds to the feelings of well-being and health. It is a leisurely activity beneficial both for physical and mental health.

Adjustable up to 4 sizes:

Coming to the most desirable aspects of the products, let me assure you that The Rollerblade Spitfire inline skates are beneficial to kids as well as their parents also. It excels in its construction, performance, and durability.  The size in these skates is adjustable up to 4 more volumes. The skates have more extended wear and tear durability. This adjustment can be made swiftly, with just a simple push of a button. Moreover, it also features a unisex fit which makes it suitable for any type, size or build of the foot. Therefore, it provides comfort and optimum performance to the users and is a durable product.

Designed for better control and balance:

It is being said so because Spitfire inline skates have a lower center of gravity. It offers better control and maintenance of stability. This is essential to the young and new riders because if they are new to the sport, the skates with a higher center of gravity might cause them to lose balance. The frame is composed of monocoque composite, which is a rugged and durable material. It can bear the strains of everyday use and still doesn’t give up. The skates tighten with the help of laces, a Velcro strip, and additional plastic adjustable straps. They provide extra security and protection from ankle sprains or other injuries. Cuff buckle offers additional support and prevention of accidents. This pair of skates is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level riders who want to improve their skills and performance and know how to balance on rollerblades.


The Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG 2016 Kids Skate has following impressive features to offer to the kids.


  • Girls’ inline roller skates
  • Perfect for new skaters
  • Designed with a low center of gravity for balance and control
  • Spitfire Expandable shell offers comfort and stability
  • The composite frame is durable
  • Wheels: 72mm/80A
  • SG3 bearings
  • Rollerblade® Junior Fit Liner
  • 45° strap and laces make skates easy to put on and take off
  • Cuff buckle provides a secure fit and extra support
  • Expandable frame adjusts up to 4 sizes
  • Style: 07334100N41
  • Rollerblade


Rollerblade® Girls Spitfire skates have been tried and verified by many users. It has following prospects which make it a highly demanded pair of skates.

  • The sizes are highly adjustable for the growing children.
  •  The skates offer safety and security from accidents, ankle sprains or injuries.
  • High-quality material makes it a durable and rugged product for everyday use.
  • Rubber wheels instead of regular plastic ones, which give smooth and quite ready.
  • High aesthetic appeal makes it attractive for kids.
  • Lovely black and pink colors.
  • Skates are extremely easy to take on or off and do not require adult help.
  • Expandable shell assures comfort and stability during the actual sport.
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate level skaters


Despite so many prospects, the product does have some minor consequences, and a potential buyer should know about these as well.

  • Wheel bearings may start to seize up.
  • Boys want this product in a lesser pink color.
  • The bottom area of the ankle seems to be tight to some users.

To sum the review, I would like to say that despite the few minor flaws, the product is excellent. According to consumer reviews and rating charts, the Spitfire inline skates have four stars. Children have enjoyed their free skating experience with this product, and no severe injuries or sprains have occurred while wearing these skates. Designed in attractive black and pink colors, it inevitably becomes a desirable pair for most of the girls around.

The problem of wheel bearings can is adjusted by tightening the screws. The tightening of the bottom area lasts only as long as first or second ride. Hence, this best of pair skates should not be avoided merely because of minor flaws, which are easily solvable.


So I guess our readers have finally decided to purchase the Rollerblade Girls Spitfire skates, but wait! You don’t know from where to buy? No worries, click on the following link to buy these skates.

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