Yes, it is fun, but do you know if the pair of the skate is not right, this activity can be a cause of any misshape? To avoid such a situation, the skaters always search for the best skates that provide comfort and ease of use. Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB Street Skate is an excellent product that every street skate could desire to own. Its striking features and a good fit with amazing roller ability make it lovable for the players. For intermediate street skaters that want to improve and excel in skating Rollerblade, swindler is an elegant choice. Click for the current pricing on Amazon.

Specs & Features

For a luxurious and superb skating, skate design and comfort is critical. Rollerblade Men’s Swindler is the best option because of its comfort and durability. For enjoying an incredible skating, you must consider its specification that is highly favorable for intermediate skaters. It offers the following features.

  • Superb comfort with excellent fit in feet. The durable and padded design provides ease of wearing.
  • The molded shell that gives support and tight hold to the foot and ankle with a feel of regular shoes.
  • These street skates are very easy and quick to wear and lace-up.
  • Hardcore and durable manufacture of shell and upper of skate satisfy your requirements for a good skate.
  • It weighs 2.4 kg each skate that is perfect for street skating.
  • It comes in multiple sizes the user can choose the best fit size as per need.
  • Two anti-rocker wheels 2 x 42mm with fast and durable SG5 bearings.
  • Two main wheels 2 x 60mm /90A for perfect skating.
  • Highly affordable price for excellent features.
  • Cuff buckle provides a firm grip around the ankle for its safety.
  • Durable TRS frame with a super lock groove
  • Outsole and exterior material is swindler shell.
  • Rollerblade foam liner is used in it.


Every product can be predicted for its benefits and drawbacks (if any is there). In the case of Rollerblade Men’s Swindler Skate, the majority of the users have approved the product for its nicer features and versatility. It doesn’t mean that it is a perfect product, few users have reported some minor issues that they experience. For an overall review, it is a good skate for intermediate to expert skaters. As for considering the users’ reviews the pros and cons of this product can be easily judged.


Using Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB street skate revealed some positive points. Mainstream users express their satisfaction and comfort they experience in using the product. Let us have a look at them.

  • Plenty of users has found it marvelous for self-training and improvement of the skating skill.
  • Excellent fit on the feet and a tight grip save from slipping out of the feet.
  • These are comfortable and have a nice design and looks.
  • Wheels are well fixed and can be changed if got damaged due to any reason.
  • These are all-rounder boots that are available according to the shoe sizes.
  • The pair of skates are stylish and allow speedy skating.
  • THE durable TRS frame is appreciated for its style and durability.
  • It is pretty good for the intermediate skaters that want to improve their ability and performance.
  • It comes in decent black and white colors.
  • It provides great ease in implementing skating tricks.
  • Women can also enjoy skating by using these wonderful and comfortable pair of skates.
  • Quick readiness in wearing due to ease in lacing up of skates. So the user can be ready and join the activity within no time.
  • The pair of skates is assembled in such a way that provides comfort and every part including wheels and sole plates can be replaced. This ability makes it good for customization according to personal ease.
  • Locks are implemented for laces that make it quick and easy to tie-up.
  • This pair of skates are comfortable and tough in performance.
  • It can perform well for a long time after an aggressive use in skating.
  • The liner of the skate provides sufficient space for feet. Its sole shape provides good support to the sole of feet.
  • The liner is made of good stuff that is not too much puffy and also not much thin for the comfort of feet.
  • Its rocker and anti-rockers are very good to enjoy the streets in a new way that is not experienced before.
  • Its soleplate is extensive that provides comfort and support in skating.


Although a majority of users are satisfied with the product but being neutral, it looks pretty good to discuss the drawbacks of the product also. No doubt rollerblade swindler is wonderful in performance, but there are some individual complaints about the product are also reported.

  • A few users feel it a bit heavy and experience discomfort due to it.
  • For slim feet, sometimes it doesn’t provide a good fit in some cases.
  • According to a few users, the skates are not great in performance but can be graded as good.
  • Some users say that the wheels are not in good round shape and their fitting is also not good.
  • These skates are a little bit slippery on the courts.
  • A small number of users suggest that the anti-rocker wheels should be replaced with a normal pair of wheels for a good performance.
  • Breaks are not included that causes difficulty in controlling.
  • Another drawback is that there is no capacity of including breaks in any way.

Bottom Line

Rollerblade Men’s Swindler RB Street Skate is capable of satisfying the needs of a wide range of skaters. Though these are designed for men, women and even kids can use these skates equally. The comfort and ease of use make it the first choice for the street skaters. It is a good exchange for your valued money. Keeping in view the features and specs of the rollerblade swindler, it looks pretty safe to invest your money in a product that can enhance your street skating experience. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.



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