Nowadays, women are looking at inline skating as a way to retain their figure and have fun. However, picking skates which fit their needs can be difficult because each model is different. Luckily, Rollerblade has a solution for you and they are the Rollerblade women zetrablade 80 skates.


If you are looking for high quality rollerblades for beginners, which can also be used at the next skill level, the Zetrablade 80s are the inline skates for you. They promise stability, comfort, and performance for a relatively affordable price. Here are the specifications for these best inline skates from Rollerblade:

  • These inline skates can be used by beginners and advanced users thanks to their comfortable and stable quality.
  • They are also very easy to use and focus heavily on stability and performance.
  • These inline skates can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating thanks to their 80mm wheels and skate-specific SG5 bearings which will guarantee long time use.


The Zetrablade 80 sounds very simple and packed with features, but has the company embedded the quality they are known for in this specific brand? Below are the reviews from current users of this model.


Several users have cited problems with these skates which need to be considered by future buyers of this product. Users cited that the buckles, straps, and the materials seemed very cheap. Some users commented that even though they bought larger skates, they were still very small for their feet.

Some users who have wide calves said that these are not the model for them because the buckle would not even close properly. They also cited that it is very hard to tie up these skates once they put them on because of the laces, Velcro, and buckle included in this model.

There were also complaints about the comfort level with these inline skates because they lacked padding and shock absorption qualities. Users reported pain in their calves and their feet after using these rollerblades for a long period of time.

Some cited it might be the inside of the boots’ fault for the pain since they lacked padding and were very hard.There were also problems with the function of the inline skates as one reported the wheels were a problem for them.

Some of those who have not been satisfied with the model have returned their pair due to the problems they faced with these skates.​


​On the other hand, there are users who love these rollerblades and cited the plus factors that made them love this brand and model. Users have remarked that these inline skates are made from high quality items and designed to accommodate the preference of users.

Everything was also well-made, ensuring that nothing would break while in use. The colors were also very good, bringing some users to feel nostalgic.

Users said that the rollerblades provided a lot of ankle support and could fit large calf muscles without worries. They also also did not feel very stiff despite the fact that the main boot is supporting the ankles and the leg.

The straps provide adjustment capabilities for users of all body types and the ankle straps were also secure to ensure the feet will not slip out from the skates. The roller skates were also working smoothly when users tried them on, and there were no problems with the speed and stability of the pair.

Other people who used these inline skates reported that they did not experience any problems when used for long periods of time. Some even went 2 miles without problems or pain. They were very comfortable, even without socks.

They were also able to use these skates on any surface without problems since the wheels were able to handle everything, even if they met obstacles and uneven surfaces. They have also cited that they were very happy with their purchase and would gladly recommend the skates to others.

One even said that the price was affordable and worth the cost because of the features. Some said that their child was able to grow with this pair without experiencing any problems at all.​


Rollerblade has been behind the inline skating craze, and even up to today, they still continue to make the best rollerblades available on the market today. The Zetrablade 80 will give you that performance you want, even if you are just starting out.​


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