Women are increasingly becoming active in sports more especially in inline skating. A majority of them believe that inline skating is a perfect way to help them retain their figure while having fun at the same time. Choosing this type of hobby is keeping their slender figure. And also, burning more calories than other activities. Keeps them active and out of the house. And why not, their babies can accompany. But buying a model that suits your needs is not easy. Luckily, Rollerblade has a solution for you; one model that ticks all the boxes-Zetrablade 80. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


If you are a beginner looking high-quality rollerblades, which you can also use at the next skill level, the Zetrablade 80s are your perfect inline skates choice. They promise stability, comfort, and performance for a relatively affordable price. Below are the specifications for these outstanding inline skates made by Rollerblade:

  • You can use these inline skates as a beginner as well as an advanced user; so thanks to their fantastic comfort and stable quality yo will be able to learn new tricks.
  • They are also interestingly very easy to use and focus entirely on stability and performance.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating; their 80mm wheels and skate-specific SG5 bearings guarantee increased service longevity, meaning they will last long enough so you’ll acquire new skills, and probably more performant skates.

As you enjoy your stress-relieving activity, remember to use the Zetrablade 80 which comes packed with incredible features. But has the company embedded the known described quality in this specific brand? Below are some of the reviews from different users of this brand:


Several users have cited complaints with these skates which need to be addressed for the brand to attract more people in the future.

  • First con cited by users in the quality of the material used in the buckles and straps which seemed quite substandard.
  • Another con arises from the size of the skates. Some users have complained that even though they bought a more significant number for the skates, they were still small for their feet.
  • Additionally, users with wide calves have expressed concerns with the model claiming that the buckle doesn’t close properly. Users have also cited that it is tough to tie up these skates once they put them on because of the laces, Velcro, and buckle included in the model.
  • Users expressed complaints about the comfort level with these inline skates with a majority claiming they lacked padding and shock absorption qualities. As a result, they reported pain in their calves and feet after using these rollerblades continuously. So remember to stretch when you get home.
  • Users have also expressed problems with the wheels which significantly affects the functioning of the inline skates.


On the positive, some users have embraced these rollerblades and cited the plus factors that made them love this brand and model:

  • Users have expressed the perfect designs of these brands made from high-quality materials suitable for accommodating their preference.
  • Users expressed satisfaction with high-quality frames which ensures nothing breaks during usage of the model.
  • Zetrablade’s 80s comes in multiple amazing colors which left users with a nostalgic feeling.
  • Users have stated that this model provided incredible ankle support, and could fit large calf muscles with minimal hassle. Others said they felt very stiff in the legs even though the primary boot separately supports the ankles and the pin. No matter what, stretching will help greatly
  • These roller skates have straps that provide adjustment capabilities for users of all body types. Moreover, users expressed the outstanding advantage of the brand having secure ankle straps to keep the feet in place while skating.
  • Users expressed efficiency and convenience regarding speed and stability.
  • Other users who used these inline skates reported that they did not experience any problems when used for long periods. Some even went two miles without noticing any significant pain.
  • Users said the brand was well cushioned and comfortable to wear even without socks.
  • These skates allowed users to skate on any surface without noticeable challenges because of the outstanding wheel quality, even if they met obstacles and uneven surfaces.
  • Affordable price for all pockets
  • Some said the brand is exceptionally durable and alleged that their child could grow with this brand until they transition to the next level.


Be part of history buying the Zetrablade 80, which without any doubt, is likely to give you that desired performance even if you are starting. Zetrablade makes skating better with its overall impressive quality and its effectiveness in almost everything. If you just staring skating or you want to upgrade your skates choosing this model would be the right choice. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

If you decide to take upon skating as a hobby will have many benefits. It will keep you active as well as social. Even if you will skate in the park with your baby, or you will have a group, bear in mind that you can make new friends, meet new moms, and why not, if you are single, your soul mate. Being in a relationship ad enjoying the same things is really important these days.

Inline skating is still going strong after so many years, and it is a great hobby that can be enjoyed with family and friends. And also can be the go-to fitness activity and it can feel like a total relaxation technique, rather than a fitness activity. But actually it’s both and it feels awesome to do it, and you can learn plenty of skills, that can make you become a greater skater, that does have a tremendous effect on your brain.



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