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As an inline skater, one thing you must put in mind while skating,  is that great skate wheels give you high power and speed. That’s the primary reason why people adorn these wheels. But again, the choice of wheels is also a paramount factor given that you are likely to be in power to command the wheels and delivering what you desire of it.

Indeed, in the market today, there exist multiple inline skate wheels with each possessing a unique property depending on the surface they are meant to roll.

Therefore, while skating on either the streets or any open-road racecourses, know the different conditions that call for different wheels. This critical issue is likely to make you enjoy the recreational activity through having wheels that give you the desired performance.

For one thing, different skating styles require different skating wheels. The wheels are available in various sizes, designs, and durability from the softest to the hardest.

Thus, to have the most exciting skating experience, you need to understand the properties and your skating requirements to be able to make the appropriate decision. A general rule to inline skate is that the bigger the wheel; the faster it will be its speed. Therefore, two areas to take note of are the wheel sizes and the hardness or durability.

You must also be aware of your skating skills when choosing the skates wheels.  Advance inline skaters prefer bigger wheels for their skates.

In America, letter A is the unit commonly used to measure the wheel hardness with softer wheels categorized to be below 80A and suitable for very smooth ground. Harder wheels are classified to be above 80A are designed to withstand rougher terrain.

Choosing The  Skate Wheels

Before buying skates wheels, you need to equip yourself with some necessary information about the wheels. First, know that wheels are an integral part of your skating experience. More importantly, the wheels have different combined properties to cater for different inline skaters of various sizes, skill levels, and various skating locations.

As a result, you need enough knowledge about the skates wheels before you purchase them or before looking for replacement wheels on existing skates.

We can consider skates to be like a car with different tires. These tires are used in various conditions and have varying durability and sizes; just like skate wheels. Below are some factors that you must consider before choosing inline skate wheels: –

  1. Understand the wheel diameter

The wheel diameter is in millimeters. On average, nearly all wheels measure between 42 and 110mm for standard skates. Note that the bigger the width,  the faster the skating speed.

On the other hand, the smaller the diameter, the smaller the wheel. Even though you are likely to reach maximum speed at a lower time, you won’t maintain the high speed for longer skating periods due to lack of inertia.

  1. Know the wheels hardness

As mentioned earlier, the letter “A” is an American unit mainly used to measure the hardness of wheels. A machine known as a durometer can be used to measure the validity of the stated hardness. Note that the harder the wheel, the less comfortable the skating experience. Harder wheels are also durable when it comes to wearing out. On the other hand, the softer the wheel, the faster it will wear out. Soft wheels are suitable for street-skating while solid wheels are suitable for aggressive skating because they offer a better rolling.

  1. Know your skating requirements

As a skater, you should always strive to stick to your boundaries. With these, you should understand your body size, body weight, and skate surfaces. The critical issue, in this case, is the comfort of the wheels.

  1. Know what factors into the price

Each wheel has a different rate. But first, start with your budget limit and ask yourself how much you are ready to spend on the wheels. And before making a hurried decision, play it cool and know whether the wheels offered are worth the price.

                                                        Best Selling Inline Skates Wheels


Knot Board Sports Ripstik Wheels by KBS

So far, Knot Board Sports Ripstik wheels by KBS are the hardest and best-performing wheels on the market. Made of high-grade polyurethane makes them suitable for nearly all riders in all skill levels.

So far, Knot Board Sports Ripstik wheels by KBS are the best-selling inline skates wheels on Amazon. They are famous for their hardness and standard diameter which allows smooth rolling at high speed and better control.

Customers who have obtained these inline skate wheels have praised it for its longevity and excellent service. Others have also appreciated the wheels for their perfect fit which seems to work well when skating.

On the other hand, the quality of the wheels is outstanding and matches its price. Most importantly, customers have expressed the practical nature of installing the sets of the wheels, not forgetting their adaptability and easy to clean aspect.  Click here for the current pricing.

RUNACC Inline Roller Skate Wheels Premium Replacement Rollerblade Wheels with Bearings

When it comes to inline skate wheels that perform what they are intended for, Runacc Inline Roller Skates Wheels scores beyond the scoreline. In addition to being made of high-quality materials, the replacement wheels are wear-resistant and durable.

We can classify the inline skate wheels’ hardness at 82A; which is perfectly suitable for daily recreational practices such as artistic skating and hockey skating. Another outstanding feature of these inline skate wheels is that they have bearings that are ultra-easy to install.

Amazon users highly rate these inline skate wheels more especially because of their high performance, excellent elasticity, and smooth roll experience. These inline skate wheels remarkably meet your needs given that they perform what they are intended to do. Click here for the current pricing.

8-pack, Rollers VXT500 Inline Skate/Rollerblade Wheels

These are significant entry-level inline skate wheels that fulfill all the skating needs of beginners and casual skaters on a budget. These skate wheels are cheap, comfortable, and fit the requirement of nearly all skaters. Click here for current pricing.

One incredible thing about the wheels is that they are supportive, comfortable, and easy to use by changing them yourself. At Amazon, customers have recommended these wheels as working smoothly, being very strong and fitting perfectly. These skate wheels also come at a reasonable price with excellent bright coloring.


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