The Most Expensive Inline Skates-Yet The Most Amazing Ones

The Most Expensive Inline Skates on Amazon-Yet the most amazing ones

After a long day at work or at school people should give some time to themselves as well for staying healthy and active. In their leisure time, people usually go out for a walk in the park or biking and some even go out for skating. Skating is one of the best forms of leisure activity, and people have a lot of fun while doing it. New research tells us that skating provides a complete aerobic workout which is good for one’s health. It helps to build strength mainly in the lower part of the body and also keeps your heart rate regular.

Inline skates have two to five wheels arranged in a line. There are different types of inline skates for different purposes. Recreational skates users like to go for a quick glide around the neighborhood. Fitness skates are used for training and ice hockey players. Racing inline skates, as the name refers, are used for racing due to their fast speed.

The Urban inline skates (also known as the Street skates) are for aggressive skating. We can tell the difference between these skates by looking at the wheel size, the weight, and the shape of the inline skates.

Below mentioned are some of the expensive inline skates that you can shop on Amazon, that have outstanding quality and all those features which double the fun. Let us have a look at them in detail.

K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Pro Inline Skates

K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Pro Inline Skates

K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Pro Inline Skates are for boys under the age of 15. It has excellent quality and provides high performance. These inline skates offer maximum stability, making it safe to use. There are 5 different sizes based on different age groups. You can also adjust them according to the extent required. These inline skates are strong and durable which makes them last for a more extended time period and prevents any damage.

These inline skates have a lightweight, weighing around 6 pounds so the kids can easily control them. The wheels have a perfect size (72mm), and the speed depends on it as well. The inline skates feature a lacing system. K2 Skate Boy’s Rider Pro has a vibrant color that attracts the kids towards them and makes them want to skate for hours. Also, performing tricks is more comfortable for the kids.


  • Glides smoothly
  • You can adjust the size
  • Light in weight
  • Strong and durable
  • Provides maximum stability
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Safe to use
  • Vibrant colors
  • Cost-effective


K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 Pro Inline Skates


What exactly are inline skates and how are they different from the quad skates? Let’s find out. Quad skates have two wheels arranged at the front and two wheels at the back. Whereas, the inline skates have all the wheels lined up in a single row. There are around four to five of them. The user can reduce the speed or stop within seconds. The new design of inline skates makes a substitute for the ice skates.

Things to look for in an inline skate

The first thing to look for in skates is how comfortable they are, first and foremost. So ponder hard upon the liner quality being offered. Fitting is very important as it helps you acquire that appropriate feel of nothing being out of space. Choose the liner that suits you best. Look out for the shell design. Shell designs are important with regard to providing you with durability and cooling mechanisms. Wheel size and bearings are the subtle features that you need to look into with a decisive mind. Also, make sure that you look for comfort as well. After wearing the boot, you must be ib a comfortable position which would ultimately help you in having a better ride.


K2 Vo2 90 Pro Inline Skates is what every skater needs to buy.  These skates are great for long and short rides. Let’s take a look at them.


Wheels improve performance

The 90mm wheels of these skates ensure the stability of your ride and make it much better. In addition to this, the users can obtain high speed and skate perfectly well over the bumps and cracks. This is one of the signs of the best skates. Also, they have one of the best bearings in their wheels which enhances the wheel performance even more.


Maximum comfort provided

These skates have a Vortech Ventilation System which has many air vents. Due to this system, your feet will remain cool and dry, and all the moisture will run out of your skates. There are ultra liners as well which make sure that the skate fits you perfectly and is very comfortable. The hook and loop ankle strap holds the foot in place. When you would feel comfortable, you would have a better ride with your K2 skate men’s vo2 90.

Overall construction

Another reason why I said that every skater should have these skates is that of its structure. Firstly, as these skates are for the intermediates, the designers have kept the overall weight very light. This way, the skater can have a grip and control over his skates. Its frame is from aluminum. Therefore, the skates are reliable and durable. You will be able to use them for an extended period.


Warranty policy

Another great thing which the company is offering to its customers is a fantastic warranty policy. You have a 1-year warranty against all the manufacturing defects. Some conditions do apply to the warranty, but most of the time, it is beneficial for the customers.


Summing it all up, I would say you should go for the K2 skate men’s vo2 90. They have a perfectly built and powerful one. The wheels and the bearings will make your ride even more fun. You will feel super comfortable while skating with these inline skates. The company is providing its customers with a 1-year warranty, so that’s a plus point as well. It’s hard to find these good skates at a very reasonable price in the market. Hurry up and get yours quickly. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates Black / Orange



Rollerblade Spitfire Lx Alu Inline Skates Black / Orange are not only made for the professionals but also for the beginners. Learning to skate is very easy with these inline skates. There are four sizes available in this, and you can also adjust the dimensions. They have a cuff buckle, 45-degree strap, and laces with speed lock. These have a simple design so your kids can also use them efficiently. The full 76 mm wheels with SG5 bearings provide maximum stability and let the skates glide smoothly. They have a moderate speed depending on the size of the wheels.

These skates are very light in weight, making it easier for your child to control them while skating. They also provide maximum comfort to your child as they have soft boots. The Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates are safe to use. They are also solid and durable as they have an aluminum body, preventing the skates from getting damaged. You can use these skates for many years. They have an attractive color as well.


  • Quick learning
  • Comfortable to use
  • Wide wheels make it safe
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth roll
  • Adjustable size





Though these inline skates are the more expensive than others that you can buy on Amazon, they are a must-have. These inline skates have a high quality and many unusual features which make them unique. The customers love these skates as their kids enjoy skating with them and are also safe to use. Learning to race with them is quite easy, and your kids will discover it is very little time. We hope your kids definitely enjoy their pair of infinite skates and have this as their primary hobby soon. Get your kids active and running in no time.


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