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Toddlers and their roller skates are a fantastic journey. They have to have a gimmick of some kind to make the toddler feel special, and they will meet Mom’s approval if they last more than one birthday. Hidden in those two seemingly selfish expectations are product characteristics that matter. Let’s look at the world of the toddler roller skates on the market and see exactly what that means.



Kuxuan Saya roller skates

These toddler roller skates come in at $42.99 and are an Amazon bestseller (currently #4 in children’s roller skates). They get 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 327 reviews registered by verified buyers. While they seem more closely suited to young girls, they may well be preferred by some of the boys as well. The critical feature for this product that will grab the attention of the toddler destined to wear them is the fact that all eight wheels will light up and bedazzle their friends thanks to a self- generating power system fueled by the turning of the wheels. Dad will love it because there are no batteries to worry about. Mom will love them as well because they will grow from one birthday to the next along with the child. They are adjustable across four sizes from when the child is small and within the 10-13 shoe size range into the medium range for bigger kids from shoe size 13 to size 3.

The customer reviews are consistently excellent, with 91% of the reviews ranking in at 5 stars. The vital consistency of the reviews is that the kids find the skates to be fashionable, and they love the light-up wheels. It gives them an identity that some kids liken to being a magical unicorn out there on the skating rink. As expected, many of the reviews are from mothers who appreciate that the skates grow with the child and are tough enough to last two or three years. It also seems that the child can be self- sufficient in getting the skates on and off, which Mom’s much appreciated. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star

This pair of Amazon toddlers roller skates come in at $39.99 and can be found in new condition at a 13% savings on occasion. They can also be found in a blue/orange color combination. These skates currently rank at #2 on the Amazon bestseller list and lean toward the more masculine side of the gender scale although, I’m sure some ladies might like them as well. Roller Derby has a 39-sec video showing this pair of skates in action. The overall rating of these skates is 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 799 verified customer reviews.

The boys appreciate the stability and support of the boot on these skates. The padded tongue prevents discomfort around the ankle, and the cam-lever buckles make it easy for the toddler to get in and out of the skates. The independence that gives the boys, in particular, is satisfying in not having Mom hovering over them while they get ready to skate. What the toddlers like most about this skate are the lightweight feel and the smooth roll of the G-Force 608ZB carbon wheel bearings.

Both parents like how easy it is for the toddlers to adjust the size of the boot using the single push button on the chassis. The shoe size spans across 4 increasing increments to keep the skate functional for at least two years if not three. Of course, some toddlers grow faster than others, so there are no guarantees. They will also take solace in the independent and confident nature of their toddler on the skating rink.

The parent reviews of this product are consistently positive (79% 5-star ratings and 14% 4-star) and talk to the ease of use by toddlers independent of the parent and the smooth ride they provide. The headlines read as you would expect. Worth It, Great Skates for Growing Feet, Great Quality for a Great Price, and Sturdy, Easy to Put On are commonly written. The reviews also show a relatively even split on the skates appealing to both boys and girls. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

Sulifeel roller skates

These highly rated toddlers roller skates score a 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Bestsellers list
and are a rising star at number 6 on that list. The price is competitive at $46.99 and they come in pink. These skates are strictly marketed for the girls and the
sizing chart shown above is based on girl’s shoe sizes. The sample size of customer reviews is substantial
at 489 among which, you’ll find very few negative reviews.
The most desirable feature for this skate has to do with how the toddlers react to them. Most consider this
pair of roller skates as the ultimate girly girl skate. The design and color options appeal to
younger toddlers set in the 3 – 6-year-old range. Plus, the wheels illuminate which draws the attention to
the skater wherever she skates. There aren’t many girls that age that don’t appreciate having attention
drawn to them. “I feel pretty” seems to be a common feeling among the girls when their wearing these
skates and gliding along the street or at the rink.

Skate Specifications

Size Comes in small, medium, and large; please choose the proper size by measuring your kid’s foot length.
The size Small fits foot length between 7in and 8in.
The size Medium fits foot length between 8in and 9in.
The size Large fits foot length between 9in and 10in.
Wider feet, growing feet, or half sizes please go up a size.

Bearings ABEC-7 Speed bearings.
Wheels Polyurethane Lighted Wheels; If your girl skates outdoor more often, please change the PU wheels to a higher durometer, such as 85A.
Chassis reinforced aluminum frame.
Skill Level Beginner-Intermediate.


Parents seem to comment favorably on a couple of the less obvious features. The first being the great the customer support they get from Sulifeel in getting questions answered. Also, the replaceable, high-wear
parts such as the toe stops and wheels are easily replaceable which makes Dad’s happy. There’s
nothing worse than your little girl with a frown on her face. Sulifeel makes it easy to turn the frown
upside down into a smile. Let’s mention again that these toddler roller skates get a 98% score on 4-star
and 5-star ratings That’s impressive and an up check on the scorecard when researching what skates to
buy. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


So, you’ve seen the top three best toddlers roller skates as listed on the Amazon bestseller list. But, I
encourage you to carefully read the reviews posted by verified buyers of the skates and pay attention to
the nuances about each pair of skates. It’s more of an effort to make sure you buy the right pair of roller
skates for your toddler that will allow them to enjoy the experience without exposing them to any
dangerous situations.




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