It is a great outdoor activity and enhances the physical as well as emotional health. A leisurely skating experience requires a high quality pair of skates. The entire performance of the skater depends upon the performance of these skates. Hence it is very important to check the features and specs of a product before making a purchase. If you want to get the power, speed and ultimate consistency in your skating experience, try out the latest Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates. Featuring Track Tri Coil system frame, the skates are designed to be durable and long lasting. Comfort feature ensure the comfort of the user with every wear and during the sport. Inline skating has never been better without the Tour Hockey’s senior skates. It comes in a jet black and grey combination to suit the ruggedness of both the sport and an adult skater.

Features and Specifications:

Unlike many other skates available in the market in the same price range, these senior inline skates are loaded with some awesome features. They can be used both for indoor and outdoor skating, and are comfortable to wear. They come with Tour’s force speed formula series wheels for an enhanced performance and a stable skating experience. It comes with following remarkable features which you may not find elsewhere.

    • These skates are great for outdoor play as well as for indoor use. Their multipurpose property makes them suitable in any kind of weather conditions.
    • They are wrapped in Tuff-Skin material to ensure durability, longevity and resilience.
    • TOUR Rival Outdoor wheels can add speed and power both indoor and outdoor.
    • The investment of a Deluxe Comfort Padding, Anti-Lace bite felt Tongue maximize the comfort of the rider, and reduces the tiredness or foot pain.
    • Reinforced Ankle Support adds stability through every powerful turn and prevents ankle sprains; also helps in preventing the accidents.
    • TOUR Aluminum Power Track Tri-Coil System Frame provides stability with every wear and hence makes the product long lasting.
    • BEVO Silver-5 Race Rated Bearings can enhance speed and add to the leisurely experience.
    • TOUR Force Speed Formula Series wheels can add a smooth, fast, powerful stride.
    • Tour skates run 1 to 1.5 sizes larger than standard USA size shoes.
    • The matte black plus grey color adds to its already high aesthetic appeal.



When there are a number of products available in the market, it sometimes become difficult to choose the most suitable one amongst them. It is therefore, much desirable to go through the reviews of the products before making the decisions. Reviews do not only state about the specifications, features and the benefits, but they also list the downside of purchasing the product. No single product is perfect, however, the one with lesser cons and more pros should be chosen.

Talking about the Tour Hockey senior inline skates. This are for some the best inline hockey skates if you are practicing the sport, but also for leisure.


Some of the users have stated that the wheels are not of very good quality. They need to be changed because the original ones do not work well and results in lack of smoothness

Some also say that the bearings of these skates need lubricant before they can be used. Without this, there is a lot of friction and squeaky noises.

These pairs of skates are available only in one color, which suits male skaters. These should also be designed in some feminine colors.

Reviews state that there is also some kind of sizing issue. Some users find it way too wide than their normal skate shoe size, others need to widen it. Users have encountered much difficulty trying to widen the skates.

Some of the beginner level users complain that the shoes became a bit difficult to tie up after they were worn. This might be because of the straps or buckles. They might come into the way of laces. Such kind of technicalities of the design should be kept in mind during manufacturing process.​


In their reviews, the current users have mentioned that they like the wheel size. The skates are overall sturdy and resilient the structure is crafted out of durable material. Hence the product is long lasting, and worth the money they have spent on it, plus for inline skating hockey players are perfect.

Another fact which made the users very happy was that the skates are available in a variety of sizes. This makes their skate shopping easier, and in this super comfortable and speedy design, many sizes are available to suit many different skaters.

The reinforced ankle supports make this product an awesome choice for the new skaters who are just learning to balance themselves. The ankle support prevents unnecessary sprains and hence prevents the incidents of any accident.

The straps and buckle add to the plus points of these skates. It is important to mention here that these straps make the skates suitable for children who might be just beginning to learn skating. They perform very well to avoid accidents or injuries.

The design and sizing of this pair of skates is unisex, therefore, both male and female users can enjoy the features and quality of this product.​

Bottom line

Despite some of the complaints received about this product, the features and specifications are offer much more benefits. Hence, the use of this product by Tour manufacturer is surely recommended and makes the best hockey inline skates available on Amazon.Reviews and rating charts indicate that the users are happy about their choice. These pair of skates surely manages to provide the leisurely skating experience promised. Overall, Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates is a good choice for beginner level skates, because these many features in such a less price cannot be seen in many other products.​

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