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Aggressive Inline Skates

After practice for a while, you feel confident that aggressive inline skating can be your main hobby.  Whether it's vert skating, park skating, freestyle skating or aggressive inline skating, once you are a pro at it, there is no looking back.

While skating is a thrilling experience, not all have the confidence and courage to do it fearlessly. A passionate and expert skater is made with plenty of practice and a good pair of inline skates. You may be skating as an artist, for fun or to improve your fitness, but all these objectives can only be achieved if and when you have the right skates. However not all aggressive inline skates will give you the support, stability and speed you require. Therefore, today we will talk about USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skates.

The USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skate is one of the fair choices when you aim to buy skates for yourself or for your fellow. Although they are famous for all skill levels, viewers suggest that they appear to be ideal for beginners. USD Realm Inline Skates give great ankle support and are perfect for ramp and trick skating. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


​USD Realm comes in size ranges, 6-7, 7.5-8, 9-10, and 11-12. The skates are smaller in size than your average shoes, therefore when you make a purchase, make sure to buy one or two sizes above your regular shoe size.


The boot of the skates is made up of hard PU leather and plastic. It is a single mould shell of standard height. The boot uses stationary cuff and decent, high-quality laces to keep the foot secure and gripped. The ankle memory locking buckles gives extra support to your foot while you do rollerblading, blading, skating and rolling.


The liner is a v-cut foam material that used pre-contoured cuff and a Neoprene sole. In order to keep the foot protected, the liners are thickly padded. Unlike other skates, USD Realm has a one-piece tongue that holds the foot firmly and prevents it from injuries.


To keep you total control while turning, USD Realm uses a simple flat one-piece rugged soulplate for grinds and Kizer flat frames. The Kizer Classic Frame can be easily removed if you don’t wish to include. The buckles are added to provide you with safety.

Wheels and Bearings:

The skates comprise of 57mm/90A wheels and ABEC 5R Bearings. The ABEC 5 rating bearings are the most appropriate and widely used skateboard bearings. They give you fast speed and absolute balance.



1. USD Realm is a purpose built skate that gives a smooth and safe  ride.

 2. The price of the skates is reasonable and affordable.

 3. It looks stylish and cool. Not a boring design like many others.

4. It is lighter in weight as compared to other skates

 5. It is ideal to be used daily.

6. It gives a comfortable fit and grip.

7. On tricky roads, USD Realm proves to be durable and balanced.

8. It is safe for beginners as well, so you easily learn grinds with it.

9. The shoe offers good flex and slides well.


1. ​Some users feel it is too stiff on the foot

2. If you don’t buy the right size, you might feel the boots to be uncomfortable.

    ​Some users feel it is too stiff on the foot
    If you don’t buy the right size, you might feel the boots to be uncomfortable.


As mentioned above, USD Realm is a great buy for beginners but experts have been equally fond of its benefits. It can be confidently used on ledges, streets, negatives, rails, skate parks and top souls.

Bottom line:

If you are a seasonal skater or perhaps just gotten into this sport as a beginner, we highly recommend you to choose the USD Realm Inline Skates as your first and forever most skates. Being easy on your budgets the benefits of buying them is far more than the price it demands.

You will find many other brands that too are good in their own ways but for men and women, USD Realm has been a tried and tested choice. Whether you want to do stunts, play ice-hockey, roller-hockey, speed race or be good at aggressive skating, USD Realm  skates are one-time fair investment.


Q1) Are both the inner wheels and outer wheels of the skates different in size?

A1) No, both the inner and outer wheel are same in size.

Q2)  Do these skates have a back brake?

A2) No, they don’t have a back brake and so far none of the users has identified the need to. If you add a back brake, it might affect your ride.

Q3) Can you jump and grind with them?

A3) Yes, you can do both.

Q4) If I buy a size bigger than my average shoe size, don’t you think it would be loose in the grip?

A4) these skates are made smaller in size as compared to average other shoes, therefore it is recommended to buy a size above your average size so that they are not too tight to your foot.

Q5) Are these for men and women both?

A5) Ideally USD Realm is meant for men but you can buy one. NO restriction.

Q6) How many colours is it available?

A6) At the moment, they are available in black colour only. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


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