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VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates


Buying the right pair of inline skates becomes tough when you have so many opinions in your head each telling you why you should have that one. Well, you should not get confused at all and have a look at our website where we provide authentic reviews including both the positive and negative aspects of a certain pair of inline skates so you know both sides and your decision is much more accurate. If you are looking for the right pair of inline skates for your kid, we have some wonderful options available for you including the VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates. This seems to be one of the best pair of inline skates. Why do we think that? You shall find out the answer in the review below. Read more to find out.

We because..

We always care for our viewers and we want them to have the best products for them. There are several different types of products which may not be as fine as other products but we don’t just do the misleading advertising. When you will read more, you will find out that we have written our reviews in a true manner and we speak neutrally. For the VNLA inline skates review, we have carefully analyzed all the specifications and features and we found out various positive and negative points of having this skate. Real life examples, as well as the opinions from experts, have been taken before making the final decision so don’t doubt the verdict we give to this or any other pair of inline skates. All the wordings are true and reflect no misleading claims which mean you can have a full trust while reading reviews from our website. Have a look at the VNLA inline skates reviews and find out what verdict does it receive whether a positive or a negative one.

Things which must be kept in mind before buying the VNLA inline skates

Since a lot of things matter when buying the right pair, we have shortlisted a few of most important ones while having your pair of inline skates.

  • Performance: The first thing which is also the most important thing is how well you are able to perform with this skate.Apparently, the various features of K2 Raider Pro prove that performance would definitely be the best.
  • Durability: Obviously, nobody would like to go the market every other month to get another pair of inline skates. You need a durable one.
  • Rolls: A good pair of inline skates would definitely roll out smoothly and will come with good bearings. On contrary, a pair which does not roll smoothly is not the right one and you should avoid going anyway near it.
  • Price Vs Quality: Well technically speaking, the inline skate you are buying, it must match the price as well. An average quality product should not have a high price. A good quality, however, can be paid more for.
  • Size Availability: Getting the right size might be a problem since different companies have different sizes. Keep in mind that you need to get the right size.
  • Frame Type: Beginners might have to face a lot including falling down so many times and if the frame isn’t a strong one then your pair would be grounded within a few days of use.

VNLA inline skates review


The VNLA inline skate is one of the best ones which provides you with some of the most amazing features of riding. We have analyzed the skate in detail and wrote the VNLA inline skates review. The average rating of this pair is almost 4 stars whereas it comes in 4 different colors as well.


The below mentioned bullet points are the features of VNLA inline skates. Have a look at them

  • Offered in a variety of sizes for both men and women
  • There are 4 different colors present.ABEC-9 Vanilla racing bearings have been installed.
  • Aluminum frame has been used in crafting this pair.
  • The type of the boots is basically Vanilla carbon boots.
  • 85A urethane wheels have been installed

The good side

There are several amazing aspects of this skate which make it a worth-buy. Find out what are they.

  • These boots have an outstanding quality and perform the best on various different structures.
  • The bearings are super smooth and roll easily which make them a good one.
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight and also strong which means this pair would be durable as well.
  • There are a lot of sizes for this pair which means you will not face a problem when it cones to sizes.
  • The wheels are perfect for racing and so are the bearings so it is easy to ride for a professional as well.
  • The pair has been designed for both men riders and women riders.
  • High quality paint has been applied making it the right one.

The down side

Sometimes there are a few flaws which are there for a pair of inline skates but they do not affect the performance directly.

  •  This pair costs you over a 200 so if you are on a low budget then you should visit our website and find out the other low budget options.


This may seem to be one of the most expensive piece of inline skates which you would purchase but it definitely gets the positive verdict seeing the most amazing features and benefits that are being offered. Most of the customers were completely satisfied and this pair also passed the durability tests which means that it is a one time investment which will last for a long period of time easily. We highly recommend that all the viewers should get this pair of VNLA inline skates as early as possible and enjoy riding. This can be a wonderful gift too so what are you waiting for.

Get it here! offers this pair of inline skates on an amazing price and shipping is free as well. As we have already mentioned its amazing features, you shouldn’t wait anymore and have it right away. Read the customer reviews at and find out more about it before making your purchase. We hope you have a wonderful experience in having the VNLA inline skate.

Final Summary

There was once a time when regular skating shoes were used with two wheels front and two wheels back but today inline skates are used. Four front-to-back wheels are a much better way to ride and have fun. Your child will have a great time in riding the pair we mentioned above and this will also help him to have a proper growth since different muscles will come into a proper exercise. Having said that, you should get the one we mentioned above and let him enjoy. Also, do remember the things which we said that you must keep in mind before buying a specific pair of inline skates. We hope that we have solved all the queries but if you have any other questions or queries regarding inline skates, you can ask us in the comments section and we will reply you as soon as possible. Do consider all the possible pros, cons, as well as features before buying the VNLA inline skates. Do give us your feedback below by telling us how was your experience with the VNLA inline Skates.


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