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What are quad skates?

Quad skates are roller skates with four wheels, two in the front and another pair in the back. These types of skates are considered ideal for beginners as they ensure a stable ride by balancing the users’ weight on wheels to prevent slipping and other issues. Traditionally, quad skates for beginners feature a toe stop or rubber break. The feature serves for stopping immediately and safely. Not only kids, but adults can also roll on them effortlessly. Fortunately, different models for kids (girls and boys) and adults (men and women) are introduced to the market already, varying in colors, sizes, and styles.


Roller skates or rollerblades for beginners


Planning to buy roller skates and can’t decide which one is good to go? Are you one of those individuals who can’t differentiate between the types of skates? Fret not! This guide will answer all your queries. As this article is about amateurs so here, you will be reading about what to choose roller skates or rollerblades for beginners– a perfect option for the fans and beginners in this game.
Before getting into other details, you need to know what quad skates are, and how you should buy them.

Difference between roller skates and roller blades


Most of the people don’t have much knowledge about the several types of roller skates, especially those individuals who are new to the skating world. However, before making any purchasing decision, it is significant to make a selection wisely that matches your requirements perfectly. For your ease, we have put together some fundamental differences between quad skates and inline roller skates. Have a look, and get acknowledged!

Quad Skates(Roller skates)

Without a doubt, quad skates for beginners are preferred on inline skates by the majority of users because

• They have a large footprint to ensure stability
• Their wheels are explicitly fitted to balance out the weight of the rider

• They are ideal for beginners as well as kids

• The experts or advanced-level skaters equally love them
• Quad rollers are also known as original rollers because of their traditional design
• They offer a wider grip, thus an ideal choice for beginners
• They come in a variety of styles, from leather boots to sneaker-looking shoes
• Quads are well-suited for performing several methods of skating, including Derby, artistic and jam skating

 Rollerblades (Inline skates)

• This type of skates are suitable for outdoor skating mostly
• Their wheels fit  in a row, so it is hard to balance weight on them
• They are less stable, thus not suggested for the beginners and kids
• They are advanced-level rollers that used in skating sports, like speed skating, roller hockey, and freestyle inline skating.

In simple words, quad skates are designed for beginners as they are more stable in performance, while the inline rollers are for experts who love to play skating sports. What is your choice?

Beginners roller skates

Commonly these boots, made of composites plastic, PVC, carbon fiber, leather or fiberglass. As mentioned above, there are several kinds of quad skates prevailing in the market nowadays, varying in style, shape and price range. Some people prefer to opt for a high boot, which offers more support to their ankle. This style is ideal for kids, beginners and anyone else who wants to skate around comfortably with increased ankle support. In addition to this, lower cut skate boots are also available in this range that ensures more flexibility and movement in rotating the ankles. These shoes are mostly used by expert-level skaters who have already mastered the art of basic skating. All in all, the height of the rollers should depend on your skill level.
Now you exactly know why quad skates are a must-have for beginners. These are the best quad skates for beginners that we recommend. The following are our selection of good roller skates for beginners.

1. Chicago Girl’s Classic Roller Skates


The first suggestion is for all the cute little girls out there who wish to enter the staking world as a beginner. These particular boots have gathered a lot of praises widely because of their stable performance, excellent ankle support, and comfortable fit. Moreover, high-quality material is used in their making to increase the lifespan of these quad skates for beginners, and apparently to ensure maximum safety of the rider. Have a look at the detailed specifications of these remarkable skates, and find out why you should buy them for your little girl.
Attractive appearance
The first and foremost thing that matters to every girl on this planet is the appearance of a particular situation. Ladies of all age groups are much careful about their selections of goods.

Chicago Classic quad skates for beginners are designed to attract the consumers in a glance. These rollers are available in white color with pink wheels, which make them perfect girly stuff. Besides this, the performance of Chicago rollers is equally exceptional. So, it is an excellent product regarding looks and performance as well. Why don’t you try them yourself?
The most important feature of any roller skate is its weight. The lighter the pressure, the easier to manage. Especially when it comes to kids, they need a pair that is lightweight enough to let them move freely and that too without compromising on their safety. The good news is that Chicago Girl’s roller is just perfect in this regard. To ensure maximum safety and greater control, adjustable trucks and toe stops are there. These boots are merely ideal for beginners because they are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Other features

Chicago girl’s skates feature 60mm high-impact oversized wheels to offer increased stability. An oversized PVC spoke core fits for further convenience. The model, recommended for those who prefer ankle boots for their child, has a padded ankle collar to provide maximum security. Although you can get it in all almost all youth sizes J10-4, this roller features a Power Strap closure to adjust the size according to the shape of the foot.

• Attractive because of color combination and style
• Padded ankle collars to offer maximum stability
• Specially designed for beginners and amateurs
• Available in several sizes
• A Power Strap is there to make the shoe fit perfectly
• Well-suited for indoor as well as outdoor use
• Price is quite reasonable for a majority

• Some users have complained that the rollers are not durable at all

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2.Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate



Why should girls have all the fun? To all the little boys, here is something unusual for you on the list as well. Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star quad Skates for beginners is specially made to cater to all your skating needs with increased safety and maximum comfort. Curious to know more about these rollers? Scroll below and read on!
Adjustable sizing
We all know the fact that buying a suitable pair of roller shoes for growing kids is not easy. Why? Because you can’t decide whether to buy a perfect fit or to choose a size bigger (to make the investment last for long as the kids grow). If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, then it’s the high time to end your worries as the Roller Derby quad skates for beginners are just designed to stop your concerns.

Well, these boots are equipped with an EZ push-button adjustable design that can adjust according to the kid’s growing feet. Thus, saving you from the hassle of buying your child a pair of roller shoes now and then, and making it an investment that will last you for a long time.
Attractive and comfortable
Boys don’t care for the appearance of roller skates much as compare to girls. However, they also deserve some good-looking skates in their lives. What do you think boys? Luckily, Roller Derby boy’s quad skates for beginners are not just high in performance, but they are quite eye-catchy in looks as well. These skates are available in multi colors, a combination of red, grey and black. Apart from this, they are incredibly comfortable because of the padded liner and ankle support. The great thing is that its padded liner is washable so now you can wash them off whenever you want to prevent the pungent stink.
Other features

These quad skates for beginners have almost all those features that are significant for user’s safety, including the locking cam lever buckles that aid in a secure fit, toe brakes for instant yet safe stopping, and 608ZB carbon bearings are also there for further convenience. For only 1 pound in weight, these boots are light in weight, which eventually makes them quite easy to handle, and overall safe to ride.

• Molded polymer chassis for an increased durability
• Molded shells along with the hinged cuff to ensure stability
• Locking cam buckles for a secure fit
• Washable padded liners and ankle support
• G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings
• 54 mm urethane wheels
• Adjustable design for growing feet
• Available with 90 days limited manufacturer’s warranty

• Some users may face size issue in this model

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3.Chicago Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate – Black

No matter how old you are, roller skating is a fun activity for all. Don’t you agree? Here comes another great recommendation of quad skates for beginners, and this time it is for big boys. These skates by Chicago are for adults who love to take part in skating race and social skating. They are comfortable, durable, supportive, speedy and just the best. Not convinced yet? Read on and find out what is special about them.
Convenience at its best
Chicago bullet man’s skate is made up of durable vinyl. Unlike the other two boots on the list, these are low-cut skates that allow free movement of ankles while turning or maneuvering around the obstacles. However, this doesn’t make them less stable or safe, all thanks to the full 62 mm wheels, fixed axles, and précised bearings. Moreover, first toe breaks are also there to ensure reliable and safe stopping power. For making proper adjustments for skating, these boots come equipped with the lace closure system, thus making them highly supportive.
Comfortable fit
Comfort is an essential feature of any footwear, be it skate shoes or casual boots. An uncomfortable shoe can not only hurt your feet, but it also makes the user agitated. Keeping this issue into the account, Chicago quad skates for beginners entail a collar with a heel pull loop that holds the feet at ease and prevents any discomfort, throughout the ride. The comfortable the shoes, the better you can skate.

Other features

These skate shoes are available in black color and are quite decent in appearance. The great thing is that these rollers can be used by ladies as well because of their unisex color and design. Although Chicago roller skates designed for racing, you can also use them for a casual skating spree. For decades, this model is a popular demand for social skating and all-around rinks. Weighing a bit more than 1 pound; these shoes are lightweight enough to be managed effortlessly.


• Lightweight, thus easy to handle

• Cut-off design for effortless turns and flexible movements
• Available in unisex black color, hence making it suitable for boys and girls
• Designed for race skating
• A lace closure system for a comfortable fit
• Available with 90-day manufacturer warranty
• Inexpensive and affordable for a majority
• A perfect product to gift someone

• It may not last you longer as expected

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4. Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates – White Rink Skates


Don’t want to buy quad skates for beginners? Are you looking for a colorful pair of rollers that is not just good in looks but are exceptional in performance as well? Here it is! Chicago women’s classic rollers are the perfect outside roller skates for women. They are eye-catchy in appearance, durable in making, speedy in performance, comfortable and above all, inexpensive in price, which is affordable for a majority.
Good looks yet exceptional performance
Who doesn’t want a beautiful pair of roller skates? Everyone does! Especially when it comes to women, looks matter the most. These particular boots are available in a decent color combination, pink and white. In addition to this, the performance of this pair is no less either. No matter, you wish to skate indoors or want to ride on wheels outdoors; these classic quad skates are a must-have for all the sporty ladies out there. Keep reading to know more interesting features of these remarkable skating boots.
Supportive and convenient
By now, you must be aware of the fact that ankle skating boots are great for beginners and anyone else who needs more ankle support while roaming around on the wheels. Chicago women’s classic skates got it covered for you! In addition to this, their simple lacing system includes speed hooks and eyelets to adjust the size as you go. To provide more protection, adjustable 5/8” toe stop, and jump bar are also there. In a nutshell, whether you are trying to accompany your kids in skating or want to go out for some fun; women’s classic quad skates for beginners are at your service!

Other features

These skates come with an aluminum base plate along with jump bar, adjustable chassis, and truck. They are made of vinyl material to ensure maximum comfort and an increase in durability. 60mm Urethane spoke wheels with semi-precision bearings are also included to offer excellent control against usual wear and tear of the pair. You can buy these rollers in a variety of sizes; youth sizes from 1 to 5 and lady’s sizes from 6 to 11. This means that not only adult women can use it, but you can also buy a similar pair on a small scale for your little one. Isn’t it great? The best thing is that you don’t have to break your bank to get your hands on these fantastic quad skates for beginners because they are reasonably priced.


• Attractive design with an eye-catching color scheme
• Well-suited for indoor as well as outdoor use
• Available in a variety of sizes, including youth sizes and adult sizes
• Effortless lacing system for support and comfortable fit
• Aluminum base for durability
• Prevents wear and tear of the skates, thanks to spoke wheels and precision bearings
• The reasonable price which is affordable for a majority


• It may feel uncomfortable around the back of the ankle

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Skating is a fun activity that knows no age boundaries. Whether you are a kid, adult, a mom or a 9-5 job person; skating is a great way to involve some positive vibes in your day-to-day boring routine. This guide was about beginners roller skates, and by going through it, you must have made a purchasing decision already. Just don’t forget to do some research beforehand to order to invest wisely!


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