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XinoSports kid’s Roller Skates Reviews

Different types of inline skates are available in the market but you never know that which one is going to give you the best time in the ride. Many users face the problem that they get a pair of inline skates but later on, realize that it was not a durable one. The benefits might exist but they diminish over a while. Thus, a user fails to get the right pair of inline skates. Many kids are discouraged when they see their pair being thrown to the bin. However, getting a durable and long-lasting pair of inline skates is no longer an issue. Since there are hundreds of pairs available in the market, there might be some confusion to the user but this confusion can be ended if you read detailed analytical reviews on different pairs of inline skates. Having said that, if you are interested in buying a durable and perfect pair of inline skates, you should not worry at all because we have the right solution for you in the form of a review of the Xino sports inline skates review below. Take a look and find out what makes it a nice pair to have for your young ones. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

But why us?

Many of the users might feel that what makes us the right place to read reviews from. Well, the first thing which you will notice in our reviews is the natural tone. Not only will we mention the positive aspects of a pair of inline skates but we also highlight the problems which occur while using so you can be careful. Other than that, we don’t only base our review on the customer reports mentioned at but we also have some real-life experiments to find out which pair is a much better one. Since the pair of inline skates we are talking about is a kids one, we have carefully researched what pair should you be getting. Expert advice and real-life tests have identified several different aspects of this pair of inline skates. Having said that, you will find out tone completely neutral and in the end, we would suggest you whether a specific pair of inline skates are going to be the right one for your child or not. Read on and find out more about the Xino sports inline skates. Various things must be kept in mind before having this or any other pair of inline skates.

Important things you must consider before buying the Xino sports skates

Of course, several different things must be kept in mind before owning a pair of Xino sports inline skates. Below are the most important ones. Have a look before moving on to the Xino sports inline skates review(s).

  • Safety first: Safety is one of the most important aspects of anything. If the pair of inline skates you are buying is not safe for the young ones, then you must avoid buying it.
  • Guarantee: This matters a lot since it provides you with a proof of the quality. The type and duration of the guarantee or warranty matter a lot when buying a pair of Xino sports skates.
  • Size Selection: If you don’t get the right size or if the company doesn’t offer the pair in the size you require, then it is completely useless to buy the pair. Find the right size before buying.
  • Comfort: The boot must be soft enough and should be providing a good grip to the rider so that the skate is a comfortable one for the rider.
  • Frame type: Frame is like the main body of your skate and if the frame isn’t strong, it means that the skate would not be a durable one and vice versa.
  • Price vs Quality: If the price is high and the quality isn’t, then you are wasting your money on the pair and you should search for another one. However, if the price matches the quality, then it is completely fine.

Xino Sports Inline Skates Review


This pair of inline skates by the company XinoSports is a great one which has been ranked at number 7 in the category of children’s inline skates. It comes in multiple sizes and has a color combination of blue and black. Have a look at some of its most amazing features below.


  • There are two different sizes available for this one; Youth Big Kid 1 – 4 (Medium) and 5 – 8 (Large).
  • 70 mm 82A polyurethane wheels have been installed which are illuminating as well.
  • The bearings used in the Xino sports inline skates are ABEC-7 bearings.
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee has been provided as well.
  • The average weight is near 5 pounds but may vary for the two different sizes.


Everything has its positive aspects and the same is the case for this pair as well. Find out the advantages of having it for your son or daughter.

  • The pair is easily adjustable and comes with ankle support as well.
  • Bearings are of good quality and roll out smoothly.
  • There is an amazing guarantee policy from the company.
  • Illuminating wheels make this pair a safe one.
  • Price is fine when it comes to quality and the company is not overcharging.


There might be minor problems as well but they don’t affect the overall performance if sorted out in time.

  • It might not work properly if maintenance is not done at the time.


The verdict for such an amazing and top-rated pair of Xino sports skates goes out in the positive. More than 90% of the users were contented and satisfied with the overall usage of this pair of skates and found no problems. Even in the case you face some problems, you have the choice to return them under the 60-day moneyback guarantee so your money is always safe. They are safe, durable, and will provide a good time to the rider.

Get it now!

As we mentioned all the different types of features of this skate, we believe that this is going to be the right one. For further information or shipping timings and charges, you should be visiting and have any confusions cleared out as well. Make sure you read the reviews by customers which states that this skate was an excellent choice for them and their young ones had an excellent time and provided the maximum comfort as well. Get it from and start riding!


Is your child spending too much time in front of the TV, playing video games or texting their friends? Are you looking for an awesome way to get them to be more active and spend more time outdoors? Then a pair of inline skates is all that you need to get him active. Summarizing everything, we can say that a pair of inline skates is quite important for your child and his overall fitness. The pair of Xino sports skates is a nice one and you should get it. Various other pairs are there as well which can offer you the same amazing features. Other than that, inline skates will make your child healthier and much better in no time. He will tend to stay active as well. Do consider all the possible pros, cons, as well as features before buying the skates. Do give us your feedback below by telling us how was your experience with the Xino sports Skates. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


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