Xtreme Free Fun Lightweight Manmade roller skates

Beginners find it quite difficult to find a pair of best inline skates. As they don’t have an idea regarding the background of inline skates, they often end up making incorrect choices. For beginners who don’t have anyone else with the experience of inline skates,we would ask them to consider the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates.



Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates have some quite basic yet amazing features which are mentioned below.

  • They are man made.
  • Urethane wheels are 76mm and have LED.
  • The size is adjustable between 2-12 for small size and 2-5 for medium size.
  • The ABEC-7 bearing is used which comes with a nice holding.
  • The dimensions are 4.3 x 13.3 x 16.1 inches.
  • Available in two Green and Pink colors.
  • The weight is only 3 pounds.
  • Quite cheap and affordable.


People who tried the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates have given some useful comments and reviews about it too. Let’s see in what ways are these inline skates a good choice and in what ways are they a bad one


Users have complained that these inline skates are not as strong as they should be. They are open from several places which increase the risk of injury during an accident.

Furthermore, many users have said that these shoes are not going to last long. This is because due to excessive usage by kids, some of the inline skates have broken and they don’t even have a proper strap now.​


There are a lot of positive feedback reviews for the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates. Firstly, many users said that these inline skates are the best ones because they offer some basic features at a nominal price. With free shipping and discount by Amazon.com, these skates have become much more affordable for people.

As the price is low, people are more willing to buy them because of the fact that after sometimes kids will grow their foot size and then they would be requiring new ones as well.

The Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates are very lightweight and kids might find the best time in riding these skates. A reliable ABEC-7 bearing has been used which is expected to last much longer. The frame is a patented torsion beam frame which is quite low in weight.

The best thing about these skates is the fact that they are adjustable and therefore, they could suit your feet no matter what the size is.

Bottom line​

The bottom line is that the Xtreme Free Fun Roll Adjustable Inline Skates are one of the perfect choices for those kids who don’t have any major experience in inline skates but want their first experience to be a wonderful one. However, before buying them, we would suggest that our users consider both the pros and cons before making a final decision. These are quite cheap inline skates which you would be requiring for only a small period of time because as soon as your child’s feet size grow, you might be needing a new pair soon.​


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